Foreign seoSo I saw a while ago that a fellow by the name of Alex Becker of Source-Wave fame, made a video talking about a way to make some easy money by using foreign SEO.

Why foreign SEO?

Well, because quite simply it is crap.

Way behind USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other English speaking countries that have had many years keeping up to date with the most advanced techniques.

Now I have been having a look at this recently and the prospect of easy money is just too tempting for someone like me and you; we want money, lots of money and we want it fast, right?

Well I decided to take a bit of a plunge and give it a go, but I am going for minimal cost layout here just in case that it is a complete failure.

I estimate that I will spend about $250 USD on this site. This will include things like buying some really premium SEO optimized content, translation on Fiverr into my chosen language and other bits and bobs such as links and other assorted Google popularizing things.

With the language, I am still tossing a coin over Spanish or Italian because while Spanish undoubtedly has a much bigger market, it will also be using more advanced SEO techniques than Italian, I think, because of its access to USA and also some pretty advanced South American countries that are internet mad. Italian on the other hand, is less likely to have its speakers involved in web based ventures.

Now, I could be completely wrong about this one, and this isn’t a commentary on the skills of either country or indeed any non English speaking ones, but rather a gut feeling and the research that I conduct on a regular basis.

So stop getting your panties in a twist.

So how will I attempt to make money with foreign SEO?

So basically as I said, I will attempting to beat the existing websites that are promoting certain products by using ninja SEO methods that are only taught to the very best. Well not really, I don’t know any ninja SEO methods, but I do know basic ones and that, it seems, will be enough to knock some of the existing ones down a notch.

I will be using a Cost Per Action (CPA) style website from a company called Market Health in order to do this because once you have a decent ranking with a CPA site, the numbers usually work themselves out.

I will be using a health care product, one that is based on cosmetics and not actual physical problems, and then build a site around a review of this particular product.

Steps I will take

  1. Keyword research
  2. Buy keyword rich, country specific domain
  3. Build basic website using Thrive Themes and get it indexed in Google
  4. Write some long, keyword rich (not spammy) posts, including a long maybe 1000 word front page all about my chosen keyword
  5. Go to Fiverr to get it all translated – this is a tricky part because I will need them to keep my keywords and LSI’s in Italian exactly as they are in order to get the fullest effect
  6. Whack it up onto the website
  7. Tweak and fiddle a bit to get it just right
  8. Let it marinate in Google for a bit
  9. Send some lovely links to the main content
  10. Wait and see what happens
  11. ???
  12. Profit 🙂

When do I expect to see results?

As with anything SEO related, it is really tricky to say and even more so when you take into account doing it in another language!

I realistically hope to rank within a few months, but who knows, if all goes well it may be sooner.

So that is my Source-Wave foreign SEO plan in a nutshell and I will be sure to keep you updated with each part as I get it done and hopefully if it works, you can all have a go a replicate it to make some, hopefully, easy money!


Update #1 – 15/09/2015

So I decided to go with Italian language as the websites on offer were too easy to pass up.

I have also just bought a domain name from GoDaddy which is a bit of post in of itself.

basically, in order to get a .it extension, you also need to buy some sort of trust something which cost me $19.99, not including the $9.99 for the actual domain itself.

However after a quick coupon search on the web, I found a 30% code which I used and that took some of the sting out of it.

I will wait for a day until I can point the nameservers over to my host at Blue host and then throw up a quick site and update again.

Update #2 – 16/09/2015

I have just bought 5 super spun articles from Source Market for $3!

These articles are not going to be great, but for $3 I don’t mind fiddling around with them to get them how I want them.

Once they have been delivered then I will begin to spruce them up a bit and add in some LSI keywords with the Italian words in brackets. I will do this because I do not want my translator to change any of the keywords as it will mess up the results.

I am still waiting for my new domain to propagate over to my Bluehost account but I don’t suspect anything will happen until tomorrow.

Update #3 – 21/09/2015

GoDaddy sucks.

So I have a great domain name all ready for this project, it is an exact match domain (EMD) which I know if not good for creating authority sites, but this is definitely not an authority site, but rather a churn and burn, make some bank and get the heck outta there kind of site!

So anyway, I have this great domain, but every time I try to direct the nameservers over to my host, (Bluehost), it keeps failing to do so. You want to know the worst thing about it, GoDaddy seems to think that email correspondence is rubbish and so have discontinued it in favor of phoning them up.

I know that sounds great on paper, but when you are unable to call because of your location, it is super annoying.

Anyway, I am going to keep trying to get it directed to Bluehost and will keep you updated.

In fact just as I have finished writing this, I thought, bugger it, and decided to just host on Godaddy. It will be good because I can then give you another post comparing GoDaddy with Bluehost and let you know which one I think is best.

So anyway, the hosting is usually $4.99 per month for the basic plan at GoDaddy, but if you look around and find a coupon code you save a not un-noteworthy amount of money. In my case just now I have saved $71.88 bucks; which is a good thing!

Update #4 – 30/09/2015

I have pretty much completed the website and got 3 500 word articles translated in Italian with all the keywords I wanted, sprinkled throughout it.

However in my haste, I did something a little bit stupid and directed some SAPE links to it. This has made me worried because there is a very high chance that Google will slap me down before I have even stood up!


As you can see there, it already has a very good Trust Flow on Majestic of 24 and almost a 1:1 ratio!

I am going to be blasting it with 25,000 GSR links from Market Source which will hopefully smooth things out a bit!

Update #5 – 02/10/2015

OK, so a few things to report here.

  1. I bottled it and got the SAPE links taken down
  2. I decided against the GSR blast because I kind of want to keep it going if it actually starts to make some money
  3. It is starting to dance with Google a bit as you can see below

Serp positions

As you can see there is quite a bit of up and down movement with these 3 keywords I chose, which is really to be expected nowadays, (or so I have heard, I am relatively new to this myself).

I decided against using the GSR blast for this and will use the blast for another experiment of mine involving what is called “parasite” websites. I will not go into that now and will write about that another time.

Anyway, I am fairly happy with the way it is going right now as the website has only really been properly live for about a week.

I also think that I am going to leave this site for a bit and see how it fairs in the SERPS. If it seems to be going in the right direction, I will send a basic Hoth link building plan to the homepage and inner pages for anchor text diversity, and then wait and see for movement. If there is something going on, I will then start sending the big daddy links to it to get it to rank and stay!

As usual I will keep you updated with the bigger things that are going on here and as soon as I decide whether this experiment is a success or failure, I will probably reformat this post for easier reading.

Update #6 – 09/10/2015

I have actually been working on some other projects and kind of left this one on the back burner for a bit.

However, I have been noticing that my main keywords have been very slowly edging up the rankings. Nothing to shout home about as they are still not even in the top 100 yet, but they are making progress.

Also you have to understand that apart from the things I have already mentioned; I have done pretty much 0 to help it move.

There is on interesting development however.

I did a quick check on SEM Rush, and found a secondary keyword of mine is not in a bad position. In fact it is sitting at rank 42 and has a pretty healthy local monthly search volume of 210!

What I may do is find out what other keywords are in a similar position, and then start a link building and social signal campaign to get them on the move.

I have also started a Facebook advertising campaign, but it is not really seeing many results right now, it is bloody difficult to write advert copy in a foreign language! I am also fairly new to the world of paid adverting myself, so I am also learning and will write a post about this soon.

Update #7 – 15/10/2015

Right, well then.

After watching my main keywords bouncing up and down quite ferociously, I have decided to find some real links to point at it.

Where did I go?

Don’t kick me in the face, but I went to Fiverr and bought some links!

The reason that I did this as because I was really trying to find somewhere that sold Italian links that are half decent, or at least better then the crap currently pointing at the first position results in the SERP’s.

So I did a quick search for “Italian links SEO” in Fiverr and sure enough, a few results actually popped up to my surprise!

I had a little look through and decided on a lovely lady by the name of rometta. Now don’t go running to her just yet, as you should be aware now, this website is just a tester; an experiment for both you and for me to see what works and what doesn’t and I will let you know exactly what kinds of links she will point at this website.

Actually, just as I am writing this about 5 minutes after placing the order; she sent me a very lovely message and I think she seems to be on top of things.

I will let you know in the next update about how this goes 😉

Update #8 – 20/10/2015

Things are starting to go pretty OK, I guess.

I am slowly starting to see some movement with a few keywords without really doing much to the site. I haven’t added any fresh content or links until today. In fact, the only real thing I have done to it is to log in and update various plugins to keep it secure.

The Facebook campaign that I began on the 9th has started to send some visitors over. When I began, I just blasted a few interests into the advert editor because it is actually very tricky to advertise on Facebook, or anywhere for that matter, in a foreign language!

However after checking my analytics account, I found that most of my visitors were coming from Milan and Rome, so I adjusted the options accordingly.

What I didn’t do rather frustratingly, was enable the demographics option in analytics at the beginning and so I have to wait to see what type of people are actually clicking through to the site and then I can adjust again.

There is one thing that worries me a little bit, and that is that the average read according to SumoMe, (a must get and it is free), is only around 12% or in other words, crap!

I will hold off changing any content just yet and wait to see what happens if I start ranking properly and then if I am still getting a poor average read then I will do something about it.

It is also worth mentioning that I am using a program called Pandabot which searches the results and clicks on your link in Google. What this does is to show Google that your site is actually interesting and has people looking for it. You can read all about how metrics helps your anking in another post.

If you check out the image below, you can see that I have made some pretty significant jumps with some of my keywords, but the main money word is still stubbornly refusing to budge.

Now don’t be put off by the low search volume, they are targeted visitors and want what I am selling, so to speak!

Hopefully some powerful links will help that, which I bought today for only $5!

Foreign SEO Rankings

Update #9 – 24/10/2015

So quite a lot of stuff has happened in only 4 little days!

The link gig that I ordered on the 20th got delivered really quickly and they send me a report. The first thing I thought was, “Yep, you get what you pay for”!

You see; it was the standard blog commenting and guestbook sorts of links that the big boys always tell you to stay away from.


Something interesting has happened and I have seen a pretty significant jump in rankings since then:

Foreign SEO Rank 2

Amazing! Some of those keywords have jumped massively and are continuing to climb, especially my main keyword which was stubbornly refusing to rank.

It jumped 217 places!!!

My next step is going to give it a further push in the right direction by pointing a tiered web 2.0 property towards it from my new best friend; Secret Source.

Basically, I have been wanting to test this service out for a few days and as this is an experiment; I thought let’s give it a go! At $49 buck-a-roos it is worth a punt.

I am spending money so you don’t have to because I am just nice like that…

Anyway, stay tuned for the next update.

Update #10 – 10/11/2015

Broken Knuckle
Post operation, cut and wired up knuckle. Remember kids, wooden doors are stronger than bones…

Hello friends, it has been a bit of a while since I have updated this post, but I have been pretty busy in my real world job and also I broke my knuckle so it is very difficult to type 🙁

Anyway, the rankings for this site dropped pretty significantly, perhaps due to dancing with Google, or even just that it wasn’t popular. My Facebook ads finished and actually sent me quite a lot of traffic, but the main CPA offer just didn’t convert which is very frustrating.

However I decide to persevere because, well I am curious to see what happens myself.

So I bought an interesting product from Source Market whilst in hospital waiting for my knuckle to be wired up, and it sort of opened my eyes a bit.

Basically it was all about SAPE, that nasty Russian link network that seems to rub people up the wrong way. If you have read since the beginning of this post, then you will know that I actually used the SAPE network on this site before, but I bottled it and got the links removed.

Since then, I researched a whole load about it and found out that you just need the right links to be able to properly utilize it.

2 sources I have found to be invaluable are:

  1. – Currently down for some reason
  2. – Full of great information

After much research, I decided to take the plunge and rent a link from this guy, who also happens to run that first website and is also SAPE certified, (didn’t even know that was a thing!), and direct it straight to the main keyword, many page in its rawest form. I actually got his advise about this beofre and he told me it was fine to do this for 1 link. If I was renting many SAPE links, I would need to filter them through some buffer sites to stay safe.

Point of the story is that the link got placed on 06/11/2015 and this happened:

Sape Link

Not bad!

Stay tuned for the next update…

Update #11 – 06/01/2016

I haven’t done an update here for a while so I thought I would just let you know what was happening.

After somewhat neglecting this particular site for a while and watching its rankings slowly drop down; I decided to have another go at it and see if there was anything I could do to give it a little bit of boost.

To that end, I bought an expired Tumblr account of the same SAPE guy I usually use and had him set up a basic account with some content and keyword rich anchor text.

Bear in mind that this is a DA 99 and PA 31 expired Tumblr account so it holds some pretty good authority!

However the actual page that is pointing to my Foreign SEO case study site is the usual PA 1. SO I bought a GSA SER link blast of someone from Source Market who I trust and have used before, and absolutely blasted the page with 2 tiers of spam!

I am not really too bothered about what happens to this site anymore as I have so many different projects whirling around that I have had to lower this down on my priority list. However I will keep trying to rank it and see what happens because I am just as interested as you guys to see what happens!

Update #11 – 11/01/2016

An interesting thing happened since the last update. I didn’t check on the rankings until today and it seems that the GSA SER link blast to my aged Tumblr buffer has yielded some results!

Foreign SEO case study improvement

These results may not look amazing, but you have to remember that this site was on the brink of falling off a cliff. This link blast seems to have had a real, albeit small, boost to it!

I will be using this method on some of my more “authority sites” and may even give it a go on my newest Niche Site Case Study where I can show you the results if you follow along.

Update #12 – 24/01/2016

I am still trying to keep this baby on the go and I am now more determined than ever to actually get it moving along!

Why do I suddenly have a new lease of stubbornness regarding this site?

Well, I recently published a massive Ultimate Guide to creating your own Amazon Affiliate website, and in that post I really hit home sticking with something to see results and not giving up.

I am also creating a brand new niche website which you can follow along with me in my own niche site case study.

To that end, I have been checking & rechecking my SERP position by using the fantastic SerpBook, and seeing the results fluctuate a fair bit; but annoyingly staying in the wilderness pages of 3 – 10 🙁


Now I want to get some proper link building guns out and blast this bitch onto the first page!

To do this I found an interesting website called SE Catapult…essentially a big PBN that is meant to give you the bulk of medium links that SEO seems to require.

I know that the consensus nowadays is all about fewer, higher quality links, but Google still wants links. Lots of links.

Why do I think this?

Well if you are serious about your SEO, then you will have heard about a gentleman called Brian Dean of Backlinko fame.

Anyway, I saw a recent blog post he wrote where he analyzed 1 million Google search results, (fantastic read, check it out, i’ll wait).

What I read and saw was that that you still need a lot of links to rank:

Google loves links
Source: Backlinko

As you can see in that graph, the amount of links that the average 1st position in Google has; shoots up from about 13,000 to an astonishing 35,000+ links!

What The Fuck Google!

I was a bit shocked to see this so I actually asked Brian a question in the comments section, and you can check out his reply:

Google loves lots of links

So really, now I thinking, “fuck it, let’s blast the shit out of it with some OK links and see what happens”.

I ordered a pack of 50 links, drip fed over 25 days. The links are very plain and nothing special, but they are proper links – rather than a spam blast – and they are clean enough to send directly to the site.

You can see the metrics below. Nothing to write home about but will hopefully move the needle:

SE Catapult review

I think I will let this link campaign run its course and report back in 25 – 30 days for an update, unless there is a really big movement when I will let you know for sure!

Update #13 – 04/02/2016

It seems that the links I ordered are doing something:

Foreign SEO Case Study

My main 6600 keyword is the highest it has ever been (not including SAPE results), and there is still a good 2 and bit weeks left of link building to go!

Time will tell how good this is, but I am feeling positive.

One thing I noticed and means that something is happening, whenever link are added the keywords seem to dance around. Often getting knocked out the top 100 only to return a day later even higher!

Now I reckon that if I can keep the link building consistent, then I have a chance at breaking through to the first page in a couple of months.

I am also very seriously considering making a YouTube video about this subject with a direct link through to the CPA offer.

I have had some OK success with ranking a YouTube video and currently have one sitting at number 5 for a 1600 search volume keyword.

Update #14 – 09/02/2016

It is still slowly climbing the greasy Google pole and edging its way up.

All of my keywords have been going up every single day, apart from dropping by 1 or 2 places every now and then.

I am so happy with the results that I am seriously thinking of using this service for my current niche to authority site and seeing what happens.

I actually asked Matthew Woodward in a comment, about whether he thinks the service is still viable in 2016 and he seems to be very happy with recommending it, even nowadays:

Matthew Woodward comment

So there you go, I will probably be using this service again in the future!

With regards to this foreign SEO case study, I think I will wait and let this link building process run its course then see what position it is left sitting at.

If I am happy, then I will go forward with another one of these, but if it is still sitting in the mid 100’s; I will consider blasting it with SAPE and giving that another go.

Update #15 – 12/02/2016

This is a quick one and I just want to briefly update about what I have been up to with this site.

I added a blog section in order to keep the site fresh in the eyes of Google, and I am populating it with spun content using a program called WordAI that is able to spin Italian in  a moderate manner.

I have also added in some AdSense adverts because I noticed that some of the keywords I was targeting, had over $1 cpc. Basically I get just over a dollar if someone clicks on an ad.

I know that this is way below the CPA offer I have running, but only a small % of readers will click through to the CPA offer and I hope that the AdSense adverts can mop up a few extra bucks from those not willing to give their details to my CPA offer.

I will see what happens.

Update #16 – 26/04/2016

Long time no update so I apologize for that!

However the truth is that I have been concentrating on other projects, namely my new niche site. I haven’t done much to this site apart from updating it and adding a new, spun blog post to it.

It hasn’t really moved much at all so it seems to be sitting pretty right now.

I will get back to it soon enough, but I have a few exciting announcements to make soon about an existing site and a few other things.

So stay tuned for more info…

Update #17 – 17/06/2016

So this will be brief, (a relative term with my rambling posts, but bear with me).

I had a recent spot of bother recently, which has lead me to try and diversify my portfolio a bit, or in other words…to actually create a portfolio of things that will make me less bother in the future.

To that end, I have decided to test out a EMD 301 to the money site and see what happens.

I will be sending a bunch of these bad boys over to the EMD and wait and see what happens. I have high hopes 🙂

Update #18 – 21/07/2016

Just a quick update here, to let you know that things are steadily rising as indicated by the graph below:


It’s nice to finally see a very steady increase upwards, but you see the turbulence that has gone before it!

I will wait another couple of months to see where it finally rests and then perhaps send another blast its way 🙂