My Most Ambitious Test

I'll tell you what sucks...

Having an established website making thousands of dollars a month and an up & coming site with massive potential; washed away from under your feet 🙁

This is what happened to me not too long ago, and it is really a story in ​not putting all of your golden eggs in 1 bastard basket.

In my case the basket was Amazon and they took back their basket and all of the eggs that I had accrued in it.​

However there is a sort of silver lining in this story.​


Luckily I spent most of my profits in other online ventures and​ reinvested quite heavily. This was in part because I have pretty severe shiny object syndrome, but also because I am always acutely aware of the fact that you have to spend money to make money.

1 of the projects that I started when the money taps were open, was a health related website.​

No I am going to do something interesting here, and share the website with you guys so you can see just what it and what I will be doing.

There are a few reasons that I want to share this site with you , when I decided to hide my other niche site.

I will go through each point individually first before telling you the site...because I want to lower my bounce rate and increase the time you spend on this page :D​

  • I love you guys and I want us all to be able to help each other out
  • The new site isn't necessarily based around 1 keyword and is a mixture of viral, social posts and long form :Ultimate Guide" style sites
  • I think by sharing, you will also be able to see just what to do to get something up and running
  • This site isn't really the kind of website that can get negatively spammed etc

Because we are friends

You guys are either reading this for 1 of 2 reasons, either:

  • You are here because we are already connected somehow and you want to read what I have to write, or:
  • You are here because you typed in something peculiar to Google or Bing or Duck Duck Go and ended up here

Both of these are cool and if we are not already friends, then let's become buddies!

Not a super niche, keyword based style site

Basically there isn't really a niche or a keyword that you can steal for yourselves you horrible bastards.

Just kidding, but seriously I would do the same...​

However it is more of an authority site, so to speak, that I want to be a go to guide for both serious and fun articles.

Whilst some of the posts are based around keywords, they are super specific and you will have a bit of a time finding out the KW used or even replicating the content because it is well researched and written.

Even if you wanted to copy it, you would have to spend a bit of money and it isn't really a "get to position 1 of Google" kind website anyway.

It Might Help You

It may actually help those of you that are just starting out and help you to see just what a fully fleshed out website can be.

Now I am not trying to toot my own horn here, even though I do enjoy a good horn tooting...especially when there is a lady involved. However I am quite proud of this site and have big plans for it and have spent a few hundred dollars on it.

This doesn't mean that you need to spend this kind of money, my biggest cost has been content because I want to get it up and running as fast as possible.

I know I am on to something here as well, because I put it through my Stumbleupon test where it gained traction pretty fast and spiked at over 2,000 visitors for the 1st day, then around 800 visitors per day for the next ​6 days before trailing off, as is usual with these kinds of things.

Check out the screenshot below to see for yourself:​

SPAM Sandwich

It could get spammed to death, but I don't really know why because I am not really targeting any keywords here.

There is a possibility that it could get thousands of links sent to it by a pissed off arsehole, but I don't think this will happen​...I hope :O

Like I have said, it isn't really targeting any specific keywords and the few that I have chosen for the blog posts, I hope will get a boost form the overall authority of the site when it takes off.​

Let's Get To IT Then!

OK, so here you go, my newest project is...

A Few Notes For Context

  • It is a bit all over the place right now, because I had originally designed it to make use of Amazon, (along with other things), but since the ban I have been trying to move into other methods of making money form it.
  • I have a long term plan for it invloving mailing lists and creating my own product, but in the short term, I am just focusing on traffic from various methods like SEO, paid traffic (Facebook, Bing etc), and trying to create viral content
  • I am using a mixture of different methods ranging from Digital Marketers content engine, Rank XL long form "pillar posts", to Fat Stacks gallery lists. I hope that a mixture of these will create a viable, long term flow of traffic.

That's All For Now

So there you have it, my newest, latest and greatest (and most ambitious) site to date!

now I really have gone out on a limb here by sharing it with you guys, so I would really appreciate it if you gave me some feedback about it.

But you know what else would really help...if you could share the posts that you like on your social media with your friends and family so that it can get out into the wild a bit 🙂

I also really want you to follow along with me, so from now on, most of my posts are going to centered around this site.

I will add in other posts here and there, but I think I want to focus on this bad boy and see what happens 🙂

Next post, I will be talking about the plugins I am using, with 2 in particular that I hope will boost it into the stratosphere !

Please ask any questions in the comments and I genuinely would love to hear what you have to say because I really want to make a little community with you guys and ​if there is anything that I can do to help you out; all you need to do is ask 🙂

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  • Hi Barry,
    Could you give us some idea what you did (or think you did) to get your Amazon Associates account banned so we can learn from it please?

    • I decided to approve both of your comments because it made me laugh!

      basically, I used their star ratings, some of their prices including things like, “30% off right now at $xxx” and I also used some of the reviews as sort of social proof.

      There were some other things as well but they are very, very vague and didn’t really say much apart from fuck off, you’re out!

      I also cloaked the links with Easy Azon plugin which may have been an issue, but all of this is just speculation. They are super vague and the best thing to do is to just make sure to be as obviously an Amazon affiliate as possible. It may hurt some conversions, but it is infini better in the long run.

    • Hey Josh, nice to have you drop by 🙂 Yeah I am going to be focusing pretty heavily on this one and see what happens!

  • I like the way you put your own face on that new website Harry. Unlike the site like the HealthAmbition of AuthorityHacker where they created a fake person LOL

    Goodluck Man! I will be following along to this journey 🙂

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      Yeah I must admit that I was thinking about using a fake persona myself and may still once I get a feel for the
      kind of traffic I get.

      I listened to their podcast about this and they make pretty valid points about why they do it, including that
      their target audience is about as far away from 20 something internet marketers as you can get!

      However I will wait and see what happens first.

      I will be making this into a series about which plugins I am using and what kind of content I will publish etc.

      If you have any suggestions about what you would like to read about, just let me know and I will see about
      incorporating it in.

      • I agree 🙂

        What theme are you using on this blog and on healthform? And hoa do you make that cool boxes? Is it thrive content builder? Thanks!

        • Hi Rob,

          For the theme, I messed around with several until I landed on this one which I rather like. It is from Thrive Themes and it is the Performag theme. I was going to use the FocusBlog theme which is by far my favorite, but I felt that it was just a bit too corporate looking for the style I am going for.

          I also use Thrive Content Builder for the boxes and pretty much all of the formatting…I just love it! However I am finding some issues with site speed because TCB is very JavaScript heavy and it apparently loads the script in the header which makes the Google page speed tester have a heart attack!

          But overall I am happy with it, (and also not technical enough to attempt to fix it).

          If you wan to send over an email via the contact form about anything else you would like to know, I will try to write a post about it when I get some time 🙂