Finding a great keyword can be difficult

The Satisfaction Of Finding A Great Keyword

Finding a great keyword can be difficult
Finding a great keyword can be difficult, but when you find one, it can be very satisfying

Ranking a site effectively is a difficult thing to do nowadays, but there is 1 thing that you can do to help, that is; finding a great keyword and creating great content around it.

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a post rank after many hours of keyword research and content creation.

Even more so if you see results the very next day


For my regular readers, you may or may not know that I bought an AdSense advertising website a while ago, in order to find out how much money really is in the AdSense micro niche game.

Well it is ticking over fairly well, but I also did a general “state of my portfolio” update in which I wrote that I was going to experiment turning it away from a micro niche into something resembling an authority site.

Changing the game

I decided to take a path that I know very well now: Amazon Associates, (advertising Amazon products for a commission).

My first taste of Amazon success was with my main website, Niche Site 1 (NS1), which has been doing very well for me.

I have added 2 more SEO optimized posts with some real marketing efforts to boost earnings even further.

This seems to be paying off, and combined with my personal PBN’s, it will continue to improve. However, the main purpose of this post is really to show you how finding a great keyword can not only improve your bottom line, but also give you a much needed ego boost which is essential in this game…believe me!

Finding a great keyword evidence

finding a great keyword

What you are looking at there, is the main keyword of a post that I published on 01 December 2015…1 day ago! (at the time of writing this post).

I have done literally 0 marketing or promotion of the post, and already it is sitting at position 23 of the SERP’s (.com). There are 2 things I will note here though:

  1. No rank tracking software is 100% accurate, but on average this keyword is already on the 2nd page of the SERP’s
  2. Don’t pay too much attention to the monthly searches (MS) column. I make over $600 on a 0 MS keyword including keyword variations

These 2 points are important because I don’t want anyone to think that a high MS is the be all and end all of keyword research and SEO in general.

For proof of this, check out the Niche Pursuits podcast in which they hammer home pretty hard, that MS is really not that important. I also agree with that and you can see my proof of earnings over at my update post.

how can long tail keywords make money
You don’t need high monthly searches to make good money…

If you are still in any doubt about how a low MS but high long tail variations can make you money; check out this quick calculation on AMAprofits:

You can see that even though I entered only 5 main keyword searches but 24,000 long tail searches; the amount of potential profit from commissions is huge.

In fact, even if you enter a higher number in the main keyword box; the amount doesn’t increase that much.

Money is made with the long tail; don’t you forget that.

Why is this good?

I hope you’re joking if you actually asked that! If you are just beginning your online ventures, I will tell you why I chose a great keyword here:

  • I am ranking on the 2nd page of after just 1 day
  • The keyword is a buying keyword, i.e. people who search for it are in a buying mood
  • The product in question is a $249 product that is in the right price range for someone to buy online but also provide great commission per product bought

How did I find this doozy of a keyword?

Well usually I would tell you to sign up to receive my full list about finding a great keyword, but because you made it this far without bouncing; I will give you the lowdown 🙂

In order to make it simple and not give you any extra BS that you don’t need, (I hate having to decode some blogs just to get to the meat), I will give you the main list in basic form here:

  1. Use a keyword tool – My favorites include:
    1. Longtail Pro (Paid but the very best)
    2. (Free)
    3. Ubersuggest (Free)
  2. Listen To people in your niche – Check out forums to understand your audience. Don’t know where to look – check out: (Free)
  3. Read Amazon Autosuggest & Reviews – Type in your seed keyword and see what Amazon spits out
  4. Buying Keywords For The Win – Use a keyword with buyer intent such as:
    1. …reviews
    2. Best…
    3. What is the best…under $…
  5. Optimize for Mobile Search Phrases – People type in different things on their phone and if you can figure this out, you will make serious bank, (for the record I am still figuring this out myself!)
  6. Use Latent Semantic Index Words (LSI’s) – If you can get Google to understand your post properly, you will be way ahead of most blogs out there. Check out: (Free), for some great LSI suggestions
  7. Join a Facebook Group – Make friends and gain authority  by understand just how your audience speaks

If you want to delve deeper into finding a great keyword, then I am afraid I have to bribe you to give me your email address so we can consult on a BFF basis 😉

What are my next steps?

For now, I am quite happy to let it jump about organically a little bit and see where it settles without any any links.

A peculiar thing about this particular website; is that it is only a couple of months old without many decent links and it somehow has a Domain Authority (DA): 9 and a Page Authority (PA): 18!

This is quite interesting because this was a fresh domain with zero authority when I first received it and I have done no real link building (apart from a simple HOTH package), and have only added a few pieces of content.

The content is informative, well written and doesn’t carry any affiliate links etc, so i presume that this has had some effect because as we all know, Google goes ga ga for great content.

Further inspection is needed to understand why it has these metrics.

Moz Metrics for AdSense advertising website Harry Vs Internet

If you don’t know what these numbers are, I will write a post soon going into further detail.


They are metrics that a company called MOZ gives to websites to determine its authority based on a number of factors.

If you enjoy technical SEO (I don’t), then you can read all about it here:

Link building & promotion

Once I have an understanding of where Google thinks this content lives; I will start to build some links. If you are in the same boat as me and are really just beginning to really cut your teeth with internet marketing and trying to make a serious business out of it, I highly recommend a very successful online entrepreneur called Matthew Woodward.

If you click on the link above, you will be taken directly to his link building section and I recommend that you follow the steps he lays down because he is basically giving away gold here!

I was originally thinking that I would use some PBN links to get it going, but I really like the post that I wrote and I think that it will do very well with pure outreach and “natural” links.

I did a lot of research for this particular article and I think that it shows in its natural conversational tone and it really sounds like a review of a product that I use and love.

This is important because it can be the difference between a reader bouncing away, loving your content but not converting or loving it and also converting.

The only thing we should be interested in is conversion and forget about traffic for now. I would rather have 50 visitors with a 50% conversion rate, than 500 visitors with 2% conversion rate.

Anyway, I digress…


For the main promotion methods, I will be using a piece of software called BuzzBundle that I just recently bought and it is fast becoming my new favorite toy 😀

Essentially you just drop in some keywords you want to search for related to your post, and BuzzBundle will scrape the internet including:

  • Social networks
  • Blogs
  • forums
  • Q&A sites

It will then let you reply to real peoples questions and queries regarding your keyword.

It can be as simple as just responding to someones Twitter question about: “what is the best…for…“, and then giving them a short answer along with your URL.

This is a great method to get a quick boost of traffic to your site, but may also result in longer term benefits such as landing some lovely, juicy dofollow links to your post.

Link building

This kind of goes together with my promotion efforts and I plan to get some nice, relevant links pointing to this particular post.

I am not fully decided on whether or not I will also add in some general links to diversify anchor text a bit. If I were to go down this route, I would use a company called – (this is not an affiliate link, but I use them and I think that you may also find them useful).

I have used them before and found them to be both useful and also very well priced. They offer a whole ton of different services that can potentially help you get your site to rank, but I like the blog comments service.

They place dofollow comment posts on high PR websites.

I don’t really care about the high PR part, I only use so that my anchor text profile doesn’t look suspicious which serves 2 purposes:

  1. No Google penalty for over optimization
  2. I can keep my main “money” keyword as anchor text for the very high quality links

You are not going to rank on these blog comments alone and you can do this yourself for free, but I am a bit lazy and I also love to test things out and experiment.

With regards to high quality links, I have said already that I will be doing some outreach for this post, and I hope to get some really nice quality links back from that.

I will keep you all updated as to how I proceed and what happens so that you can also follow along, but it may be a while because I many things on the stove right now and some really exciting projects that I am starting.

Wrapping up

So I want to finish this post off by pushing the point forward that finding a great keyword is really essential if you are serious about making money and getting some organic search engine traffic.

However it is not easy and I gave you some brief points about the process that I use, but in order to get the full, complete step-by-step action plan, you can sign up below and get a Free Cheat Sheet that will show you some really nice tips & tricks for finding a great keyword that will potentially make you some money and gain you authority in the future 🙂

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    • Hi Benjamin,
      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate you dropping by! I was already making money with super long tail keywords for a while, and then I listened to the Niche Pursuits podcast and that sort of cemented it for me.

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