IFTTT Method to Increase Facebook Page Engagement

Update 18 June 2016: Buzzfeed is no longer available to use with IFTTT, however there are many other great options to use and the same process applies. I have subsituted Buzzfeed with Reddit with some success.

It sucks, doesn’t it!

You have just made your amazing Amazon niche website and are ready to conquer the world and make shit loads of money, buy a Lambo, quit the day job and run off with a former Czech porn star and live close to a nudist beach.

Wait, is that just my dream!?!

Actually that is not my dream, and I bet most of you reading this are like me, in that we just want to make money online and live a nice, happy life.

Perhaps you want to be able to help out your family and just basically be able to do what you want when you want, without worrying about time or money.

Am I right?

Anyway, so you have just made your website, and you’ve read all of the blogs that say social sharing is the dogs dangglies & the thing you should be concentrating on.

Google loves social shares, right?

Well yes and no.

If your idea of getting social means to make a shitty looking Facebook page and post your newest blog post it every now and then…you are in for a long, drawn out failure that involves lots of crying into your pillow.

Why your social game is weak

OK maybe a bit harsh, especially seeing I am certainly no wizard in this department myself, but the point is that I am certain you are doing the same thing that I did when starting out…throwing up a page because someone told you to do that.

You check back every now and then to see how many thousands of people have liked your page and you check your stats to see which of your amazing posts have gone viral.

Well let me guess:

You have 0 new traffic, 0 new subscribers and none of your super, duper fragilistic content has not gone viral?

Does this sound right? I think it sounds familiar because my friend, I have been through that and still do have this problem if I am being honest

So what the hell can we do to get some serious social activity?


What you on about, Harry?

That is what you are asking, isn’t it. Don’t lie to me I know these things…I am an X-man. The one that can read minds, you know Professor Charles Francis Xavier AKA Professor X.

Well maybe not, but I know you are asking this because If This Then That (IFTTT) is a kind of obscure, but seriously powerful & useful tool.

I found out about it a long time ago, but never really got around to using it, until recently that it.

I am currently in the process of making a brand new authority niche site and have been testing a few things. 

One of which being utilizing social media as a method of traffic, both organic & paid.

There used to be a time when you could just blast Facebook with posts and remain on top of everyone’s news feed, but those days are over and now Facebook has a fully blown AI department and invests millions…MILLIONS into R&D to make sure that you have to either be super engaged with your audience i.e. full time, or use their advertising system.


Turns out there is and some super intelligent computer boffin/s developed this magnificent online software to help automate most online tasks.


I had never really used it before, apart from using their pre programmed  “recipes”, (more on those later) to change my wallpaper on my phone whenever Nasa updated their deep space images on their website. 

I know, I am that cool.

Anyway, since reading a blog post a while ago about how these viral websites such as ViralNova and the like got huge amounts of traffic via Facebook with constant posting and updates, I decided to give it a go with my new site.

NOTE: I want to add here that I did pay for likes to my page because I wanted to test this out in a fairly quick manner and I have a couple of other projects + a full time job & family which takes up most of my time. 

However if you are really serious, I very much recommend that you spend some money to test out Facebook ads for yourself. Once you get good at it; it costs very little per action. I got it down to around 0.37 per like which is a lot for some pros out there, but much better than my usual and this is as a result of testing and tweaking.

I use both and have recently used their advertising to great effect, but I don’t have the time or am that interested in playing on Facebook full time. If only there was an automated system to do that monotonous task for you…

What I Did

OK so I will level with you right now, after you have spent about 3 minutes reading this far; that I used a special program called Buffer which is kind of essential for this method.

You can use a free version of it for this method and it will work just fine, but I highly recommend that you go for the paid option, (No Affiliate Link). I use the basic option at $10 per month paid in advance for 1 year and it is incredibly useful.

Anyway, these are the steps that I follow:

  • Connect Buffer to my Facebook page
  • Go to IFTTT and create a “recipe”
  • Recipe involves:
    • IF Buzzfeed publishes a new article in the food category, (read my niche site case study to find out why food)
    • THEN publish to my Facebook page

Step 1

Step 1 IFTTT Method

Create a recipe

Step 2

Step 2 IFTTT method

Choose a trigger

In my case, I chose Buzzfeed because they have very click worthy blog posts and tons of them! However there are loads of different options to choose from and you can find one similar to your own niche.

Step 3

Step 3 IFTTT method

I chose a new post in a category

I used the category option because I only want it to post specific stories about food

Step 4

Step 4 IFTTT method

Choose your category from the drop down

Choose the category you want from the drop down menu and hit "Create Trigger"

Step 5

Step 5 IFTTT method

Choose what the trigger does

Next step is to click on the massive "that" option

Step 6

Step 6 IFTTT method

Find Buffer

This is important for this to work, you have to use Buffer

Step 7

Step 7 IFTTT method

Click add to Buffer & Create Action

I just keep the default options as they come, but you can fiddle about if you want. However if you do choose Buzzfeed, then they have spent a lot of time researching the best headlines and they are probably better at it than you and me!

Step 8

Step 8 IFTTT method

Create recipe

Click on "Create Recipe" and Robert's your uncle!

What has this has achieved 

Essentially engagement is what Facebook wants to see, and if your posts are getting seen, clicked and shared then chances are high that Facebook will slowly bump your posts to the top of people’s news feeds.

So why is it a good thing to promote other people’s posts?

Well we are only doing that for 1 reason…to get our content seen and shared.

What we are doing is using the big boys to help us out.

You see, Buzzfeed, New York Times, NPR and other like this spend lots of time and money finding the best titles to get people to engage with their content. We are using this to get Facebook to see how great our Facebook page is and that we are not using them for self promotion.

When we start to see some really great interaction with these posts, we can slip in our own posts every now and then to get the same results.

It also has another amazingly fantastic benefit: We can see which posts and post titles are getting the most shares.

If we copy what they are doing then post our own, optimized posts into our readers feed, then in theory we should be getting the same effect.

So far I have found that “Top 10” or Top …number lists tend to get the most engagement with this IFTTT method and so I am starting to make some more posts based around this post structure.


OK, so there you have it.

A nice, easy to follow (I hope) IFTTT method to help you increase engagement facebook page and hopefully boost traffic back your own site.

It does involve another application called Buffer, but as I said, you can use a free version of this until you are ready to pay for it.

I really hope that you find this interesting and useful. If you did then you can do me a favor and share it around and like on your Facebook page and all the rest of it:)

Also, if you have any questions, then please feel free to ask away in the comments section below and let’s start a discussion!

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  • Great!

    But what if when BuzzFeed haven’t related category for my niche.
    Can I use other sites by using their RSS feed or another option for this reason?

    Thanks for sharing…..:)

    • Hi Samsul, always great having you drop by 🙂

      With regards to not having a category in Buzzfeed; IFTTT actually has loads of different options to choose from, I only used this as an example of what I do for my websites Facebook page. However I also use Ney York Times, NPR & 500px (photo sharing site) which all have various categories to choose from.

      I have also created another recipe that includes its RSS feed and a high PA Tumblr account. So when I publish a new post, the post will also get published to Tumblr giving me a nice backlink. However just make sure to add in a variable to the feed telling the search engines where the original content came from – you can do that very easily in the advanced section of the Yoast SEO plugin.