When I was just starting out with making money online, I was finding that my sites were all super slow!

I had already found some amazing stock image websites out there and was just uploading the highest resolutions possible.

Well, they looked fantastic…as soon as they had loaded!

The fact of the matter is, is that Google now takes user experience very seriously and part of this is loading times.

If your site is too slow and doesn’t load fast enough, then both Google & more importantly; your visitors, will abandon your site before even reading your awesome content!

Another factor is overall site speed and if you are anything like me, then just trying to find a plugin that speeds up your site without having to get a masters degree in PHP is bloody difficult, (BTW I am referring to w3 cache plugin. A fantastic plugin, but too damn complicated for my liking!).

So to that end, I ave also included a little extra in the form a super simple WordPress plugin that will improve your site speed in just a few clicks!

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