Healthy Update!

Updated Content Section 06/01/2016

So this is long time coming and I apologize to everyone that wanted to follow along, (I don’t really think anyone was waiting with bated breath…but a man can dream!).

Anyway, things are going pretty slowly and this new authority site of mine has been growing at a slow but steady pace.

Below I will detail a few things that I have been up to so that you can see what my failures are and how you can also avoid them.

Current State of Affairs

This particular site is not really a niche site per se, but rather more of an "authority site".

That means that I am not going for buyer keywords directly and hoping to rank naturally for some decent terms.

That said, I do come from a purely affiliate background, and as such I can't resist tracking some keywords of content that I researched.​

So you an see some of the keywords I am tacking below and their rankings as of the update of this post:​

So as you can see, nothing really to write home about, but these rankings are with either 0 back links, or some basic ones like social shares, infographic directory links, randomly acquired links and so on.

My goal here is not to go crazy about single keywords, but rather to create topics surrounding certain conditions.​

To that end, I have focused on some key niches such as:​

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Detoxing
  • Medical conditions
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle (kind of making this the generic "blog" section that I can lump in random posts)


OK, so I am in the health niche and I think that this was probably my first mistake!

Not actually getting into this niche, but rather my niche is: Health!

That is way too broad and I didn’t really think it through that much. The reason I went for it was because I wanted to create an online magazine and then I was going to just pay for content, perhaps 8-16 posts per month.

However that was when I had a steady online income that I could reinvest.

Anyway I lost that income stream, (I put all my eggs into 1 basket…so don’t do that), and I was kind of left scrambling around a bit.

I went through a kind of sadness and despair about losing everything, however it kind of turned out not that bad and opened my eyes to other forms of income that…well it’s a long story and I will go into it a bit further in another post.

Suffice to say that I had invested a fair amount of money in setting my new site up and had an asset that I thought I may as well expand n.

That was in May 2016 so how have I been doing so far?


I decided from the outset that I wanted to get a large chunk of traffic via social media and this niche is especially ripe for this kind of traffic generation.

In particular Pinterest.


This is always the first thing I set up with a brand new site and it was no different here.

However I decided that I wanted to get some ads to boost numbers and it kind of worked, but I did it half arsed and only got around 50 followers, (pretty engaged, but very few nonetheless).


This site has never been of much interest to me really, but it is something that, like Facebook, I start with every site. However it has actually been a blessing in disguise, because according to my analytics, visitors from Twitter are some of the most engaged readers I have!!!

I used a service called by buying a special deal from AppSumo, (btw if you haven’t already singed up with them…go and do it now. Or after you have read and shared my post!).

It is a great program where they essentially have 2 side. ! side is where you can pay them to post relevant topics on your social media pages to keep them updated with interesting content, the other side being for people like you and me that want to have our content shared.

You just upload a great image, (I always use Canva for this and all of my website images), then add a few hashtags and wiat for them to approve it.

Once it gets the OK, you get floods of shares and some decent traffic.

I have used it on about 8 of my posts, (all well written and engaging) and usually get anything from 200 – 300 shares per post of FB and Twitter, but mainly Twitter.

It is great as well because it opens up loads of opportunities to network.

For example if you see that a website has shared a post of yours to their many followers, you can reach out to them and thank them. Sometimes nothing happens, but other times you might get a link or another share of another post or a guest post opportunity.


Now this was the thing I really wanted to target because health related things get shared like mad.

I used a special software called Follower Liker that automates sharing, pinning, repinning etc and speeds up the process of getting followers.

So now I have around 1,200 followers, perhaps 1,000 of those are people as opposed to brands, in about 5 months. I could have got more but my HDD on my computer decided to die on me along with the software 🙁

I won’t go into the ins and outs of Pinterest marketing because there are much better guides out there that will explain it better than me, but it is very worthwhile.

However you must make sure to set it up correctly from the start.

SEO & Organic Traffic

As much as I want social traffic, to me being an affiliate marketer at heart; I crave organic traffic!

With regards to each point, let’s go through them both individually:


As with everything about this new site, I didn’t plan it through properly but am now starting to get things into shape.

At the beginning I just did a mixture of post types with a strong emphasis on keyword research. The way I did this was to both do my own research and also to buy a Clickbank keyword from this guy (aff link but I have used him multiple times to great effect…just make sure to specify the general niche you are in).

I then either wrote a quick post myself and optimized the on page, or outsourced it.

Don’t get me wrong, this is quality content and I have mixed it up with some 3 -5,000 word, super detailed posts.

However I am not getting the traffic I was expecting. But I know the reason behind this.

The main thing was that they are not connected to each other in any significant way.

How Did I Fix This?

I wrote several more related articles, then grouped them together in a kind of quasi, category based silo structure and then cleaned up the homepage and menus to reflect this.

I have also been on an inner page, interlinking rampage and going back over many older posts and updating them to link to related posts.

For example, I have a section about detoxing, so I have linked all the detox posts together with exact match anchor text, (where it makes sense) and I have found that this has helped engagement and keep people on my site.


I have been receiving a steady amount of traffic from all over the place and my 30 analytics shows this:

Now this is isn’t the full picture and I have not really analysed it properly, but I would say that about 1,000 of these visits are junk. Some of the junk is real people, but very un-targeted or have stumbled upon the site in random manner.

However I am fairly happy with the way it is looking.

BTW, some of the weird spikes there are from some tests I ran but ultimately decided against continuing it, adverts etc.


The backbone of any successful website.

In a usual affiliate website, I would expect to reach a certain number of posts before seeing some income, but this site is a different beast.

I have settled into posting 1 time per week and am now considering ramping that way up.

But, How Can I Do This With No Income?

Good question and one I was scratching my head about until I found a solution to get medium quality content for free, (kind of free you give something in return).

The answer is to accept guest posts on your site!

Now I will add a caveat here, you have to spend some money or write a decent amount of posts to start with, and you also need some authority.

I don’t really care for website metrics, but in this case it helps a lot.

you see, my site is now DA 23 PA 34 and TF 14 CF25 which is quite average, but great to anyone looking to get a nice backlink.

What I did was to create a page titled “write for us” (important because this is an operator people search for when looking for guest post opportunities).

On that page I displayed certain rules that must be followed in order to pitch me a guest post. This is also important because I only want high quality content for this site and not a 400 word piece of shit, boring ass post like: “5 reasons you should care about your health” YAWN, aint no one got time to read that crap!

I also specify that any link back to a site will be from an author byline, however if the content is exceptional then I allow a non exact match link back to an inner page of their site as a reference.

I also require that they must cite all sources used to research the post and I will also fact check every post for quality.

This generally ends up with me declining about 1/4 of pitches because it is either a shit article or they demand an exact match anchor text in content.

However this means that I end up with medium to high quality posts that I can add to my site that only costs me a small amount of time to fact check and edit to look pretty!

Paid Content

I also pay for some content when I can’t be bothered myself, or I want to write a huge post and need a skeleton to build upon, (I always find that starting a new post is the most difficult for me, so if I can pay for 500 – 1,000 words to start something off, I will).

Below is a list of the services I use:

Paid Content Services I Use

I have used several services over the years with varying degrees of success.

This is a quick list of the 3 that I use regularly and they work well for me, plus there is a new service I recently found out about that I will use much more from now on.​


This is one that many people recommend and with good reason.

It is reasonably priced and the quality is fine. I have had very bad experiences with it and they are pretty unhelpful with trying to help you out, but I have also managed to find a great health writer that I have made favorite and always use.

The key is to write a very detailed brief and give examples of what you want.

I Need Articles

Interesting one created by a guy called Jon Leger who i follow for IM related things and who seems to know his stuff.

I shy away from using his exact methods, but use some of his tools like Best Spinner and the like.

I Need Writers (INW) is pretty consistent at delivering what I want. I mainly use this service to create a bare bones post that I will flesh out and make into something more interesting.

I use it really for someone else to research a topic first!

However where INW really comes into its own, is rewriting content.

You can check out my post about the lazy mans guest posting method to see more about them, but I also use them to rewrite one of my posts so that I can pitch to another website and get a topically relevant backlink to my site, (I am sure this is what others do when they pitch me a post!).

​Writing Pack

This is a new one that I tested out to see how good the quality would be and I have to admit…I am pleasantly surprised and will be using them much more.

I wasn’t really expecting much from them because it is $10 per 1,000 words and I have found that decent quality content general goes for around $20 for the same amount of words.

I also gave them a pretty tricky subject to write about, but lo and behold, the post I got back was more than acceptable!

It needed very slight cleaning up because they write based around the keywords you give them and I changed some of it to some synonyms or swapped a few things about, but I generally do this for most content, and for 10 bucks, this is fine!

I am going to test out a 2,000 post on 1 topic and see how they do. I have a feeling that 1,000 is there sweet spot and they may go off repeating things, but you never know 🙂

(UPDATE: One of my online friends read this post and informed me that they have used these guys before and after running it through Copyscape, found that they didn’t seem completely unique. I have only used them this one time and my Copyscape result came back 100% clear, however I am writing this so that you know the facts before ordering).


So this is the beef that you all want to eat, I know.

Well to completely honest with you, the site has only really made about $100 or so, but it is only about 8 months old and I was expecting this to be a super long term project.

I know that these things have a tendency to snowball after a certain “critical mass” of links and content so I just plugging away getting links and creating content.

OK, So What Would I Do Differently?

There are many things that I would do differently if I could repeat time, but I want to preface this section by saying that this site is an ongoing effort and I am constantly learning things myself and I am always jigging things about.

However these are some things that I would either like to change or am in the process of changing:

  1. Use the correct size images from the get go – I used file sizes that were way too big and it ultimately slowed my site down significantly. I have corrected this issue now and always resize images in Photoshop or MS Paint, (yes I do use that!).
  2. Set up my Pinterest profile correctly – This is an ongoing thing for me, but I have not got the gains that I am sure I would have got if I had optimized my boards and pins correctly.
  3. Networking – This is ongoing and I want to boost up my site to become a bit more authoritative by networking more with other site owners.
  4. Build high quality links – Again this is ongoing, but tend to be slightly lazy and really need to send out more guest posts. I was hesitant at first because I really hate getting a brilliant post written, only to give it away! However this is a stupid attitude to take and now I have used Writing Pack, I am comfortable getting about $100 worth of content to send off as guest posts.
  5. Not enough content – Perhaps a bit of an odd one seeing as I have a publishing schedule of 1 post per week, but I want to increase this up to at least 2 per week and when the site is starting to pay for itself, I will outsource this to an article writing service and perhaps spend around $300 per month to keep it updated. I will still write the big pillar posts myself, but I just want lots of content as this is an online magazine style and it really needs a ton of info.


This is a somewhat brief overview of everything that I have been doing, but I don’t want to on about it too much.

However what I will do, is to write more posts about each point individually.

This has been the main online thing I have been focusing on recently so it has taken up a ton of time. However I have been getting some great income from a previous Amazon affiliate site that I have gone 50/50 with a partner on and I have also been keeping that updated slightly.

I have also begun a process of turning around an old Amazon site that gets about 350-400 visitors per day, into an AdSense website with some success, (the ads generate about $80 per month which is not a lot I know, but it’s something. I also use SkimLinks on it which helps me to pay for some of the new things I am doing).

So let me know of any questions you have in the comments below and I will see what I can do to anwser them 🙂

Outreach: My Success, My Failures

skull-682973_640Shit…Outreach eh, what a scary task!

Well kind of, but I am here to tell you that it really isn’t as bad as it sounds. I have been concentrating on some outreach for my newest niche website and it has been a mixture of good and bad.

In this post, I will tell you how I went about it and give you an example of the good and an example of one that kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit, (don’t worry, I got over it with the help of whiskey).

So let me first begin by giving you a quick background…

What Is Outreach?

I understand that Harry Vs Internet has many readers that are just starting out and some of the vocab can seem a bit alien. Don’t worry about it, I will briefly explain what I mean by outreach anyway and hopefully you will gain an understanding that you didn’t have before.

What I mean when I talk about outreach, is essentially trying to create a kind of relationship with other bloggers – usually in a similar niche – in order to hopefully get something back from them in the form of a link via guest post/ resource page etc, social media share to their followers or even a mention on their very own email list.

Now, before I go any further, I want to make it clear that this isn’t a 1 way street.

In fact you have to give much more than you might receive and this is not only the right thing to do, but also necessary if you want to nurture a relationship that will benefit you in the years ahead.

I also want to make clear that whilst I am slowly moving towards a purely outreach based, long term business model type of online adventure; I still use my own PBN and will do for some time.

They work. They work well and more importantly, they work very well for simple affiliate based websites that you just want to rank and make some money.

As I always say, I am not any kind of expert but I do love to test things out and tweak them.

However outreach is certainly part of my technique and will be for a while for several reasons:

  1. Creating a relationship with other bloggers just makes your life easier, plain & simple!
  2. You can get real referral traffic if you play your cards right and get a good link from a similar site
  3. It really diversifies your link profile making it less likely to be hot with either a manual or algorithmic penalty

My Own Experience

So as the title suggests, I have had some great experiences and some really depressing and not nice outreach attempts.

I will go over 2 examples; 1 good and 1 bad and then explain the process I went through to get the best one and what I did after getting knocked back from the other.

Let's Start With The Bad...

If you are following along with me and my making a brand new Amazon affiliate website, you will be aware that it is in the food/ kitchen niche, and I have gone all out with creating the proper social media channels, (and keeping them updated which is an important but often overlooked aspect).

I created a pretty spiffy infographic about meat, well I say I, what actually happened is that I paid a company to make it or me and it turned out amazing!

Anyway back to the story here; I was promoting it pretty heavily on Facebook & Twitter when I got a Twitter like from a hot sauce company. Not a big company; but a sizeable one which made me sit up and take notice.

So I contacted them via Twitter and after a bit of back & forthing, they finally asked me if I wanted to write a review of their hot sauce in return for a large supply.

Well, I live in Laos so apart the logistical challenges of getting tons of hot sauce through the Laos customs office; there is also the small fact that all the food here is so hot that it could melt Captain America’s Vibranium shield in a matter of seconds…so didn’t really need any of the stuff to be honest.

So I asked them instead, if I could write them a post for their blog in return for a links.

It all started out great with their social media guy, (or gal), being quite receptive to this idea. Also their blog was in dire need of an update and looked severely underutilized for a medium sized company.

Boom, they said yes!

So I got about writing an interesting piece about how I could see anecdotal evidence of chilli’s good effect on health by observing how Lao people loved to punish their tongues, but seemed to have no incidence of joint issues into old age, I backed this up with a few links to some real authority sites showing some correlation between chilli and arthritis.

I sent it over and then something kind of depressing happened. You when you accidently get cc’d into an email where the writer basically says that they think you’re a pure dickhead? No!? Well that must just be me then, but anyway it happened again, but this time regarding my guest post and not quite as aggressive, but still kind of a punch in the stomach.

I got an email with this exact message, verbatim:

This guy is putting each sentence on a new line. It’s weird. I don’t see any reason to put this on our blog.

That is all that it said!

I was slightly disappointed when I read that, not necessarily because of being rejected for a post I spent an hour writing. But because I thought I was doing all the right things!

Anyway, I reconciled myself that the guy didn’t know what he was on about. I was going to write him back an email about how times have changed and this is how you have to write for the internet.

Lots of sentences, paragraphs and lots of whitespace.

What Happened Next?

I decided against doing that and just carried on and forgot about it, until one day I received a Twitter direct message from the social media person saying this:

Didn’t forget about you. Been slammed. The English needs some work. Hope to fix it this week

Now it was nice of them to message me back and I really appreciate that they did that, but it was another slap in the face just after I had forgotten about it!

Guess what I did when I got that message…

I wish I could say that I was super sensible and did what they asked for and got a nice link.

However I can’t say that because I was pretty drunk at the time and not really thinking straight.

What occurred over the course of the next 10 minutes or so, was me trying to make friends with the hot sauce social media persona and getting awkwardly broken off!

So essentially nothing came of this outreach, apart from a post which I used on my site, and a whole load of experience.

Remember folks, you never lose anything if you consider it learning!

Harry, You're Being Way Too Sensitive, man!

Yeah you’re probably right and thanks for pointing out my thin skin and horrible flaws…thanks a lot. I thought we were friends.

Nah, just kidding.

It is true that I was being a tad over the top sensitive about this, but it kind of burns a bit when someone criticizes you after you think you are on a roll.

So from this bad experience, I’ll move onto the good one:

The Good

For this outreach story, I was using Brian Dean’s video course that he sent out via email, about how to do outreach the right way.

I wish I could link to it, but I can’t remember the actual URL so instead I will just give you his blog which is full of useful info: You will probably find it somewhere in there.

It basically involves finding influencers in your niche and sending out an email, the template of which he gives, then following up with them.

I chose one of my non affiliate posts about a certain type of green tea, and went about following his method.

After lots of nothing, I finally got a reply from a very nice chap who has a website purely based on this type of green tea asking for more info.

SO I sent it to him and he replied back with this:

Excellent. Thank you.

Is it OK for me to use the information in your post on my site or in my newsletter?

Boom, punch the air moment 😀

Obviously I said yes to him and got a very nice link on a DA 27 TF 41 website, as well as a mention in his newsletter, (number of subscribers unknown).

What did I learn?

Well I am always learn, just as you should be too, but from this particular story, I learnt 2 things:

  1. Don’t be afraid to just get out there and email folks
  2. Don’t let others get you down
  3. Grow thicker skin

OK so that is 3 points, but the last point is kind of related to the 2nd point…so shut up.

Really though, there is something that I learnt and will keep me in a generally happy state for a while…outreach is still just 1 part of ranking websites.

There is a massive thing nowadays online, about how we should all stop using any kind of “blackhat” technique to rank our sites, and only focus on acquiring “whitehat” links.

Well to that I say, shut it!

Just from the very fact of reaching out to someone in the hope of getting a link back is considered “blackhat” to Google.

They hate it whenever anyone gets a link that hasn’t come about from completely arbitrary methods, so even those super “whitehat” folks are breaking the rules themselves!

I also hate this whole “whitehat” / “blackhat” labeling…as a very clever man puts it; there is only MoneyHat!

Sorry about that, rant over now I swear!

SO if there is anything you want to ask, just use the comments section below and I will try my best to answer you back 🙂

How to Get Backlinks to Your Website & Other Questions

How to Get Backlinks to Your Website & Other Questions (3)

Annoying as hell, isn’t it?

You have just found out that you can make good money online, but just have no idea where to start. 

There are gurus coming out of the woodwork to offer you all sorts of advice; but you don’t even know some of the phrases they are on about!

I know this because I have been there and it’s no fun 🙁

In fact I promise you that even the big boys like Neil Patel have been in this situation at some point!

The reason I have decided to write this post, is because a chap named Mitch got in contact with me and wanted to get some advice about where to start.

The main post below is the response that I sent him, and I left some of the answers intentionally vague so as to not blast him with loads of crazy advanced shit that just scares people away from getting started. I have also edited it slightly to read better as a blog post.

I hope that you find this Q & A interesting and if there is anything in particular you want to know, you can use the content box to jump directly to it.

What is the best way of getting high quality backlinks for my affiliate site?

This one takes a bit of work to do, and something that isn’t going to happen overnight.

I will give you some bullet points as to what I do myself including some useful resources that I use myself when getting links:

  • Guest Posting
    • This sounds quite scary at first, but once you get used to it; it becomes second nature. This is probably the best way to get high quality & relevant links to your site. However you have to be respectful to the website owner you will guest post on and not include exact match anchor text, (e.g. Best blue sports shoes). However this is great to build your brand in the eyes of Google:
      • The Hoth – Paid link building service I use all the time
      • – Great, easy to implement hacks that make it less scary!
      • – Paid service that gives you access to all of the main SEO tools like Majestic, SEMRush, Ahrefs etc. These tools are great to see what links your competition uses and then you can send an email to the webmasters offering your better content.
      • You can check out my post about how I attempted outreach and got some success and some failure!
  • Buying links
    • This one is a little more expensive and if you are not careful it could backfire. However this is a great way to get high powered links.
      • The Hoth – You can get some good links here. I always get the basic option first and use very generic anchor text to give me diversity, i.e. :click here”, “read more” etc. This means that I can use my main keywords as anchor text for the more powerful links.
      • Lightening Rank – I have not used this yet, but I will do soon. It comes very highly recommended and some of the top affiliate marketers use it. It’s not cheap though, but you have to think in terms of Return On Investment.
  • Broken link method

There is much more here, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. These are the things that I do myself and are a great place to start.

Just remember, try not to build amazing links right away to a brand new site. Let it marinate for a while before showing it some link love!

VIP GUIDES: Get access to the VIP Section where you can download a growing library of guides for free. FREE to signup; FREE to download!

Should I use Google Adsense for my site?

You can and I do for some of my sites.

However you must bear in mind that you need 000’s of visitors a month to make any decent money.

I use it on one site of mine that gets around 6,000 monthly visitors and I only make around $15 per month.

On the same site I make over $1,500 per month using Amazon Associates so you can see what I prefer!

However, it won’t hurt you to put them up and if you are in a very click heavy niche like downloads, then you can make really good money.

Just don’t expect to be making $0,000’s a month with a low traffic.

If you are really serious about making money with AdSense, then I can recommend Rank XL. It is a super detailed, step by step process of how to choose a niche and then develop it going forward to make some money.

How much should I post per day to make my site rank well?

There is no magic formula to this.

If your site is brand new, then I aim for at least 1 post per week in a consistent schedule. This is really to let Google know that your site exists and there is a real person working on it.

However it is more important to have quality content than nothing at all. If you just throw out random 300 word posts in order to meet your schedule, then this may hurt you in the long run.

Basically, make sure to write great content. If you can only manage 1 piece of content per month, but it happens to be amazing, then that is much better for you.

You can check out a great post on Human Proof Designs about what you should be doing for your first 6 months of a new website.

Which can help me rank better, SEO or Quality content?

Quality content is part of SEO, they are not mutually exclusive!

You should always write great content. But I know what you might ask:

“What does great content even mean?”

Well, great content is something that is useful and answers the question your readers are asking.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, just make sure that it is relevant and covers everything in detail. I have a post about starting an Amazon Affiliate website and it is super detailed and over 6,000 words long. 

It took me a week to make and lots of research, but it answers the questions that people are asking. You can check it out here and see what I mean:

SEO basically means optimizing your website to make it easier for search engine spiders to crawl your site and understand what it’s about. Make sure to use a clear layout and throw in some of your keywords for relevancy.

You can use this example to see the kind of reading friendly structure that I use all the time:


Heading 1 (title of post) – Best running shoes for people over 50

Heading 2 – Best running shoes for people over 50 cost

Heading 3 – under $200

Heading 3 – Under $150

Heading 3 – Under $100


Heading 2 – Why you should still be running even over 50 years old


Heading 3 – Heart health

Heading 3 – Increase lung capacity

Heading 3 – Improve joint flexibility


Heading 2 – How to choose the right shoes


Heading 3 – Get your feet measured

Heading 3 – Make sure they are comfortable

Heading 3 – Make sure they don’t slip off


Heading 2 – Conclusion


This is just an example and you can do it better, but it gives you an idea about how to layout your content.

This makes it easier for your readers to read it and know the direction the post is going, but also lets Google crawl it efficiently and understand that this post is about running shoes for people over 50. 

There is more to it than this, but for now this is ok.

If you are struggling with writing great content, I highly suggest this content writing service that I use all the time and is always high quality.

How to Get Backlinks to Your Website is a confusing subject

Starting out can be confusing

I have one website going right now, should I wait or make another one?

No, you should wait!

Don’t make the same mistake that I did and have several websites running at the same time.

It’s exhausting and will result in poor quality over the board.

Focus on 1 website and make it great.

My site is on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter but not getting a lot of traffic, why not?

If your social media pages are not getting traffic, then your website will not either.

Step away from these for a while and just focus on writing great content, getting links and promotion of your content.

For every hour it takes you to write a post, you should spend 2 hours promoting it!

What do I mean by promotion?

Let as many people know about it as you can.

Don’t spam people or shove it down their throats, but you can reach out to others and let them review and share it:

Is paid advertising worth it such as PPC?

Yes…but to a degree.

Stay well clear of Google AdWords until you are confident you know how to use it.

I don’t use it because unless you know your audience inside out; you will just burn money.

I highly recommend using Facebook advertising.

It’s excellent, highly targeted and if you can hone down the audience; it’s cheap:

If you want to make some real money, you are going to have to be prepared to spend some money. Treat this game like a real business and it will reward you like a real business.

How come it takes so long to make a buck!?

It just does, it’s a bugger but that’s the way it is!

Google is moving towards answering people’s questions and relevancy in its search results. They want to show the right answers for people’s questions.

It takes a long time to get going because Google takes a while to determine whether or not your website deserves to be ranked.

This is called the Google sandbox and it lasts around 6 months, (no one knows for sure, but anecdotal evidence says this time frame is about right).

The sandbox is where Google will wait and see how your site progresses in order to filter out spam sites. No matter how many links you throw at it, it usually won’t budge.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will never rank and then giving up too soon.

Just be patient and carry on as usual.


I hope this helps you a bit and I would really love to hear from you guys about how you get on.

You can like my Facebook Page and ask anything online marketing related you wish and also get lots of great sources that I find online.

As usual, just post below with any comments you have and I will get back to as soon as possible 🙂

Also shout out to Mitch for asking these great questions!

HitTail SEO Software Review: Find Great Keywords With This SEO Tool

Hit Tail SEO Software Review

Hit Tail SEO Software ReviewSo you’re in the market for a shiny new piece of software to help you to rank?

Well hopefully in this HitTail SEO Software Review, I will be able to convince you that it is actually a seriously useful tool that will be able to wring out some extra traffic from existing posts, pages & articles, thus making your wallet even bigger!

There are a few great tools out there to find some really great Long Tail Keywords, but there are none like Hittail, apart from incredibility expensive services like Ahfres etc  that can actually find keywords that you are ranking for.

Why is this important?

Because if you can find some extra keywords in an existing post that you didn’t even know you were ranking for, you can potentially slot in those keywords naturally and boost your organic traffic even further!

Hittail SEO Software Review

Review of: HitTail

Use: Finding extra keywords to boost traffic to existing posts


Recommends some really great keywords related to your post that you might not have thought about


Gives you a nice easy to view dashboard, but has a small learning curve


Various options ranging from $9.95/month to $79.95/month


  • Gives some fantastic keywords that you never have even thought of
  • Set & forget - what's better than that!
  • Very affordable for its smaller plans
  • Easy visual interface to quickly see the best keywords
  • Quick support and a series of emails & videos to help you get started
  • Has an option inside the dashboard to buy SEO articles written around a certain keyword


  • Only really useful if you have pretty significant traffic
  • Although the interface is uncluttered, I couldn't find an option to show more than a certain amount of results at once
  • Takes a bit of time to work its magic
  • SEO articles look a bit pricey for the word count

So first thing’s first:

If you are jumping the gun a bit here and have read lot’s of marketing blogs about keywords but don’t even have a site yet; I highly advise that you go ahead and check my massive post about how to start a website from scratch.

OK, so now that we have established that you do indeed have a website and would like to take it to the next level, let’s get on with it!

HitTail SEO Software Review...Is It Worth It?

The bottom line for me is yes.

I decided to give this piece of software a chance and gave it a few weeks to really kick in.

I will be completely honest with you, when I first got a review copy and set it all up I was slightly disappointed. The suggestions that it recommended to me were all very obvious and were actually keywords that I was already targeting!

However, and this is a HUGE however, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and give it some time to work its magic.

The one reason that I did this was because of another review by the fantastic review of HitTail over at by Jon Dykstra who says that you should wait a little while until it starts to gather your data.

In fact, this is one of the few downsides of HitTail; they don’t give you this kind of info obviously and I think that they could do a better job in letting you know who exactly this is for and that it may take some time to analyse your data.

Anyway back to the point:

I followed Jon’s advice and left it to marinate for a couple of weeks.

I opened it back up today and low & behold, a whole raft of very interesting keywords that I had no idea I was currently ranking for!

With a nice star system 1-5, HitTail gives you a quick, visual reference about what it thinks are the best keywords you should target.

How does it work?

Very simply, when you sign up you are given a plugin to install and then you connect it with your Google Search Console (formerly Webmasters).

It then starts to analyze the average of each different section including:

  • Impressions
  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Average position

After a while of doing this, it will give you what it thinks are valuable keywords and compares them to other search results in order to give the difficulty rating, i.e. how difficult it thinks a keyword will be to rank.

One of the best things about this process, is that it is cloud based and will constantly update giving more and more results over time! 

Talk about hands off!

What does the backend look like

Hittail SEO Software Review Backend

As you can see from the dashboard, it is fairly simple, but I think it is designed this way in order to only give you exactly what you need without any extra fluff.

These suggestions are are real ones from a website of mine that currently gets a decent amount of traffic of nearly 5,000 views a month.

What should you do with this data?

Well truth is that everyone is going to be a bit different.

Hit Tail actually gives you an option to get an SEO article written around your keyword of choice, for around $19 for 400 words (at time of writing), but I will not use this option myself as I already have a fantastic group of writers that I use for my niche sites, or I will just write the article myself.

As I haven’t used their article writing service, I can’t tell you if it is any good.

However, I would say that you can find some seriously good writing services for this kind of money, and you will usually get 1,000 words instead of 400.

Seeing as content is so important in the eyes of Google and more importantly, your readers; you might be wise to choose another writing option.

What I will do with the data

As for me personally, I will not be writing any more articles in particular, (unless it spits out a seriously amazing keyword). 

Instead, I will go through my main money article and see if there is any location that I can naturally add in some of the keywords it has given me.

The idea behind this will be to further increase the amount of keywords that this post organically ranks for, thus increasing traffic and hopefully conversions.


Signup below to get your Free Top 10 Tips Guide to finding keywords that will convert

Is Hit Tail the only service to use?

HitTail is great.

Let me just get that out of the way first and foremost.

It does exactly what it sets out to achieve, and does it very, very well.

Nonetheless, I would still recommend to use this in conjunction with other software to get the very best results.

What do I mean by this?

Well the way that I am currently using it, is to see the keywords that it is giving, and then using those as “seed” keywords. I input these seed words into other services I often use, and then see what kinds of results I get back.

There is another pretty big caveat that I want to add to anyone considering this pie of SEO software:

HitTail will only yield decent result for websites with fairly significant amounts of search engine traffic.

So if you are reading this review and considering getting a subscription, make sure you have a lot of incoming traffic from Google first. I don’t know exactly how much is a lot, but it works quite well with one of my websites that has just under 5,000 views per month.

If you are just starting out and are looking for keywords in general, then I highly recommend that you sign up below to get my Top 10 Methods to find keywords that will actually convert.

You can find out a lot more informaiton by visiting their main site at:

Summing it all up

So to answer the main question: “Should I go for it?”, which I am sure you are thinking of by now; I would say it depends.

The actual software is great, fantastic really. But there are a few prerequisites that you should know before deciding to jump into a monthly subscription.

  1. You need fairly significant amounts of traffic for it to actually be useful
  2. It takes a while to discover and show you the really juicy keywords

If you have the traffic and are willing to give it a couple of days minimum to work its magic; then I am very comfortable recommending HitTail to you.

If you are just starting out your online adventure and are actually looking for keywords in the first instance, I highly suggest that you check out my guest post giving you some ideas about the process, this post about finding a great keyword and also my tools section giving you lots of great tools that I personally use for my own online things.

Quick & Easy SEO Check

Fast jets to indicate a quick post

This is a very quick post just to let you guys know about a nice little site I found that does a very quick and easy – but basic – SEO check of any URL you want.

The reason I am posting this, is because I am having some seriously annoying permalink issues with a new site of mine.

Basically, the site has been indexed in Google, but whenever I use the: site:; only the category pages are showing up.

As you may or may not know, having a nice keyword rich, human readable permalink is a great boost for SEO. It is certainly not the most powerful or only method you should be thinking of; but it is part of the mix.

So if anyone out there has any idea of how to fix this, I would love to hear from you in the comments.

So, you won’t get a super detailed report like you would with a proper SEO company reviewing your site; but it is free, quick and gives you some key details.

So there you have it…Told you it would be quick!

The Satisfaction Of Finding A Great Keyword

Finding a great keyword can be difficult
Finding a great keyword can be difficult
Finding a great keyword can be difficult, but when you find one, it can be very satisfying

Ranking a site effectively is a difficult thing to do nowadays, but there is 1 thing that you can do to help, that is; finding a great keyword and creating great content around it.

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a post rank after many hours of keyword research and content creation.

Even more so if you see results the very next day


For my regular readers, you may or may not know that I bought an AdSense advertising website a while ago, in order to find out how much money really is in the AdSense micro niche game.

Well it is ticking over fairly well, but I also did a general “state of my portfolio” update in which I wrote that I was going to experiment turning it away from a micro niche into something resembling an authority site.

Changing the game

I decided to take a path that I know very well now: Amazon Associates, (advertising Amazon products for a commission).

My first taste of Amazon success was with my main website, Niche Site 1 (NS1), which has been doing very well for me.

I have added 2 more SEO optimized posts with some real marketing efforts to boost earnings even further.

This seems to be paying off, and combined with my personal PBN’s, it will continue to improve. However, the main purpose of this post is really to show you how finding a great keyword can not only improve your bottom line, but also give you a much needed ego boost which is essential in this game…believe me!

Finding a great keyword evidence

finding a great keyword

What you are looking at there, is the main keyword of a post that I published on 01 December 2015…1 day ago! (at the time of writing this post).

I have done literally 0 marketing or promotion of the post, and already it is sitting at position 23 of the SERP’s (.com). There are 2 things I will note here though:

  1. No rank tracking software is 100% accurate, but on average this keyword is already on the 2nd page of the SERP’s
  2. Don’t pay too much attention to the monthly searches (MS) column. I make over $600 on a 0 MS keyword including keyword variations

These 2 points are important because I don’t want anyone to think that a high MS is the be all and end all of keyword research and SEO in general.

For proof of this, check out the Niche Pursuits podcast in which they hammer home pretty hard, that MS is really not that important. I also agree with that and you can see my proof of earnings over at my update post.

how can long tail keywords make money
You don’t need high monthly searches to make good money…

If you are still in any doubt about how a low MS but high long tail variations can make you money; check out this quick calculation on AMAprofits:

You can see that even though I entered only 5 main keyword searches but 24,000 long tail searches; the amount of potential profit from commissions is huge.

In fact, even if you enter a higher number in the main keyword box; the amount doesn’t increase that much.

Money is made with the long tail; don’t you forget that.

Why is this good?

I hope you’re joking if you actually asked that! If you are just beginning your online ventures, I will tell you why I chose a great keyword here:

  • I am ranking on the 2nd page of after just 1 day
  • The keyword is a buying keyword, i.e. people who search for it are in a buying mood
  • The product in question is a $249 product that is in the right price range for someone to buy online but also provide great commission per product bought

How did I find this doozy of a keyword?

Well usually I would tell you to sign up to receive my full list about finding a great keyword, but because you made it this far without bouncing; I will give you the lowdown 🙂

In order to make it simple and not give you any extra BS that you don’t need, (I hate having to decode some blogs just to get to the meat), I will give you the main list in basic form here:

  1. Use a keyword tool – My favorites include:
    1. Longtail Pro (Paid but the very best)
    2. (Free)
    3. Ubersuggest (Free)
  2. Listen To people in your niche – Check out forums to understand your audience. Don’t know where to look – check out: (Free)
  3. Read Amazon Autosuggest & Reviews – Type in your seed keyword and see what Amazon spits out
  4. Buying Keywords For The Win – Use a keyword with buyer intent such as:
    1. …reviews
    2. Best…
    3. What is the best…under $…
  5. Optimize for Mobile Search Phrases – People type in different things on their phone and if you can figure this out, you will make serious bank, (for the record I am still figuring this out myself!)
  6. Use Latent Semantic Index Words (LSI’s) – If you can get Google to understand your post properly, you will be way ahead of most blogs out there. Check out: (Free), for some great LSI suggestions
  7. Join a Facebook Group – Make friends and gain authority  by understand just how your audience speaks

If you want to delve deeper into finding a great keyword, then I am afraid I have to bribe you to give me your email address so we can consult on a BFF basis 😉

What are my next steps?

For now, I am quite happy to let it jump about organically a little bit and see where it settles without any any links.

A peculiar thing about this particular website; is that it is only a couple of months old without many decent links and it somehow has a Domain Authority (DA): 9 and a Page Authority (PA): 18!

This is quite interesting because this was a fresh domain with zero authority when I first received it and I have done no real link building (apart from a simple HOTH package), and have only added a few pieces of content.

The content is informative, well written and doesn’t carry any affiliate links etc, so i presume that this has had some effect because as we all know, Google goes ga ga for great content.

Further inspection is needed to understand why it has these metrics.

Moz Metrics for AdSense advertising website Harry Vs Internet

If you don’t know what these numbers are, I will write a post soon going into further detail.


They are metrics that a company called MOZ gives to websites to determine its authority based on a number of factors.

If you enjoy technical SEO (I don’t), then you can read all about it here:

Link building & promotion

Once I have an understanding of where Google thinks this content lives; I will start to build some links. If you are in the same boat as me and are really just beginning to really cut your teeth with internet marketing and trying to make a serious business out of it, I highly recommend a very successful online entrepreneur called Matthew Woodward.

If you click on the link above, you will be taken directly to his link building section and I recommend that you follow the steps he lays down because he is basically giving away gold here!

I was originally thinking that I would use some PBN links to get it going, but I really like the post that I wrote and I think that it will do very well with pure outreach and “natural” links.

I did a lot of research for this particular article and I think that it shows in its natural conversational tone and it really sounds like a review of a product that I use and love.

This is important because it can be the difference between a reader bouncing away, loving your content but not converting or loving it and also converting.

The only thing we should be interested in is conversion and forget about traffic for now. I would rather have 50 visitors with a 50% conversion rate, than 500 visitors with 2% conversion rate.

Anyway, I digress…


For the main promotion methods, I will be using a piece of software called BuzzBundle that I just recently bought and it is fast becoming my new favorite toy 😀

Essentially you just drop in some keywords you want to search for related to your post, and BuzzBundle will scrape the internet including:

  • Social networks
  • Blogs
  • forums
  • Q&A sites

It will then let you reply to real peoples questions and queries regarding your keyword.

It can be as simple as just responding to someones Twitter question about: “what is the best…for…“, and then giving them a short answer along with your URL.

This is a great method to get a quick boost of traffic to your site, but may also result in longer term benefits such as landing some lovely, juicy dofollow links to your post.

Link building

This kind of goes together with my promotion efforts and I plan to get some nice, relevant links pointing to this particular post.

I am not fully decided on whether or not I will also add in some general links to diversify anchor text a bit. If I were to go down this route, I would use a company called – (this is not an affiliate link, but I use them and I think that you may also find them useful).

I have used them before and found them to be both useful and also very well priced. They offer a whole ton of different services that can potentially help you get your site to rank, but I like the blog comments service.

They place dofollow comment posts on high PR websites.

I don’t really care about the high PR part, I only use so that my anchor text profile doesn’t look suspicious which serves 2 purposes:

  1. No Google penalty for over optimization
  2. I can keep my main “money” keyword as anchor text for the very high quality links

You are not going to rank on these blog comments alone and you can do this yourself for free, but I am a bit lazy and I also love to test things out and experiment.

With regards to high quality links, I have said already that I will be doing some outreach for this post, and I hope to get some really nice quality links back from that.

I will keep you all updated as to how I proceed and what happens so that you can also follow along, but it may be a while because I many things on the stove right now and some really exciting projects that I am starting.

Wrapping up

So I want to finish this post off by pushing the point forward that finding a great keyword is really essential if you are serious about making money and getting some organic search engine traffic.

However it is not easy and I gave you some brief points about the process that I use, but in order to get the full, complete step-by-step action plan, you can sign up below and get a Free Cheat Sheet that will show you some really nice tips & tricks for finding a great keyword that will potentially make you some money and gain you authority in the future 🙂

How Design Affects Your Website

How Does Design Affect Websites
How Design Affects Your Website
Planning: measure twice; cut once!

As you may or may not know, How Design Affects Your Website can be from a number of different factors.

From buying a product on impulse, based upon flashy packaging, to trusting a company based on the colors and logo it uses.

For me, I just enjoy good design the same as all of you do. We just appreciate good looking things and enjoy pleasing aesthetics.

In web design, my personal preference is with Flat Design.

To that end, I enjoy things that don’t tread down the uncanny valley too much; but still portray a sense of realism that we can connect to.

One of my personal hobbies, is using Adobes’s suite of design tools most notably Illustrator, and design things that catch my eye.


I recently watched a film called “Ex Machina” and kind of fell in love with its simple, but powerful aesthetic. In fact the last time I really felt like that about a film was with one called “Gattaca” and also one that I think some of you should be familiar with: “Fight Club“.

What I want to do is share some posters for both Ex Machina and Fight Club, in order to give you an idea of the type of design I am talking about.

What has this got to do with anything?

Well, it’s a bit of weird route I took to this post, but bear with me…

When I created Harry Vs Internet, I used a theme made by the amazing Thrive Themes called FocusBlog.


I quite liked the look of it, but a couple of years ago when I first started blogging, my first thematic love was with the Genesis Framework. I kind of had a bit of lovers spat with them when I decided that their their themes were a bit too boring for me!

However, I kind of missed the point with Genesis and its creator; Studiopress.

The idea behind their themes is a simple, but highly efficient framework that is the engine of the entire site, and an elegant theme that you merely drape over the engine to make it look nice, i.e. a child theme.

You can customize and tweak the child theme to your hearts content, and if you are pretty au fait with HTML & CSS, then you can rejig things around quite a bit to suit your needs.

Anyway, I digress…

After trying a few different themes from various different providers and not really digging the style, I found Thrive.

Many internet marketing blogs have also fallen in love with them and use Thrive Themes exclusively throughout their sites: to name just one.

It looks great, it looks clean and it works perfectly in unison with Thrive’s suite of Plugins, (which you can use on most themes, including Genesis).

My main issue with it really, was that I just was not comfortable with its blockiness and I didn’t really want to invest the time in creating a super fancy static homepage like the Authority Hacker guys did.

For me, I prefer simple and elegant which is what led me back to Studiopress and genesis.

The first site I really created properly using the Genesis framework, was a real estate website for my wife:

I used a free child theme called Equilibre, and tweaked it around a bit to get it looking as it does now. It’s smooth, looks professional and works as it is supposed to do.

A few days ago, I checked out the blog of the main man behind Studiopress: Brian Gardener.

His blog is clean and very pleasing to the eye and I thought, “yes I forgot about Genesis”.

I logged back into my Studiopress account and downloaded the framework, (you need to purchase the framework separately from a theme), and then downloaded the Executive Pro theme that I had previously bought, and installed it on both this site and my brand new authority site.


I think they both look great and now work really smoothly.

After installation onto Harry Vs Internet, I had to do a bit of moving stuff around to get rid of the leftover Thrive stuff, but it seems to be fine now.

Quick tip: If you are using a caching plugin, remember to clear the cache after any significant changes, otherwise they won’t show up. This was my facepalm moment!

How Design Affects Your Website?

Good design will always improve the way a user interacts with anything, but you also need to aware of just how:

  • SEO – Basics of onpage optimization should be followed, not only to help the search engines understand what your page is about, but also to help your readers to be able to navigate it correctly.
    • There are differing points of view about what is most important, but the overall consensus nowadays, is that you should really make the greatest effort to keep your real, human readers on your website. Today, factors such as the ones below have a huge effect on how you rank and more importantly; how you stay in position:
      • The amount of time spent on your site
      • Bounce rate
      • Pages visited per session
      • Ratio of returning users to new visitors
    • Good design will keep your readers on your site for longer and will keep them wanting more.
  • Conversions – Let’s be honest here, the main reason why most people start a website is to make some money in the hope that they will be able to quit their horrible jobs and live in their underwear all day. Conversions are what make this a reality. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Affiliate conversions
    • Email signups
    • Click Per Action conversions
  • Sharing – The more shares you can get for your site, the more traffic you will get. If a share for a particularly good piece of content is well timed, then you may get flooded with a large amount of traffic. Shares can be from:
    • Social sharing
      • Facebook
      • Twiter
      • G+
      • reddit
    • Comment mentions
    • Forum, Q&A sites
    • Or even the holy grail…links from websites in similar niches

There are really a whole raft of other ways how design affects your website, but those listed are some big ones.

Let’s tie this up in a neat little bow

I’ll be honest with you, this post took a bit of a U-turn.

I started writing it last night when I had already had a few Beer Lao’s, (I live in Laos BTW), and I was in a designer-y kind of mood.

However when I woke up, I read through it again and thought to myself that design actually is super important to everything in our lives, including making money on the internet. So, I wrote some more.

This is really a very, very brief overview about how design affects your website and I will be writing a much more in depth post about it, and even make a little cheat sheet about the best methods to make people love your website even more and by association, you as well.

Harry Vs Internet Update

Harry Vs Internet Update
Harry Vs Internet Update
Will give advice for beans

So this post is really just a general update about what I have been doing and how my experiments are going…


During the past 2 / 3 weeks, I have been steadily building up my personal PBN using the really useful Easy Blog Networks (EBN).

To be honest, it costs a bit more than just doing it all yourself, but boy is it worth every penny. Seriously!

I know this because I have about 8 PBN websites that are hosted on different servers, with different logins and all the rest of it. But what EBN does is take away all of that hassle, and just make it nice and easy to bend the big G over and insert smoothly 😮

The best part, for me at least, is that you can buy an extra add on “Content Module” whereby you get constant blog posts written, (via spinning software), based around certain parameters that you choose such as:

  • Subject
  • Post frequency
  • Type of media, i.e. rich text or media or both etc.

The whole thing for 10 websites costs about $39 USD per month.

Whilst this may sound pricey, you have got to believe me when I say it is great value. It also depends on how lazy or how much time you can dedicate to it.

For example, if you had a lot of time on your hands, then you could leave out the content module and save yourself $10 USD per month and write your own content. In fact this is better as it ensures that you write as naturally as possible.

But for me, I have a family and also work full time so I took the easier route 😀

I will write up a post doing a full review soon enough, but for now, I am just populating it and getting it ready for use with my existing sites.

I am only using 7 out of my allotted 10 spaces, so I need to find some more domains to add. Coincidentally, I was using a great scraping software called PBN Lab for this purpose; but due to a recent and very annoying update to the MOZ database, (MOZ of DA & PA fame), it has got harder to find quality domains.

I reckon I will again revert to buying 3 more from my favorite marketplace: Source Market.

Niche Website 1 (NS1)

Proof of Earnings 26 Nov 2015
Proof of Earnings 26 Nov 2015 Niche Site 1

Ticking over quite nicely.

I am on course to make over $900 USD this month, maybe more due to Black Friday. Also I hope to clean up over Christmas and want to make over $1,000 USD for the month of December.

Now, I don’t expect this to last because as I said, November and December are 2 very crazy months where consumers go nuts for stuff. My average is around $500 USD per month, but I am doing a few things to improve that for NS1.

One thing I want to ficus on even more, is improve the conversion rate because right now it is sitting at just under 6% which is not good enough really.

Niche Website 2 (NS2)

Not doing very well at all really.

The rankings are just not budging and it is becoming really frustrating. No matter how many links I throw at it, it just will not give anything back.

I have stopped spending money on it for the time being and am focusing my efforts on building up some more blackhat ranking methods which I will mention later.

I really think that NS2 has been a bit of a disaster to be honest, but it it did help me to learn a whole lot more about how this whole thing works, so a success if you look at it like that!

Niche Website 3 (NS3)

Wait, what!?

Yes…that is right, you read correctly. I have decided to buy yet another website!

This time, however, I got a very interesting looking one about cooking utensils.

Why cooking?

Well, a quick check over at Empire Flippers, indicates that home and kitchen sites do very well, both in terms of Amazon income, but also when the time comes to eventually sell it.

Just take a look at 2 examples I found in the space of about 3 minutes and there are actually a few more:

Kitchen Amazon Niche Kitchen Amazon Niche1

Click to see larger image

The key thing for me though, was that I am interested in cooking and kitchen appliances, (I’m normal I promise), and so I saw the opportunity to create something a bit larger than just a “Best Kitchen Blenders” type of site.

I learnt my lesson with NS2 and now understand the importance of writing about things you understand and enjoy.

Even if it is based around a single product, there is still a lot of scope to write a whole load of pure value articles based around cooking and the kitchen etc, as well creating secondary sources of income via new review posts.

Also, the long tails are to die for!

AdSense Website

Another one that I have put on the back burner a little bit as I focus on other projects. I haven’t really invested a lot of effort into it, but its rankings are slowly, (very slowly) climbing, and it is making a few pennies a day from AdSense!

Not a lot I know, but one thing that has kept me thinking about it is that I added 1 Amazon product a while ago, and it is getting a few click through’s!


That on its own is nothing to write home about, but what I may do in the future, is alter it from a purely AdSense site, into a bit more of an authority site about hardware and see what happens.

Foreign SEO Case Study

Here is where things take an interesting turn…

Basically, I got super impatient and threw a large amount of SAPE links towards the main keyword and it worked to some extent.

The main 6,600 monthly searched for KW jumped from nowhere land to be in the low 30’s and 2 secondary KW’s are sitting pretty on page 2!

Again, nothing to be kissing my dick about, but movement nonetheless. If I carry on and develop it, then I am sure that I will make a small amount of money back.

For that, I will focus solely on SAPE and a buffer site that I recently had made for me by

The guy is really nice and a serious whizz at all of this blackhat SAPE stuff.

Enter the Blackhat

So I will be honest and say, I don’t really care for all of these different SEO labels; to me, if you rank then that is all that matters.

I am open to pretty much any kind of methods, hence this website being testing ground for what actually works and what does not.

However, there is 1 path that I would not cross, which is negative SEO. Not really because of any kind of moral kind of thing, but mainly because I think it is a really shitty thing to do.

There are so many other ways to beat a competitor in the SERPS other than negging their site.

I just think it is not cool.

I would hate it to happen to my site, so I will not attempt it on anyone else.

I personally enjoy the chase and trying to beat someone by hard work. The effort you invest in negative SEO could be better placed in ranking your own site in a much better way. The internet is shitty enough as it is and there is no need to make it worse if you don’t have to.

Anyone who thinks that “blackhat” is an easy way to rank, then I would say that you are probably missing the idea a bit.

I would consider it a bit more of leveling the playing field to new sites that want to play the game as well.

Here comes some authority juice!

Finally, I just want to quickly mention that I am also starting an authority site in something that I enjoy; philosophy.

I don’t really know how I will monetize it, but I am not really thinking about that right now. With an authority site comes a whole different set of tactics to adhere to so I am looking forward to learning.

I want to try some proper outreach and guest posting to get nice clean, juicy links and see how it goes.

I say it is based around philosophy, but it is a bit broader than that, and I may even mention it here when it is a bit more established.

Why an authority?

Well that is the way that the normal people, i.e. non TOR internet is going, so I want to join in whilst the going is good.

I also want to learn a whole new way of doing things that will hopefully translate across to my Niche Websites and boost their earning potential even further.

The weird thing is that I decided to start this authority site from finding a great domain using PBN Lab. I was looking for PBN domains, but found this doozy and thought, why not!

I have got it indexed and will begin working on it shortly, but something odd happened when I checked it on Majestic. For some reason its Trust Flow has dropped significantly, not enough to worry about, but easily by half!?

I am not too worried because it will still bypass the Google sandbox which is really main point of using an expired domain to begin with. If I was using it as a PBN domain then I would be worried.

Lucky call I guess!

As I said, I will think about letting you guys know if I decide to mention it here, I will see what happens.

Let’s wrap this up in a bow

So there you have it, a brief summary about what I have been up to with my online shenanigans.

As usual, if you have any questions about anything, then just use the comments section below. You can contact me directly, but I prefer the comments section so that everyone reading can chime in and learn something.

I don’t know about you, but I always read the comments to get a fuller understanding about the post as the author usually answers questions that they never thought of when writing the post!

How To Optimize A Website For Search Engine Optimization

How to optimize your website for Google

So you want to learn how to optimize your website for search engine optimization, eh?

Is This Post For You?

Even though the title of this post is pretty much as obvious as I can make it, I still want you to make sure that this is the kind of post you will be willing to invest your time in.

It took me a long time to write and I only want people who are super serial at making money online to read it.

The points below will give you an overview.

  • Why website optimization is so important, but ultimately only part of the puzzle
  • Why you should not get carried away with on page SEO and focus more on creating great, human readable content
  • How even though I just made that last point, why you should also make it Google readable
  • How your WordPress website should be set up properly
  • What on page factors you should optimize for your content

Reading time: Medium

Why Is On Page Website Optimization For SEO So Important?

The question I get asked the most from people is:

“How do you get links?”

The second most frequently asked question is:

“How do I optimize my WordPress website for search engine optimization?”


The answer to this really has 2 parts to it:

  1. Website optimization
  2. Content optimization

You see;

Both of these factors are important and both must be answered for us to get a fully optimized website that Google can understand properly, but also is perfectly readable to humans and delivers great content.

Let me tell you something:

When I first started building websites and then onto trying to make money online, I used to focus 100% on just making my website look good to Google.

Whilst I didn’t do crazy things like keyword stuffing and so on, I did tend write my content in a very unnatural sounding way.

Well that is to say unnatural to humans but natural to Google!

However it soon dawned on me that many of the websites I had made, were either not ranking at all, or if they were, the bounce rates were 90%+, (for those who don’t know; that is really not good at all).

From then on, I started to read some more legitimate websites about how to correctly optimize my websites.

It was after thoroughly researching for many hours of the day, (I am an SEO bore), that I found out the 2 parts to full website optimization glory:

Website & Content

It is these 2 things that I will focus on for this post.

How can website optimization affect ranking?

OK so let be clear here, I am not any kind of expert in the same vain as Brian Dean of Backlino.

However, I have seen real life results from my recent 2 Amazon affiliate websites after jigging things about and doing simple things like changing the permalink structure (I will get to that later), to slightly more complicated things such as finding LSI, (also later) keywords and sprinkling them into the content to create relevancy.

In fact, a lot of what I will be talking about in the content section will be from my own research and in particular, information from, but in 1 place so you can bookmark this webpage and refer to in the future.

In fact, I recently downloaded the Official Google Guide to Search Engine Optimization which you can find by sharing this post:

Why You Shouldn't Get Carried Away With Content Optimization

But, but, you need get your content properly optimized in order for Google and some the other lesser search engines to be able to read it and then let you know how wonderful you are by bending you over caressing your buttocks. 

So that you will rank number 1 and then all the Amazon commission checks will come rolling in and you can live in a massive house with a boat that has electric eels to power it and many sexy ladies, (or men if you are a lovely lady yourself, I wish there were more in this game), to touch you in the places you love.

That is how it works, right?

Well let me tell you a little, very well known secret that isn’t really a secret at all:

It doesn’t work like that!

If you are only thinking about Google…and the others…then you will never see any kind of big fat commission check.

But Harry, do you ever see big fat commission checks? Who are you to talk like I know this kind of shit?

Well I am working my way up to that, but right now I have a very nice little Amazon site making me money and also another on its way to first page nirvana.

So back to the point!

Why you should not go crazy optimizing for the search engines.

Let me paint you a picture:

I couldn't find a free picture of a Cylon, so this will have to do.
I couldn’t find a free picture of a Cylon, so this will have to do.

You are hawking the best retro Battlestar Galactica toaster under $150 and you have your website set up exactly like a heartless machine, like a Cylon would love to read and process into stupid 1’s and 0’s.

You have thrown some luscious links its way and are now starting to crawl up the slippery Google erection to the top 3.

You are starting to get a slack handful of visitors coming your way, but you start noticing something very weird in your analyics account.

You are seeing a bounce rate of over 90%, an average read time of under 5 seconds and an average pages per session somehow in a 0 point something state.

What the flipping heck!

You have spent all that money and time getting it up to the top; only to see the very people you are targeting not staying on your website long enough to actually click on an affiliate link.

Those wretched beasts.

“How dare they”, you shriek, arms aloft like a mad wildly flailing inflatable blow up figurine.

Stop, look and listen

I will tell you right now what is going on, my excitable friend.

You are experiencing what I like to call, “This isn’t what I wanted” syndrome. Alright, actually anyine can call it that I guess, but the point is this:

The people arriving at your site are not digging your content.

Now, there are various reasons for this including:

  • Too many words at the beginning that are distracting
  • Unnatural sounding content, i.e. only written so that you could fit your keywords and LSI’s in
  • Not sounding like you care about what your reader actually wants.

In regards to the last point there, it is very important to make your visitor feel welcome and also make them feel very smart by choosing the right website to click on.

For example, if you really were selling Battlestar Galactica toasters and your content sounds exactly like it was written by a Cylon, (the main antagonists in said TV show if you were wondering), then perhaps your audience will think that you have lured them to your site only to take their money. 

Of course you have let’s be honest, but you don’t want them to know!

Even worse is if you really sound like you don’t have any kind of clue about the product you are selling. If you don’t know about the product you are advertising, then you should research it thoroughly.

Too lazy for that, then outsourcemy friend.

Bottom line:

If you want to sell things on your website, whether it be affiliate offers or real products or whatever; you have to speak like a human being talking to other human beings.

How to optimze your website content? Do the above ^^^.

However, Why You Should Still Think About Getting Your On Page SEO Right First Time

I know, I know.

After all of that reading I am now telling you that you should also get your on page SEO right. What am I , some kind of crazy?


But really, it is a bit of a weird thing.

We are told all the time to just write naturally and make sure that your audience can understand what is going on etc, etc.

Whilst this is true, I personally think that it is also important to make sure that your content is correctly optimized for both human and machine.

You see, whilst your wonderful, eloquent writing for us overdeveloped chimps is all good an well, how is anyone supposed to find your site if the machine world can’t understand what it’s about?

The good thing about writing for a machine though, is that it is actually more simple than you may think.

  1. Find your keyword that ticks all of the keyword boxes
  2. Use that as a base to write around
  3. Research your subject like a pro
  4. Include your keyword in the title in some way, (for example my keyword for this post is: How To Optimize A Website, but you see how I used it for this post)
  5. Make sure to include it in the title tags, (usually the title for most WordPress themes, but make sure to check this)
  6. Drop you keyword into the first 100 or so words
  7. Type your keyword into Google search, scroll down to the bottom related searches section and gather the connected ones up, (these are your LSI’s)
  8. Sprinkle them throughout your post where natural and also add some variations
  9. Plop your keyword into the final 100 or so words
  10. Eh Viola! Your Google optimized content is served!

Well as usual,there is a bit more to it than that and many marketers who are far better then me may advocate other methods.

However this seems to work well for me so I don’t care what others think.

Actually I do care, and this kind of thing is constantly evolving so you always have to keep an eye open.

I will just quickly mention 1 more thing here that I will go into more detail in another post; but when you are building links to your post, make sure to use your main keywords as anchor text sparingly, your LSI’s a little less sparingly and mix it all up with some related but somewhat ambiguous anchor text.

And that is pretty much all I do for my websites.

I may do more or less depending on certain factors such as keyword difficultly and so on, but I don’t really bother with keyword density % and anchor text ratios and so on.

Just be cool, be natural and you will slowly rank if everything else is done correctly and comes together in a nice ball of ravishing ranking!

What Is An LSI Keyword?

Splendid question.

Basically, an LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword is something that a search engine will use to create relevancy and connect to your main keyword.

For example, if I have a post about Fish Tank Heaters, Google may not know what kind of fish tank heater you are talking about and you may not get fantastic results with your keyword.

LSI’s help Google to connect things together a bit better and then it can put your content in the relevant search results.

They are very easy to get, and all I do is to type my main keyword into the search box, scroll down to the “related searches” section and find the ones connected to my main keyword:

How to optimize a website using LSI keywords

It is a bit more complicated than that, and if you want to really geek out, then I suggest reading this post.

I didn’t because I don’t care.

I just want to make money.

But you should.

How To Optimize A Website Using WordPress

Whilst optimizing your content to rank in the search engines is very important, I would say that it is arguably just as important to correctly optimize your WordPress website so that everything is nice and smooth.

Like a shaven monkey about to be launched into space.

I have written in length about how to make your own WordPress website, so I will keep this section brief.

These are the main things you need to do in order to get a nicely optimized website ready for machine & human consumption:

  1. Log in to your back end
  2. Go to Settings ->Permalinks
  3. Change the marked permalink option to Post name
  4. Go to Setting -> General
  5. Change your Site Title & Tag Line to your website name and what your website is about, e.g. Site Title: Harry’s Cookie Cutters & Tag Line: The Best Cookie Cutters On The World Wide Web!
  6. Install the plugins: Jetpack & Yoast SEO and configure, (check out this post for full details)
  7. Delete the standard pages that come pre installed with WordPress such as: Hello World page & This Is A Post post
  8. Bing, bang, bosh, you are ready to rock!

There are other things that you can do later on, like configuring your 404 page to work for you instead of against you, but I will talk about the 404 in another post because this post is already way too long.

Summing It All Up

This was another very long post and for that, I either apologize/am happy if it pissed you off/helped you with how to optimize a website correctly for search engine bondage.

There are many other, way more complicated methods you can use to get your website and content super smooth to slip into Google’s rear end, but I don’t know them yet because as I keep telling you:

I Am Not An Expert!

I experiment, and from my tests I have found that these things tend to work well.

Hit me up if you hate/love me and want to yell at me/touch me in the comments section, and for any more in depth questions or other things, you can contact me directly, however if it is a general question then put it in the comments so that others can see and help.

Let’s all help each other out here, it’ll be fun :/

Your content here...

Why I Bought An Adsense Advertising Website

Hello other internet SEO crazy people.

I decided to conduct another experiment, but this time in a tried and tested money spinning thing namely, Google’s AdSense adverting.

Is This Post For You?

So you can decide whether to waste your time reading something that is of no use you, I have decided to list some quick points about what this post will cover.

Because I'm super nice like that and everyone wants to be my friend.

  • Why I bought a ready made AdSense website
  • Why I decided to give an AdSense advertising website a go
  • What kind of return on investment (ROI) do I hope to get
  • How I will promote it
  • What my next steps will be

Reading time: Medium

Why Did I Buy A Ready Made AdSense Website?

Good question and the answer is probably not what you expect or want to hear.

Basically, I get bored very quickly and have the attention span of a 9 month old baby and I am always looking for new and interesting things to do to keep my childlike brain amused.

I already have 1 moderately successful niche Amazon style website that is making me a nice $5-600 per month which I am using to reinvest into other wacky internet adventures, (they do exist).

I am also working on 1 other niche website that seems to still be in the Google sandbox right now, but it is starting to peek its head above the parapet and getting a bit of SERP movement. Time will tell if it makes money or not. I hope it does because I have invested a good few $000’s in it!

In fact that website was another one I bought ready made. You may be seeing a pattern here, I am a bit lazy. I can make websites on WordPress without an issue, but sometimes I just don’t want to!

Anyway, the reason I went ahead and ordered one from my new favorite SEO marketplace;Market Source, (which by the way you should really check out).

I read the description carefully and weighed up some options such as whether the money would be better spent on links or content, and then just thought to myself, bugger it, for the price that it was, $139, it was worth a punt to see what happens.

Well needless to say, I waited a while because the guaranteed date was around 1 month and I tried to get it out of mind as to whether I had given my hard earned, (Amazon) money to some sort of mastermind, internet based crook. The internet is full of them from Nigerian Princes all the way to Nigerian Kings, there are naughty folks who just want to take your money without anything.

However Market Source gives you the option to get a refund if not satisfied and seeing as you pay via Paypal, that kind of thing didn’t worry me too much.

And then, out of the blue, about 2 days before the deadline came a message from the creator.

mysteryboxWill you choose the mystery box like I did with an AdSense advertising websiteIt wasn’t quite finished, a bit rough around the edges and a completely different niche to what I had asked for, but he gave me the option to get my money back or if I wanted to continue, he would carry on improving it and SEOing the hell out of it until it made at least $100 a month.

I thought, yeah I’ll take it why not. The guy seemed nice enough and although $139 is a lot of money, my life would not be decimated by losing it…but it could be greatly improved by going ahead.

So I took the mystery box so to speak and went from there.

On the whole I am actually very happy with it. 

Although he changed the niche from what I originally asked for, which was home security, the niche he changed it to was probably better. This one had less competition, better prospects for organic keyword ranking and a good cost per click.

Was it the right decision?

Time will tell, however it is already starting to rank in the top 100 of the Google search results. This may sound a bit rubbish, but believe me I am very happy with this!

You see, I have done nothing to it for it to get to those positions and I have 3 pretty alright keywords in the first 2 pages.mysterybox

Why I decided to give AdSense advertising a whirl

So far in my short year and a bit of trying to get serious making money online; I have only really focused on Amazon affiliate websites as a way to get some cheddar flowing into my bank account.

However after laser focusing for a year on Amazon, I wanted to give something else a go and see what kind of returns I could get from it. I have read stories of people not doing that badly off AdSense websites and decided to find out what the fuss is all about.

Now don’t get me wrong:

This is a proper website with proper, useful information that real people are actively looking for help with. In fact, my AdSense website is based around a very specific piece of hardware that has super low local monthly searches according to Long tail Pro.

Actually, the main focus keyword only has around 1,900 local searches per month and that is sitting at around the middle of the top 100 search results. However the other keywords that I am tracking using SerpBook, are all 200 searches and below, mostly below 100 in fact.


I understand and already know that the key to the best AdSense websites is traffic and lots off it, but remember, I am not aiming for a proper authority style type of website

I know that Google already has lots of very related advertisers for my niche who are willing to pay anything from $1-$3 per click.

I will talk about what I expect to make in reality in more detail in the next section, but I am not expecting to get rich quick, rather to conduct a test and if it works, to get an nice little extra coming in every month.

What Kind Of ROI Am I Expecting For My AdSense Advertising Website Case Study?

I very briefly touched on this in the previous section, but to be more specific, I hope to achieve around $30 – $100 per month form this website.


If this website turns out to be relatively successful and is earning a certain amount I am yet to think about; I might even try to turn it into something a bit more authoritative and increase the traffic.

The great thing about this particular AdSense advertising website, is that its creator chose a great domain name for it, i.e. exact match, but also not spammy and something that could also refer to the overall niche in general.

What I mean by this is that, let’s say the niche is about hidden hair extensions, (it isn’t!), then the domain is:

As you can see, it is both exact match, but also can be turned into an AdSense website about hair extensions in general that just happens to have an interesting sounding name.

Will this website change my life so that I can sit on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails whilst Swedish supermodels caress me in a suggestive manner?


Will this website help me gain a deeper understanding of niche website building, ranking factors & other various useful things, whilst also earning a little bit of extra cash?

The first part, Yes.

The second part, I hope so!

As I have said, this is really just an experiment to see what kinds of things really make money on the internet and to have a go for myself.

There is so much to take in when you first start internet marketing, that it is very easy to get making money fatigue, of which symptoms include:

  • Becoming a serious SEO bore
  • Getting frustrated about finding a niche
  • Getting frustrated about people telling you that finding a niche is easy
  • Getting frustrated about how to do keyword research
  • Getting frustrated about telling you that keyword research is easy
  • Desperate to quit your job and live life in your pajamas, (not me, I work with elephants!)
  • Finally getting a website up and running and either spending a ton of money or time putting up content, but getting frustrated that you are not even in the top 100 after 5 months
  • Getting frustrated

So as you can see, I have been through all of these symptoms myself and I really do understand people getting disillusioned with the whole IM world.

So really, what I am trying to get across here is that you have really got to have realistic expectations. I would love for my websites to make me $10,000 a month on complete autopilot, but that just doesn’t happen in the real world.

You look at the guys earning the real money and you will soon understand that, although they can live the good life and pretty much live their lives however they want; they still work bloody hard and there online activities are fully fledged business ventures.

So therefore, I will be extremely happy if I make even $10 per month extra with this Adsense advertising website, because:

  1. It will validate me by showing me that it is possible to make a recurring amount of money, no matter how small, with Google’s AdSense adverting program
  2. The website will be paid for after 14 months, and in that time, I will probably endevour to increase traffic and income

So there you are, the ROI I hope to get is obviously a lot, but the ROI I realistically think this website will achieve is likely to be well under $100 per month. 

How Will I Promote My Amazing AdSense Website?

How indeed?


Link buliding 

The only thing that I have actually done so far, is to clean up the content a little bit and optimize it for readability somewhat.

Having links pointing to an adsense advertising website will increase its rankI have also sent a basic $60 Hoth package its way targeting a selection of the homepage and inner pages with the various different keywords I want to rank, as well as other keywords for anchor text diversity.

If, after the package has run its course, I can see some nice movement in the right direction, I will start to send some big daddy links its way and try to get some of my keywords dripping into page 1 of Google’s SERPS.

I am not really focusing on the other search engines at the moment because, you know, Google!

Also, if you are ranking on Google, then chances are that you will also be ranking somewhere on the Bings and Asks etc.

That said, if it is performing well on the big G, then I will invest a bit more energy to get my keywords ranking on the other search engines, ( anyone?).

Content creation

I have also had one new article created based around a super, duper long tail keyword with I think around 10 monthly searches!

I am feeling a bit lazy right now, so I decided to buy content, and again for this I used Market Source who is increasingly becoming my go to place for SEO related things.


My hope is that this particular keyword is long enough to have a decent amount of variation, and obscure enough to rank quite quickly, and at the time of writing, (7th October 2015) after only 2 days of being published and having 0 links or promotion, SerpBook is telling me that it is already at position 26, having jumped 138 places in a day!

I have already found 20 long tail keywords that I will create content around and hopefully they will move in the same way. I will wait a bit to see how they dance around with Google first before I send some juicy links to them.

What else?

Apart from the 2 points just spoken about, I don’t really plan to go crazy marketing this website too much.

I will probably scour some hardware forums and websites giving useful content to others and where it is natural and safe to do so, also posting a link to my AdSense website.

Just keep adding content is the name of the game for me right now. I read somewhere that the best way to make money with Google AdSense, is to add anything from 80-100 pages of useful content scattered with lots of long tail keywords and their subsequent LSI‘s

What Are My Next Steps, How Will I Proceed?

I think that this should be pretty much answered by now.

I will take a bit of a hands off approach, whilst adding some more content based around certain keywords that I have already found using Long Tail Pro, (if you haven’t already got it you should really get it and use it, you can get it here).

I will wait a month or 2 before I do any serious link building, because I want to see how my AdSense website’s creator will build his own links to it and what he will do to promote it.

I will make sure to post updates and keep you posted as to the results that I get, (or don’t get), and hopefully help you see what kinds of things work, and what just plain doesn’t.

In the mean time, you can ask me any questions using the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Update: 20/10/2015

Just a quick update to let you guys know that it is going very well and the creator has also messaged me and told me he has started the link building process at tier 3.

Update: 30/12/2015

Wow, long time no update here, eh!

Well this is just a quick one to say that I have been adding 1 or 2 extra posts to the site and they have been ranking pretty well.

You can check out just how well by visiting my keyword satisfaction post.

I also want to mention that whatever link build the creator has done, seems to be paying off quite well.

The site has gone from a DA of 0 to 13 in the space of a few months, which is pretty alright. The PA of the homepage is also around 27 which is actually very high for such a young site.

I will continue to slowly update the site and then maybe start some outreach and link building to see if I can make a return on this site. However progress will be slow because I am now trying to stay focused on my newest toy, a brand new niche website and I am keeping it updated with fresh content and documenting it for you guys over at the Niche Site Case Study post.