Let me tell you something right now:
If this is your first attempt; you are probably going to fail.
I have failed many times before and will fail many times again. If you can’t handles this, then you will not succeed at making money online.
However if you are prepared to put the hard work in…then this guide is for you and we can probably be best buddies.
I get asked a lot from many different people: “How To Make An Amazon Affiliate Website that will make me money?“.
NOTE: The real name for this program is the Amazon Associates program, but most people will know it as Amazon Affiliates, so I will be referring to it by the latter name throughout this post.
Seeing as I am actually making some pretty OK money with affiliate marketing using Amazon Associates, I wanted to write this post for those of you just starting out but have no idea about where to actually begin

If you were unaware; I am actually making a brand new niche website with Amazon as the monetization method which I plan to make me some decent scratch and possibly be able to sell it to someone else eventually.

In fact, you can actually follow along with me by checking out my Niche Site Case Study and see exactly the steps that I am going through.


I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I am making some pretty decent money with an existing Amazon Associates website, and to prove it to you have included a screenshot of my earnings so far.

Note that this is only half way through the month as I write this so hope fully I will be getting more than this!

Now understand here, this is not enough for me to quit my job, but it is just over $1,000 per month and I am actually using most of the profit from this site and reinvesting it back into other online projects.

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So why am I telling you this?

Proof that you can make money as an Amazon Associate
Proof that you can make money as an Amazon Associate

Well, I want you to understand that making money online with Amazon Affiliates is actually possible and anyone can do it.

Really, anyone! If I can do it, then so can you!

I also really want you to know that I was in the same position as many of you guys starting out and I know all too well the frustration at trying so hard to make money to quit your job.

However I will warn you right now that there is no such thing as overnight success in the Amazon Affiliate website world.

Patience is the name of the game here and you can read my guest post over at ablogonblogging.com to see exactly what I am talking about…just make sure to come back 😉

In order to get the full picture, I want to explain to you the basics first:

If you are wondering about how to get paid, I use a fantastic service called Payoneer to collect my affiliate commission from most programs I use.

What You Will Learn

WARNING: Reading time is very long.

If you don't have the stamina, you should probably leave now!

Finding a Niche

Building out your site

Using Amazon Associates

  • What affiliate marketing actually is
  • How to find a niche
  • How to dig deeper & "niche down" further
  • A neat trick to see if your niche is viable
  • How to align your niche & make it deeper & wider than 1 subject
  • The best places to buy a ready made Amazon Affiliate website if you have to money
  • How to do some basic keyword research + link to a truly amazing Keyword Research guide
  • Why content is so important & what to write about
  • Getting your website ready to apply for the Amazon Associates program
  • How to set up your Amazon Associates account
  • What types of links Amazon uses and how to use them
  • A useful method to increase click through rates using a free online tool

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing can actually be online or offline, but the sake of this post which is about making money with Amazon; I will only be going over the online aspect of it.

Essentially affiliate marketing is where you offer someone else’s product via an online presence you have, and when they go through a special link you posted somewhere and if they purchase an item, you get a commission.

What does an affiliate link look like?

A normal link will look like this:


An affiliate link might look something like this:


If you don’t know how to make a website yet

If you are right at the very, very beginning stage and are not sure how to make a website; you can head on over to my post about Making a WordPress website from scratch and go from there.

I use Amazon Affiliates for about 90% of my online commissions, for reasons below:

  • If you already know a bit about the internet; it is very easy to get started.
  • You get a cookie with your special link that lasts 24 hours, but if you use a piece of software, you can create a special link that puts an item into their Amazon basket thus increasing the cookie period to 90 days!
  • You get a commission from anything they buy via Amazon in that time period. For example let's say someone clicks through your link and buys something, anything else they buy within either 24 hours or 90 days will net you a nice commission also!
  • Has an increasing commission scale from 4% to 8% depending on how many things you sell The best thing about this is that all % increases are retroactive, meaning that everything someone has bought through your links will also increase in % getting you even more money!
  • You just need a (good) website to get started.

Point 5 is interesting because many affiliate offers will make you explain to them how you are going to promote your website and how many visitors you have etc., but Amazon just wants to see a nice looking website with great content – something you should aim for even if you don’t want to make money online!

So the actual question question: “How To Make An Amazon Affiliate Website“, is a bit more complicated to answer and takes time, patience and research.

Time, Effort, Frustration & Hard Work

In order to succeed at this game, you need to be prepared to put in the effort and probably some money otherwise you will not achieve anything.

The days of quickly ranking in Google and getting a ton of traffic are over.

This may sound a bit harsh, but it’s true.

There are ways to rank fast and get some large amounts of money in a short time frame, but that takes a serious amount of skill, a lot of learning and a lot of money to implement such tactics.

You may or may not have already seen certain websites talking about Whitehat and Blackhat etc. but I promise you that, whilst a quick Churn & Burn sort of online adventure sounds easy, it isn’t.

It is hard, expensive and takes a LOT of skill.

If you are serious about making money online and in particular with the Amazon Associate program, I highly suggest going down the route I set out in this post which is sustainable and ultimately more satisfying in the long term.

The first thing…

There is 1 thing that you need to do before you even look at Amazon:

You need to think about what you enjoy, what your hobbies are, what things you have seen that people really need but can’t find anywhere?

To give you an example, my main money site is about a very specific and niche office health item that isn’t really represented fantastically online.

The top results on Google are big box stores offering the item but not really explaining why people need it!

I will admit that I wouldn’t really call this website a hobby website, but it is something that people need but can’t find and that was enough for me to go for it!

Once you have found out what you enjoy or where there is a gap in the market and so on, then the next step is research…lots and lots of research 😉

However at this stage, just keep the research fairly broad, we will be going into deeper niche research next…

Find a niche & dig deep

Once you have figured out the general thing that you want your site to be about, your next step is dig down and go deeper into the niche.

For arguments sake, let’s pretend that you’re really interested in drone photography, which coincidentally is a very popular niche right now:

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro

The first step is to type into Google: “drone photography”.

See what Google spits out as its top 10 results and see what they are and what information they are writing about.

I did this already for you and this was the result I got:

the first step making money amazon affiliate

This is the first step in making money as an amazon affiliate

Then go down to the Google related searches at the bottom and click on each relevant link and again check out the top 10.

Not sure what I mean, look at this:

Google related searches

Look for patterns in the search results:

  • What are these websites talking about?
  • What are the websites missing?
  • What can you do better?
  • What are the search results missing?

Picking a niche if you are really stuck 

So I genuinely understand that it can be frustratingly difficult to find a niche,and with lots of people telling you to do this or do that; the landscape starts to get a little blurry.

In this little red box, we will go through several points that you can use as a checklist to find yourself a great niche to get started.

I also advise that you check out a fantastic post over at Marketever, where Al-Amin goes through these steps but with more great insight.

It is up to you whether or not you think this information is worth reading or not, but I have set up several niche websites now and some are just starting to come to fruition. I am also an avid internet marketing eBook hoarder​ and a lot of this information has come from these books, of which I will cite my sources 🙂

Step 1

The key here is to make sure you get started.

Honestly, it is too easy to procrastinate and not actually do anything. The main things I here are:

  • I am just waiting to get my ideas together
  • I am trying to find the best Amazon Affiliate theme
  • I am doing some market research first
  • I don’t know where to begin
  • I am getting a network of blogs together first

To be honest the list goes on and it drives me up the wall!

If you think that you fall into any of those categories or variations thereof, please:

Just. Get. Started!

If you are really worried about starting something, spending time and money on it only to never see a return, you can use my amazing Facebook trick.

My Amazing Facebook Trick

I actually came up with this idea when I wrote my first guest post at ablogonblogging.com.

It takes a small amount of money to try, but it is potentially money well spent if you do it right. In fact, I am now going to go through this process for every new niche site I create and it has the added benefit of honing your paid advertising skills; a must nowadays.

Basically it breaks down like this:

  • Quickly and easily set up a Facebook page
  • Make it look nice and professional by making a simple logo and spending an hour or so writing out the descriptions and so on
  • Post some relevant stories and other interesting but related things about the niche you are interested in. These can be stories from around the web, the point is that you want to make it look like the page is alive
  • Buy some Facebook adverts with the target of getting page likes – this is important because you are going to test to see if people actually like your chosen niche 
  • Optimize it as specifically as you can towards your target audience. For this I would recommend getting a copy of Insight Hero to help you with this, (paid product) ((This is NOT an affiliate link – just a really useful product, but you don’t need it))
  • Set a lifetime budget of maybe $30
  • Sit back and see what the results are

The main reason for giving this a go is to really test out whether your initial niche idea has legs and to see if real people actually give a hoot about it.

Step 2

In my opinion, it is better to think a bit more broadly nowadays, rather than micro.

What do I mean by that?

Well, instead of making a website based around running shoes for people with size 17 feet called www.bestrunningshoesforpeoplewithsize17feet.com;try and go a bit broader with something like, running shoes for people with oversize feet called something like: www.runningover.com.

The point here is that you wan it to sound professional and not spammy.

You want to be able to take the website further if it really starts to pick up.

The Niche Umbrella

Source: www.longtailpro.com/how-to-pick-a-niche/

Let’s run with the oversize running shoe thing here for a minute (pun not intended!), and assume that this will be your niche idea.

Your umbrella will be: oversize running shoes

and your posts will sit underneath this umbrella so to speak with articles such as:

  • Oversize running shoes for men/ women
  • Trail running shoes for people with larger feet
  • Running a marathon with large feet
  • 10k training for folks with larger feet
  • What are the best insoles for runners with large feet
  • What problems do runners with oversize feet, face?
  • Famous sports stars with massive feet!

Really the amount of posts that you can write about is mind boggling when you start from a good seed!

This brings me onto the next, very important point:

Step 3

Once we are pretty sure that our niche has legs, we can start to build our website…this part is the most fun in my opinion!

The steps below will outline this process in detail and once you have your website all set up, there is no going back!

You will have started your journey to making money online…just be certain that the niche you have found, is something that you are comfortable with and are confident that you can write interesting, engaging content about.

Having an interest in it is very important. I have a failing niche site about bicycles and I soon found out after I created the site and spent a load of money on it; that I just wasn’t that interested in cycling!

That was a very expensive mistake for me, but I learnt a lot from messing it up so badly, and I am writing this post so that hopefully you can avoid the mistakes I made.


Once you are confident that you can create unique content about this subject, or if you are happy that adding your own voice, opinions and style of writing that people will find interesting; you should set up your website.

I can only recommend WordPress because it is what I have always used, but for good reason:

  1. It is super easy to use
  2. There is loads of help online
  3. Lots of themes to choose from; free & paid
  4. Literally thousands of Plugins to choose from, (a piece of software that extends the functionality of your website and easy to use).

I am not going to go into too much detail about how to use WordPress and all of its amazing functionality, because there is a ton of information online about this.

I also have a really comprehensive guide about setting up a WordPress website.

Buying a ready made Amazon Affiliate website

You can skip most of the actual setup by buying a ready made niche website with content, keyword research and guides etc.

NOTE: Don’t think that this is a shortcut to making money. Buying a ready made Amazon website makes life easier and cuts down on time; but you still have a lot of hard work once you receive your site. If it is your first time, I suggest having a go yourself first so that you get to really understand the ins and outs.

However if you really want to buy one, I recommend the 2 below:

NOTE: These are not affiliate links!!!

They are bit pricey, but when you consider what you are getting and the time you are saving; they are actually a steal.


I have mentioned Human Proof Designs before and for good reason: It is a really great site full of useful information about online marketing.

I have also ordered content from them with great results and the owner Dom is just an all around nice guy.

I have never used the second one, but it from a marketer called Tung Tran and Dom recommends him.

His website: www.cloudliving.com is also an excellent source of fantastic information which I regularly visit.

It is for those reasons that I am comfortable recommending him.

After checking out the Authority Azon theme as well, I am personally thinking about investing in a new site…after my new one has seen some income of course!

However, if you are making one yourself then read on…

My steps


OK, so I have already briefly touched on research earlier, but this is the time to go much deeper.

I will outline the exact steps that I take when trying to see if a niche is viable and if so; what I should be writing about.

What I usually do at the start, is to visit a forum or Q&A site related to my chosen niche and see what sorts of things that real people are talking about, and what questions they are asking etc.

So if we continue on with the example of the drone photography niche, you should go to a related forum and look for the thread with the highest views and replies and see what they are talking about.

There are several ways you can go about this but the easiest that I have found is to head over to Find A Forum and type in your niche.

You should get back a nice list of forums you can visit and lurk about in.

One other method that I frequently use; is to type the following string into Google:

[niche] + forum 

But replace [niche] with your actual niche, so for our drone example you will type:

drone photography + forum

This will give you lots of results of forums related to your niche and you can spend a few hours looking through them to get an idea of what people are looking for.

You can also find some seriously great long tail keywords in these places that will help you to rank organically if used in the right way.

Another interesting way to get a general overview is to use the string:


Where you just replace keyword with your actual keyword.

best drone under 200

Bear in mind that this doesn't mean you should just jump into this keyword

This brings me nicely onto:

Keyword research

There is no way around this, you just need to do this if you want to get to the front page of Google and hopefully the top 3, therefore leading to lots of organic traffic.

You may have noticed that I only really mention Google in this post.

The reason being is that Google still rules the roost when it comes to search engines and trust me, you will be getting the lions share of your traffic from Google with an affiliate site.

Search traffic is by no means the only method of traffic generation, but it is a large chunk of it. My main money site gets about 85% of traffic from Google, about 5% from a Q&A site and the rest from assorted forums and other referrals.

NOTE: If you want to find out some interesting ways to generate traffic, other than via search engine; you should head over to nichehacks.com/products-services/ and consider getting one of Stuarts guides. Keep an eye out for my own testimonial 🙂

Keyword research is quite possibly the most important part of creating a successful Amazon Affiliate website and can be the thing that brings you money or frustration!

You can download my guide on keyword research giving you the the methods I use to find my keywords. It’s free, you just have to sign up 😉

When it comes to finding converting keywords, i.e. words that will covet readers into buyers, comes down to several things:

  • Find keywords with buyer intent such as:
    • …under $…
    • Best…
    • …review
  • Make sure you only aim for the long tail (explanation below) such as:
    • Best…under $…for…
    • Best…for…

To give you an idea of what I might use for our drone photography example, I might look at:

Best drone for aerial photography under $500

See how super specific that phrase is!

If you are thinking that it is too long, think about how people actually use Google.

Think about how you found this post (if you found it on Google).

I will bet that you typed in something similar to the title or a variation thereof, and you found this post in the search results!

Now think about the amount of buyer intent in the keyword there: Best…for…under $…

The person that typed that in to Google knows exactly what they want and are are ready to buy something if they like the look of it.

If they happen to land on your page and you have some great content based around 5 of the best drone for aerial photography under $500, they will click on your links to Amazon and buy something.

The key is to get them to Amazon and then let Amazon do its conversion thing. It does this so well, it has it down to a science!

Some rules of thumb

When I am doing my own keyword research, I will generally adhere to some general rules of thumb, which I will outline below:

  1. Google Keyword Planner is a very useful tool to use, but it isn’t the only one and there are some really very good, dedicated tools out there which may serve you better when you want to look deeper. The tool I use religiously, is Long Tail Pro which is paid for. However there are some fantastic free alternatives you can use such as:
    1. Ubersuggest
    2. KeywordTool.io
    3. Keyword Shitter – (doesn’t really get more explanatory than that!)
  2. Long tails all the way. Don’t even bother with any keyword that ha under 3 words in it…you won’t rank for them and even if you did they are probably too vague for your visitors to do anything with.
  3. There are so many folks around that say Google hates SEO and keywords, but I couldn’t disagree more. For example, if you type in your keyword into Google search, they very kindly provide you with a list of related keywords, or LSI keywords, in the “Related Search” section.
  4. Finally, don’t get too bogged down with monthly searches. I have seen so many people think that they have found an amazing keyword with over 6,000 monthly searches and apparently low competition. The competition may be low because it is a keyword that is difficult to monetize, or there are some really big boys that don’t happen to have the keyword in their titles. Whatever the reason, these ones are big and difficult to rank for. My main keyword has 0 monthly searches, but the combined value of its variations adds up to nearly 1,000 monthly visitors to my site! That’s real visitors; not estimated traffic!

How Do You Find Keywords to Begin With?

Well as I said, if you sign up, you will get my handy cheat sheet which will help you to find the very best keywords as well as 4 other Free guides including HOW to actually use your keywords!

VIP GUIDES: Get access to the VIP Section where you can download a growing library of guides for free. FREE to signup; FREE to download!

Quick Guide To Keyword Research

NOTE: This is just a very brief overview of how to conduct your keyword research, but this is arguably one of the most important parts of making any niche website, including Amazon Affiliate sites.

You should be spending a very long time on this part and like I said at the beginning; it's not easy! But the rewards can be great.​

For a full & incredibly detailed guide to keyword research, check out the link to Cloud Income & Cloud Living at the end of this box.

Go to Google AdWords keyword planner and type in my very broad keyword, in our case Drone photography

Keyword research

Check out the suggestion it throws up

These are just a few that it came up with, but there was one that really interested me which was: cheap drone with camera.

It is also worth noting that this is a pretty niche keyword and the more niche, the better in my opinion.

So What's next?

Go to KeywordTool.io and type in your chosen keyword:

Keyword refinment

Go to the "Question" tab for interesting results

OK, so I found an interesting query which was: what is the best drone with camera. My next step is to go over to a Paid piece of software called Long Tail Pro Platinum.

You have to pay money for this, but it has been the most worthwhile tool I have bought so far, bar none. Seriously!

If you don’t want to invest any money or can’t, then you can always go over to somewhere like Fiverr and have someone who has the software to analyse your keyword with the software.

Heck, if you sign up to get your Free Keyword Cheat Sheet and let me know, I will do it for 1 keyword for free.

Because I’m nice like that ;P

Anyway, next I will type my keyword into Long Tail Pro and see what comes up:

Using Long Tail Pro to find keywords

You can find some serious gold with Long Tail Pro

I found a great one here with about 10 minutes of work, let me run you through the numbers you see:

  • The first 30 you see is the local monthly searches, or how many times a month this string is searched for on average for your setting in my case the USA.
    • Don’t let the low number fool you – the amount of traffic you will get from its variations can be staggering!
  • The High bit is the advertiser competition – we don’t need to worry about this unless we want to pay for advertising, (we don’t)
  • The is the number of words in the keyword. Anything over 4 & under 10 is the sweet spot for me, so this is perfect!
  • The last 30  you see there is the Keyword Competition (KC) number, a feature only found in the Platinum version but can make or break your decision. This is how the KC works & you can see why this keyword is looking good!:
    • 0 to 10 – No competition
    • 10 to 20 – Extremely low competition
    • 20 to 30 – Low competition
    • 30 to 40 – Moderate Competition
    • 40 to 50 – Somewhat High Competition
    • 50 to 60 – Very High Competition
    • 60 to 70 – Extremely High Competition
    • 70 to 100 – Don’t even think about it!

Source: www.longtailpro.com/how-is-keyword-competitiveness-calculated-in-long-tail-platinum

These steps are just a few of many that you should go through before I would choose it, but I will refer you to Cloud Income where there is a absolutely fantastic Guide to Keyword Research as well as Tung Tran’s very own Keyword Research Guide that digs much deeper into this part.

These guides are better than anything I could write about keyword research, and I want to move onto the actual site construction at this point; keyword research is just too detailed!

For arguments sake, let’s say that I am pretty certain that I want to create a money article, or cornerstone article, based around the keyword: Best camera drone on the market.

But before we move on, let’s just review what we have covered so far:

Quick Review:

  • Thought about what you want to promote and have a website based around
  • Found a niche
  • Spent a few hours researching to make sure it is viable
  • Either bought or made your own website
  • Done deep research to find out what your target market is talking about
  • Found a main keyword and some other related keywords to base your content around

Content is King

Once you have made your site, content is the next thing you should focus on before even thinking about applying for an Amazon Associates account.

In fact, you should really base your website around helping people first and foremost before adding any kind of affiliate link.


This is because if your website is not offering anything useful or helpful, no one will click on your links and you will make no money…Full Stop, (yes I had to write that to hit home the gravity of what I mean).

If people find your website useful and interesting, they will be more likely to trust you and be prepared to buy something based on your recommendation.

You have to remember that people have grown weary of online scams and they know that online marketers want to take their money, so you have to get your reader to trust you and think that what you are writing is authoritative.

There are 2 ways that you can get content:

  1. Write your own content
  2. Outsource

I tend to do both of these options, but lean more towards outsourcing now.

If you are just starting out, I suggest writing your own content until you can justify the price of outsourcing it.

Writing your own content will give you a better understanding about how the whole system works, will give your website its own voice and hopefully you will hone your skills in persuasive writing…not a bad thin to learn!

If you aren’t confident and want to outsource straight away, you need be very careful about where you buy your content, and understand this very important point:

Good content is Not cheap

Believe me, I have lost money more than a few times by buying cheap content from Fiverr and getting back some spun piece of rubbish and wasting my money.

However cheap is relative and when I say it isn’t cheap, I am now prepared to pay around $15 – $20 per 1,000 words.

For this I get back a well researched, well written piece of content that I only have to format and make it match my website.

You can certainly pay much more and get much better content, but I’m not at that stage just yet and I am still happy to do my own formatting.

NOTE: I generally buy content in order to use as a frame. I will then add more to it and make it into a nice long, interesting post.

Get a library of content ready

The step after this is going to be applying to become an Amazon Associate so you can place your links and get start earning.

The reason I made this section about getting some content ready, is because it is really, really important.

Amazon has a reputation to keep and it doesn’t want a load of poorly made websites that don’t offer anything of interest to its customers.

Another point about getting several posts ready, is that you are also working with the another internet juggernaut called Google, and you want them to see that your website is something they should put in front of their users.

Amazon review each application and are very prepared to deny you an an account with them.

This happened to me a few times, but it is nothing to worry about as you can reapply as many times as you wish.

However as with everything in life, you should aim to get it right first time.

This is why I recommend that you have some well written content up and your website actually looks good, and a website that doesn’t look like something designed by a 14 year old!

Don't know what to write about?

If you have decided to write your own content, I salute you and well done.

But it can be bloody difficult to come up with fresh ideas to write about, right!

Quick Tip: The same method that you used to find your keywords; can be used to find ideas to write about. When you were looking in the related forums, see what people are craving an answer to, these are golden long tail keywords that you can scatter throughout the post and will convert very well because people are actually asking the question!

Another idea would to join various Facebook & Google+ groups related to your niche and do the same thing. Find out what people are asking and what they want an answer to.

Sometimes it is as simple as writing a short post about, other times it will be a cornerstone piece of content that will attract all the love.

In fact, the reason that I am writing this long post is because I saw this question asked time and time again and I haven’t seen a full, in depth guide detailing from the start to finish.

Now we have covered that, let's move on the actual application process:

How to set up your Amazon Associates account

Once you have your amazing, engaging content up (I suggest around 10,000 or so words over several posts), then it’s a good time to head over to Amazon Associates and register for an associates account:

The web’s most popular and successful Affiliate Program

You will have to do a few things to get started, but they are great at guiding you through the process and they are surprisingly helpful and quick to reply – not what I was expected from a massive multinational!

Important Note

I will be discussing the process of joining the Amazon Associates US program because that is what I know.

Amazon splits its affiliate program up into the different countries in which it operates and you have to apply for each one separately.

The countries you can apply for include:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • China
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Mexico

If you apply for the US program and want to get paid via direct deposit, (you do), you will need to use a service like Payoneer which is free to use and easy to set up.

First things first

When you click on the link, you will be taken to a page like this where you should click on the Big Yellow Button that says: "Join Now For Free".

Amazon associates application

You will be taken to a new page that will prompt you to either sign in with an existing Amazon account if you have one, or to create a new one.

I will not go through the process of getting an Amazon account because they guide you through well themselves, but I will assume that you have an account or just made one for the next step.

You should see this next:​

Amazon associates application sign in 1

You will need to go through each section individual, and make sure to fill out every part honestly and accurately.

  • Your account information - This is where you will either enter in your details if a brand new application, or double check them if you already have an account with Amazon
  • Your website list - Enter your new website here. You have the option to enter several sites, but even if you have several sites already, I suggest just using 1 until you get accepted
  • Your website profile - You will be asked to explain about your site including how many visitors you have and how you will promote it etc. Be honest here and make sure you say exactly what you will do for promotion, (outreach, email list building, networking & so on...keep it "whitehat"!)
  • Your identity verification - Let Amazon know that you are actually you by providing certain documents. The list of accepted ID's is pretty big, so don't stress too much about this
  • Start using Associates central - This will guide you through the back end dashboard where you can begin

Tax Form

I am not sure about what happens with the other country applications, but if you apply for a US Amazon Associates accounts you will be asked to fill out a tax form.

This does not mean that you will pay US tax (unless you are a US citizen), but it's because Amazon's own records for the US government.

When I first applied, it was damn complicated to complete. But I think that it has been simplified a bit now and you shouldn't have any issues filling it out.

Again you must make sure to be honest about everything and fill it out accurately.

If you skip this step; you will NOT get paid​

After approval

Once you have have been accepted as an Associate of Amazon, you can add in your special links to your posts and the fun really begins!

Personally, I have found that in text links work the best and the sidebar widget style adverts work the worst. You don’t have to take my word for it; check out the ProBloggers Amazon Guide to see what a true master says about this, (just make sure to come back!).

Now is a great time to just mess around & test for yourself to see what works best for your website and your readers.

Amazon Associates Dashboard

I will show you a few screenshots of the dashboard to give you an idea of what it will look like

Amazon Associates dashboard

This is what you see when you first log in

Amazon Associates dashboard ID

You should create a different Tracking ID for each website you will use Amazon with. This will make it easier to track where your sales are coming from.

Amazon Associates dashboard new reporting view

This is the newest look of the Amazon Associates dashboard

Tracking ID view

This is what you will see when you have several different tracking ID's for different websites

How to add an Amazon Affiliate link

So in this section I will show you how to actually add an affiliate link to your posts.

Whenever you are logged into your Associates account, you will see a "ribbon" at the top of any Amazon page you are on, and you can grab your special affiliate link straight from it:

Amazon affilaite ribbon

Your Associate "ribbon" at the top of an Amazon page, in this case, a photo drone product

Amazon gives you 2 main ways to add an affiliate link. You can either use their iframe links to add in pictures and text, or if you just want to add an in context link, then they offer a short link option.​

What's the difference with the links?

Iframe link:

Amazon affilaite links

This is what you will see when you want to create an Amazon affiliate link using their iframe

This is what you get when you add their iframe.

You have to add it to the "Text" section of your WordPress editor ​in order for it to work correctly.

You can choose between Text only, Image only or like the one on the left; Text & image​.

Short Link:

Amazon affilaite short link

In content link example:

"When looking for the best photo drone on the market, you should make sure to look out for a quad rotor model to ensure stability."

Why in content links?

If you notice that the link was placed inside the actual content.

I have found that these, along with an image, are usually the best converting.

More conversions = more money!​

There is also 1 more trick that you can use to increase conversions whilst keeping your website looking good.

I am using it in my own Niche Site Case Study which you should totally follow along, but the trick involves:


Basically you sign up for a free account with embed.ly, and then add in your affiliate link to get a nice little embedded box.

The best thing is that they look great, they include an “add to cart” option thus increasing your Amazon cookie to 90 days and they don’t look salesy.

They draw your reader to click on them rather than pushing them – a very big difference.

You want people to think they are buying something; not think they are being sold too, (I learnt that when I used to sell cars, but works just as well online ;P)

Check it out:

Using embedly for Amazon Affilaite Links

What it actually looks like in a post:

Using embedly for Amazon Affilaite Links example


OK, so I think that it is about time to wrap it up here after over 6,700 words!!!

I really hope that you understood the method here and more importantly understand that making money on the internet is neither quick, nor easy.

Take away points:

  • Think about what niche you want to get into
  • Dig deep into it and find out what people are actually looking for
  • Create your website – WordPress is without a doubt the best for this
  • Make sure to spend a lot of time finding some great keywords
  • Write amazing content – the longer and more helpful the better
  • Set up an Amazon Associates account and fill out the relevant sections
  • Place your affiliate links inside your posts
  • Promote and build links to rank your site and gain traffic – this is for another post, but for an initial set of back links, I suggest using a service called The Hoth

This guide about How To Make An Amazon Affiliate Website took me a very long time to write and research, so if you enjoyed it, please share it around and like it.

I would also really love to hear about your successes with creating an Amazon Affiliate site in the comments, or you can send me a direct message via the contact form 🙂

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