How To Use Stumbleupon To Promote Your Blog

How To Use Stumbleupon To Promote Your Blog

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how to use stumbleupon to promote your blog

If you can’t read or see it properly, that is an image from a website that I had all but left to rot in the underbelly of the world wide web, but decided to do a test and see what happens.

The image you see there is showing how over the past…year or so, I have been receiving a slack handful of organic visitors from Google; around the 10-30 per day mark.

However since making a very popular and viral style post, I have suddenly received a 15460% increase in 1 day.

15460% increase in 1 day

I can promise you that this is very exciting for me and I have never had any website that is getting that kind of traffic in 1 day.

My highest performing website gets about 6,500 visitors per month. At the rate that this site is going, I calculate that I will be getting around 60,000 visitors per month from it.

How did this happen?

How to use Stumbleupon to promote your blog

I used a website called StumbleUpon, and if you have never heard of it before then it is basically a website where normal internet users recommend posts that they like and then StumbleUpon will figure out what you like based other peoples recommendations.

It works very well and since using it I have never used the thumbs down button and also found some really useful & interesting websites myself.

I found this website a while ago when I gave their paid advertising feature a go. I didn’t have much success with it because it turns out I was promoting the wrong kind of content.

As a result of not getting much back from it, I gave it up for a long time.

how to use stumbleupon to promote your blog Google analytics

Very quick back story

Before I tell you how to use StumbleUpon to promote your blog, I want to just give you a brief overview of why I decided to give them a go.

I started a viral site a while back and wanted to make a type of website that I thought would be popular. I developed it a bit but then stopped working on it because most of my time was taken up with my newest niche site case study, (which is going brilliantly and you should follow along with me!).

I wanted to monetize that site with AdSense, but then I recently read a post about 20 AdSense mistakes that could cost you your account and one of them was regarding inappropriate content.

Well suffice to say that the site I created was about as inappropriate as the come, so I promptly deleted all the AdSense code from it and will leave it in cryostasis for a while until I figure out what to do with it.


OK, so now onto the StumbleUpon part.

I was scrolling through Facebook one day when I saw a post that my mum shared about 15 quotes to help with your life, or something along those lines.

I clicked it to check it out, and notice that it had 000’s of shares!

I read the entire post and it was basically a post that contained some nice looking images with quotes on them and a few lines of descriptions below.

That was it!

Now I already had a website that I haven’t really used in a long time, but has some pretty decent authority and loads of really unique posts about spirituality and mediation etc…exactly the kinds of things that people love to read and share.

So I thought, “bugger it, let’s make a simialr post and see what happens!”.

And that’s what I did, except instead of 15 quotes, I did a post about…16 quotes!!!

I checked Long Tail Pro for a nice long tail keyword to use and then went from there.

But I thought that keywords are useless for socially viral content?

Well you kind of right & wrong.

The reason I looked up a keyword is because I wanted something to base the post around and be able to sort of build it with the Long Tail Keyword as the foundation.

Is is also worth noting that if there is a keyword with fairly significant search volume, it indicates that people are interested in finding something about it and therefore means that it has a higher chance to explode on social media.

Creating the content

For me, this was actually the fun part!

I am genuinely interested in spirituality and other such things, and even more so since moving to the very Buddhist country of Laos nearly 3 years ago.

So what I did was to go to one of my favorite websites, (who I am sure are making a shit ton of cash by the way), and just chose 16 quotes that really shone out to me from people that I admire myself.

For the next step I moved over to a seriously useful online tool called Canva and chose a consistent size for each image. I decided on using the standard 800 pixel x 800 pixel social media square because most social media sites can display that without issue.

I then chose some nice looking free images, (Canva offers some for free and others are paid), then overlaid the quotes in a nice font.

All in all it took about 1 hour to get it how I liked it.

NOTE: I didn’t just throw this post together, but I did take time to choose quotes that spoke to me and really made it into something that I would read and share myself. This is super important because most people nowadays can see right through thin boring content and you will achieve nothing without putting some effort in.

Using StumbleUpon

You should be careful with this stage because these types of websites hate to be used for self promotion.

Whilst StumbleUpon isn’t quite as strict as Reddit is in terms of its users sniffing out any indiscretion; it still has its own rules about what you can & cannot do and you should make sure to follow those rules so you don’t ruin everyone else’s fun.

OK, that’s out of the way:

It is actually very simple to use so I won’t go into great detail. The best thing to do is to use it and play around with it. 

Don’t just use it as a tool, but use it like a normal person and you will greatly benefit from it, it really is quite brilliant and I think a little bit underrated.

Essentially, you just create an account, tick the boxes of topics that you are interested in then start adding pages you find.

A good rule of thumb is probably to make sure you add about 10 completely random – but interesting, pages for every 1 of your own pages you want to promote.

This way you are also giving back to the community and also people will be happier to click on your own posts if they think that you are proving value.

It really is the same old chestnut as everything is this game, just add value and promote – it really doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that!

Quick Tips


  • Provide quality content
  • Promote other websites you enjoy
  • Use it to find interesting website you enjoy
  • Think of it more in terms of viral content rather than long, detailed posts
  • Have fun using it!


  • Spam it to death
  • Only use it to promote yourself
  • Think that you won't get banned
  • only think about it in terms of making money

Money, money, money...Mu-nii!

Do you get it, that’s the song about the…ah never mind.

Anyway, so in order to get something out of this, I did 2 things:

  1. Changed my theme based on recommendations from the RankXL blog – brilliant blog and great program you should definitely sign up to.
  2. Added in some AdSense code to come high(ish) converting areas to the posts.

In terms of what I am making now from this promotion, it is more than I have ever made with an AdSense website before.

I will not go into details because that is not allowed in the AdSense agreement, but it isn’t life changing right now.

I am writing this post immediately after signing into my website and seeing the massive increase.

I also checked my AdSense account and found a pretty significant boost compared to the previous days this month and compared to the same day last month, so I am optimistic about where this might go.

What's next?

Good question.

I will wait and see how this progresses and may even shift my focus from some other lesser performing websites to this one a bit more.

As of now, I have already scoured BuzzSumo for socially popular posts and found a dozzy that I have had rewritten on HireWriters for about $4 and will fiddle about with it and perhaps to the same with this post.

If this new post has the same viral effect, I may even start to dedicate even more time.

I reckon that if the site starts earning a decent amount per month, I will seriously consider selling it and getting some more money to put into my newest authority site.

Why would I do that?

Well I am really looking to create something that is sustainable and will grow in the long term.

My plan is to be able to focus solely on my online ventures and it is just not possible to depend on small affiliate style websites for this, it’s just too risky.

Let's wrap this up & put a cherry on top

This was a short and sweet post about how to use StumbleUpon to promote your blog for several reasons:

  • It isn’t actually that complicated to do it
  • I have only had a small taste of its power and don’t want to blow my head up too much
  • I am just in the testing stages right now so will have to report back with fresh long term information

As I said in that last point, I will update this post after a while, maybe about a month or so, to let you guys know about how it has been going and if it has been consistent or not.

I also want to let you know how the new post goes.

So that’s it…what do you guys think about this? Do you think I just got lucky, or do you think that this could be an interesting road forward?

Let me know in the comments below and as always, make sure to subscribe to receive loads of FREE, Printable eBooks to keep and use as and when you need to 🙂

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  • Hey Harry,

    I’ve stumbled around on stumble upon and I’ve been thinking of using it as a tool to grow the blog for a while, but haven’t pulled the trigger.

    I’m glad you mentioned the mixture of your own content with others. I used this strategy with success on the ever-so -strict reddit, so I’m hoping it will work here.

    This guide will definitely help me take the leap.

    • Hi Ayodeji,

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Yeah it is pretty decent, but there are a few things to bear in mind:

      1. Stumbleupon user are very click happy and love to bounce…a lot!
      2. It isn’t as high quality traffic as Reddit
      3.Users may like your content but not actually read it!

      However I find it is a really quick and easy way to test out if content could have a viral effect because you will see a massive spike in traffic ver quickly, (that same day), if people like it.

      • I tried it with normal posts and the bounce rate was around 70%, but for one page I got over 40 likes;,yet I am not sure if this will have any long-term effect.
        I try to like way more pages than posting my own. And I’ll remove my post if it did have no effect at all.
        Next time I will test it with a post of quote images, but I am not as fast in making the images as you are. Made only 3 in an hour 🙂 Any idea how many quote images work well? More images = better?

        • Hi Jens,

          For sure you’re right man, the bounce rate does start to get a bit insane and the traffic trails off after a while, but I still love using this method to check if I am on the right path in terms of content etc.

          With regards to images, I just use Canva with the Facebook ad template for the featured image and the Pinterest graphic for larger “sharable” types. I also have a ton of stock photos that I reuse and rehash from old projects. I will then reduce the file size to below 80kb and upload them, (smaller image sizes improve site speed).

  • Love it! Using it on a daily basis and building “karma” is definitely key with StumbleUpon. I like to apply a 20/1 rule. Stumble upon 20 posts before sharing one of my own.
    Good thing about their mobile app also is that you can use it in short bursts and kill the down times!

    I just published a blog post on StumbleUpon as well and would be curious to hear your thoughts 🙂

    Cheers from NYC!

    • Hi Matt,

      Glad you liked you liked it. Yeah using it sparingly is the key. I actually had one of my websites blocked from being posted on it because I took the piss a bit too much 😛 I even create a new account but still blocked (but I think they have blocked the ip address so I am sure that others can still post from around the world).

      How did you get on with posting your blog on it, did you see any significant jumps in traffic?