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Is this online course worth the cheddar…well read on you fool, to find out!

You or may not be aware of who Charles Floate is, but seeing as you are reading this post; I will assume that you have a basic idea about who he is.

For those of you who don’t know, I will give you a brief overview below.

But for this intro, I will just say that the Charles Floate Affiliate Course is by far one of the most interesting courses I have ever bought, (and I have bought a lot…I just love spending money:P).

However, does interesting = good?

Check out the full review below…

charles floate affiliate course logo

Use: To get a higher level of understanding with regards to all aspects of affiliate marketing


You won't find any other course online that gives you such a comprehensive overview of "moneyhat" methods


Videos, text and a simple navigation menu...not much to get lost with tbh


Expensive, but there is more to it than just that. Read the whole review to see why it is so worth while

I will be going through each section of the course in this review, to give you an overview of what you can expect.

NOTE: I tend to ramble on a bit, so feel free to use the table of contents to jump to the part you are most interested in!

Pros & Cons


  • Information provided by one of the most well known and respected affiliate marketers around
  • Fantastic, high quality video explained and accompanying text
  • A lot of thought has gone into this course and it really shows
  • Very interesting explanations about how to kick off your site quickly using blackhat methods, then to slowly transition into whitehat link acquisition in order to "flip" the site for more money
  • Section including all of the high quality SEO vendors that Charles uses himself


  • Expensive
  • Focuses a bit too much on the final "flipping" aspect, (explained further below)
  • Not the best course for beginners

First things, first

If you are a complete beginner, I would not recommenced spending money on this course. It is aimed at slightly more intermediate to advanced affiliate marketers.

That doesn’t mean that beginners won’t get any value from it; but rather some of the modules and language can be confusing without prior knowledge.

This course Will NOT teach you about the basics of setting up a website or the very basics of affiliate marketing…so be aware of this before deciding to purchase.

Charles Floate Affiliate Course: Is It Worth It?

The bottom line is a resounding yes…but with some caveats.

You can see in the cons column, some of the issues with the course revolve around the price, the end result it focuses on and it not being so beginner friendly.

However all of these issues are not really big deals when you dig a bit deeper.

So to that end, I will start with the price:


Let first address the elephant in the room here…the price.

So what does it cost?


That is how much it costs and there is no way around it…that is pretty expensive!

However when you start to stack up what you are getting, the cost is not so bad.

As said and as I will go into more detail in a moment; this is not for those of you just starting out, and this is kind of aimed at people already making some money and willing to reinvest part of it to get a deeper understanding of some of the more specific details regarding making money online.

Random Japanese story moment

I once saw a TV program about a Japanese chef.

Said chef was being interviewed by a Westerner about why he had just spent nearly $100 on a tea towel, (kitchen towel).

His answer surprised me a bit and completely changed the way I thought about investments both online & offline and also investments in time or … well everything really. 

It was enlightening.

Do you know how he justified spending that amount of money for a simple towel that he could have bought for a fraction of the price?

He said that as a result of it being of exquisite quality, it would last him a long time, by his reckoning about 10 years based off a previous towel he was using.


This is 10 years of hard use, everyday.

So he broke down the cost to $10 per year…$0.02 per day!

His reasoning was that the amount of time spent buying a new one every year was time and effort wasted.

Now, I understand that this is quite an extreme example, but if something is of high quality, then the cost attached to it should be looked at in terms of what it will achieve for you in the long term, NOT the short term.

This is why I deem Charle’s affiliate course to be right on the money when it comes to its cost.

In fact, it isn’t a cost at all…it’s an investment.

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All about flipping

This is another one that can be also a positive, but for my purposes I will take this a con of the course.

I say this because my main aim with making money online is that I really want to be able to create a long lasting income source that I can use as a monthly income of sorts.

You see ever since I read the 4 Hour Work Week, I somewhat changed my goals. I would obviously love to tap in my password into an ATM machine and see millions of $$$, but I also live that very frightful thing called, “The Real World”!

So to that end I have made it my mission to be able to do pretty much what I want, when I want and how I want. I have decided that a certain amount per month is sufficient for me to achieve this goal. I won’t disclose that amount because it my own personal goal, but it is 5 figures and not as much as you may think because I live in Laos which is substantially cheaper than the West.

I can hear you saying right now, “that’s great and all Harry, but what the fuck are you talking about!?”.

Well apart from asking myself that same question everyday; the point I am trying to make is that my goal isn’t getting lump sums of cash throughout the year. I have a family and need the security of a monthly amount.

This course is very heavy with flipping, (not exclusively and you certainly don’t have to flip the site at the end of it, but that is just the impression I get).

What's website flipping?

If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, “flipping”, it is essentially just getting a site to earn money then selling it on.

You can buy and sell websites at specialist brokers such as Empire Flippers & FE International, (there is Flippa as well, but from what I gather, it isn’t quite as good as the former 2 for various reasons I won’t get into in this post).

Sites usually sell for around 20 times the average of its previous 3 months.

So for example if your site was consistently earning an average of $500 per month, you could expect to sell it for around $10,000 before the brokerage fees are taken off.

There are obviously subtleties to this and depending on the actual website you have made; you might get more or less than 20 times, but that is the ball park figure.

In fact, usually websites that are “whitehat” tend to sell for more, which is why Charles Floate’s course is different to others, it has something unique which I will get into a bit later on.

As you can see, this really isn’t actually a bad thing about this course and I really want to stress that it is just my opinion.

You guys may be chomping at the bit to flip your sites and if so great, I say go for this course and you will get absolutely everything you want.

OK, so now onto the good stuff!

I appreciate that the previous section may sound pretty negative, but I wanted to get that out of the way first because actually, most of the benefits are really positives depending on how you look at it.

Let me explain:


There is a lot of information here. Seriously a lot and you can tell that some serious work has gone into creating it. 

It’s a very polished product and one that you will get value from.

It would be great if it were slightly cheaper, but overall I would say that this is probably the right amount. It also has the effect of weeding out any tire kickers, the type that buys a course, reads it then proceeds to do nothing!

This will hep Charles in the long run because if you are willing to spend nearly 500 big boys on a digital course; you can bet your fucking arsehole that you are going to do something with the info. When you end up succeeding; you will give him a good review!

What makes this course unique among courses?

There is very interesting aspect to this particular course that sets it apart from others and something that makes it potentially the most useful.

It has 3 kind of sections, that you can follow and an overall game plan that will help you to succeed quicker and get greater profits.

The White Knight strategy

White Knight

He teaches you how to be whiter than white, getting a nice clean back link profile and just basically being a good boy or girl.

The reason for this section is so that you can eventually flip your site for a higher amount.

Downside being that it takes longer and involves outreach, which is good or bad depending on just how antisocial you are.

The Dark Knight Rises (Tiered) strategy

Dark Knight Rises

This is a way to make your tier 1, incoming links look clean as a whistle. But fucking those links in the rear end is some dirty, fucking power that supercharges them.

Benefit is that it can be quicker, but make no mistake, this method is not easier than the white method, just different and requires a different skill set and a different amount of capital to produce.

Churn and Burn in 2016

Again, this is not an easy method, but can be very quick if you do it right.

This is not a sustainable way to earn online nowadays and even Charles himself makes this clear. However it can get you some money to get started on a more sustainable, long term money making endeavor.

So what's good about that?

The thing is, sites that use PBN’s or have used a link building campaign, generally sell for less and can be prone to penalties.

Hell, every damn site can be prone to penalties to be honest, and some whitehat sites also get punished in the inevitable mass dredging that the big G does.

However, if you can move toward the white you will be better placed to weather the storms that periodically arrive.

This course actually promotes the use of link building (done in a smart way), to get you ranking. Once you rank, you can start to acquire natural links and slowly remove all of the links that you built unnaturally.

I don’t know of any other course that does this.

Layout of the course

It is broken down into 6 different modules which I will outline below:

  • Part 1: The theory - An explanation behind the ideas of the course. The reasons why this particular course works so well.
  • Part 2: The build - How to correctly build your site. Not the basics, but rather the more advanced methods involved.
  • Part 3: Link building - Includes the 3 methods mentioned above and how to do them, (in detail).
  • Part 4: Maintenance & growth - What you need to be doing so that you don't get complacent and how to keep your site from going stagnant.
  • Part 5: Black to white - The things you should do to turn your "blackhat" site; into a "whitehat" one.
  • Part 6: The flip - How to sell your website to get the highest return.

Some images of the back end 

Overall, final conclusion

So the question that you are really after, is if it is worth the money.

Now if you decide to buy through this website, I will get a commssion.

However I have bought this course with my own money and am currently absorbing all that it has to offer, (as well as rearranging an existing website of mine based on its principles).

I have no issues with saying that this course is well worth it.

As I have stressed throughout this review; it won’t really be useful for complete beginners, but if you have already stared to make a bit of money online, this is the course for you.

In fact you don’t even need to have made any money because you can do the churn & burn method to get some capital.

However you really need to understand certain aspect of SEO before you spend nearly $500 on it.

So if you are everything I have described, you need to get this course and if you follow its teachings; you will achieve more.

Charles Floate Affiliate Course Review


Fantastic course that whilst on the more expensive side of things; is certainly worth it.

Includes some interesting aspects such as details about going black or white hat, and how to flip your successful website at the end of it.


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