9 Guest Posting Commandments Thou Shalt Abide By

Guest Posting Commandments

Guest Posting CommandmentsI have 2 websites that accept guest posts and whilst I don’t have much experience with outreach myself, I have a fair amount of experience with…inreach (?)

So to that end I decided to put this list together detailing what I think you should do to get your outreach in order.


Personally I hate outreach, (I know that I said I liked it before but I changed my mind), I get really nervous about it, then I end up procrastinating for about 2 hours and end up searching about Who would win in a fight: 1 gorilla or a pack of 3 wolves?

I get it and I am with you my brothers and sisters...outreach sucks balls.

This is exactly how I feel when I do outreach.

Some people love and more power to them, but it isn't really my cup of tea.

However there are some things that might make it easier...

Things You Can Do To Make Outreach More bearable and Reduce Your Fear of Rejection

As I say, I am actually in the position of receiving guest posts, so the following points are mainly my pet hates and the kinds of things that make me not even bother to reply:

Write or pay for a good post

It will get shared much more.

Not much more to say about this point but it is kind of related to all of the other points.

Don’t just do it for a link

most bloggers are pretty savvy about SEO nowadays and do you really think that a website owner is going to risk their site getting smacked down by Google just so you can muscle in an link like: “best dick pump expander” back to your shitty penis enlargement affiliate website? (Answer: no).

I know that it is kind of annoying because let's be honest here, we all want a juicy link, however if you go in with the attitude that you want to help the website you are submitting to, they are waaaay more likely to help you out with this.

I have actually let people get a nice in content back link because they were so helpful.

Be respectful

If the site is of a medium size and authority, (I guess like 100+ posts of decent content and DA 30+), then you had better believe that the webmaster has put in a not insignificant effort to get it to that stage.

Be slightly considerate and just follow their guidelines and put even the tiniest amount of effort in the grammar and layout.

Make sure to understand what kind of content that site actually puts out themselves

I.e. if they have a tech site, then make your guest post about tech or at least somewhat vaguely tech related.

You would be surprised the amount of times I get a guest post to my health site that is like: “Why you Should Buy the Best Running Shoes”.

That sounds great on the outside because running and health go together like a fart and a piss, but upon further inspection of these kinds of posts, they only want to shoehorn in their exact match anchor text, (see point 2).


Seriously, I cannot tell you the amount of time I have read a blog post from like Authority Hacker or something, that gives an example of a script they use; only to be bombarded with emails using that script almost verbatim!

Please for the love of the guest posting script Gods, just write an outreach email that is somewhat original.

It really isn’t that difficult to come up with something and if I am getting these kind of canned outreach emails, you can bet your arsehole that other webmasters are.

Even if a webmaster is not au fait with SEO and SEO type blogs, you should understand that they are not stupid and the penny will drop soon enough and will make them fed up and possibly even consider scraping their write for us page.

Use something like Buzzsumo

I use the free option and just type in a keyword about something I think is interesting and related to their site, then see what comes out.

Then either I will research and write myself or hire a writer.

This way you should be able to see what is popular and then stand a better chance at getting a response.

List posts

If you are sending a list post; it had better be a good un’.

Honestly I have lost count at the amount of times I have received a post like: “10 Methods to Lose Weight”, and upon reading it, it is garbage like 1. Go running, 2. Jump about bit or whatever and it is just some boring, regurgitated shit that some dickhead has probably just copied from a website from 2002 and then placed into The Best Spinner.Anyway,

THAT’S NOT COOL and did I mention boring.

That said, I have received some pretty descent list posts that are obviously well researched, nicely written and had some care and attention put into crafting them.

Don’t use the same post for all of your outreach

I do have a premium Copyscape account and I know how to use it.

If I have to use up one of my 5 cent credits only to find out it has been plastered all over the web; I am going to be a bit peeved.

Provide value and you should be rewarded

I have published some really good guest posts from people and I have actually gone the extra mile for them in terms of promoting the post and also their website via my (small) list and (small but growing…like the product from point 2 really) social media channels.

The really good guest posts regularly get viewed and people actually visit their site.

So a great guest post can get you the coveted double whammy of a nice in content back link + real referrals.

Rant Over

So that is kind of my rant and now I am focusing on going full on beast mode in my outreach with some of my websites, it has been a valuable lesson to learn what a normal human webmaster thinks when they receive pitches.

There are more points but I just wanted to rant and cover the basics.

If you have any other stories about bad guest posting then you can let me know in the comments so we can all have a good old laugh and bumsmack about it.

IFTTT Method to Increase Facebook Page Engagement

Update 18 June 2016: Buzzfeed is no longer available to use with IFTTT, however there are many other great options to use and the same process applies. I have subsituted Buzzfeed with Reddit with some success.

It sucks, doesn’t it!

You have just made your amazing Amazon niche website and are ready to conquer the world and make shit loads of money, buy a Lambo, quit the day job and run off with a former Czech porn star and live close to a nudist beach.

Wait, is that just my dream!?!

Actually that is not my dream, and I bet most of you reading this are like me, in that we just want to make money online and live a nice, happy life.

Perhaps you want to be able to help out your family and just basically be able to do what you want when you want, without worrying about time or money.

Am I right?

Anyway, so you have just made your website, and you’ve read all of the blogs that say social sharing is the dogs dangglies & the thing you should be concentrating on.

Google loves social shares, right?

Well yes and no.

If your idea of getting social means to make a shitty looking Facebook page and post your newest blog post it every now and then…you are in for a long, drawn out failure that involves lots of crying into your pillow.

Why your social game is weak

OK maybe a bit harsh, especially seeing I am certainly no wizard in this department myself, but the point is that I am certain you are doing the same thing that I did when starting out…throwing up a page because someone told you to do that.

You check back every now and then to see how many thousands of people have liked your page and you check your stats to see which of your amazing posts have gone viral.

Well let me guess:

You have 0 new traffic, 0 new subscribers and none of your super, duper fragilistic content has not gone viral?

Does this sound right? I think it sounds familiar because my friend, I have been through that and still do have this problem if I am being honest

So what the hell can we do to get some serious social activity?


What you on about, Harry?

That is what you are asking, isn’t it. Don’t lie to me I know these things…I am an X-man. The one that can read minds, you know Professor Charles Francis Xavier AKA Professor X.

Well maybe not, but I know you are asking this because If This Then That (IFTTT) is a kind of obscure, but seriously powerful & useful tool.

I found out about it a long time ago, but never really got around to using it, until recently that it.

I am currently in the process of making a brand new authority niche site and have been testing a few things. 

One of which being utilizing social media as a method of traffic, both organic & paid.

There used to be a time when you could just blast Facebook with posts and remain on top of everyone’s news feed, but those days are over and now Facebook has a fully blown AI department and invests millions…MILLIONS into R&D to make sure that you have to either be super engaged with your audience i.e. full time, or use their advertising system.


Turns out there is and some super intelligent computer boffin/s developed this magnificent online software to help automate most online tasks.


I had never really used it before, apart from using their pre programmed  “recipes”, (more on those later) to change my wallpaper on my phone whenever Nasa updated their deep space images on their website. 

I know, I am that cool.

Anyway, since reading a blog post a while ago about how these viral websites such as ViralNova and the like got huge amounts of traffic via Facebook with constant posting and updates, I decided to give it a go with my new site.

NOTE: I want to add here that I did pay for likes to my page because I wanted to test this out in a fairly quick manner and I have a couple of other projects + a full time job & family which takes up most of my time. 

However if you are really serious, I very much recommend that you spend some money to test out Facebook ads for yourself. Once you get good at it; it costs very little per action. I got it down to around 0.37 per like which is a lot for some pros out there, but much better than my usual and this is as a result of testing and tweaking.

I use both and have recently used their advertising to great effect, but I don’t have the time or am that interested in playing on Facebook full time. If only there was an automated system to do that monotonous task for you…

What I Did

OK so I will level with you right now, after you have spent about 3 minutes reading this far; that I used a special program called Buffer which is kind of essential for this method.

You can use a free version of it for this method and it will work just fine, but I highly recommend that you go for the paid option, (No Affiliate Link). I use the basic option at $10 per month paid in advance for 1 year and it is incredibly useful.

Anyway, these are the steps that I follow:

  • Connect Buffer to my Facebook page
  • Go to IFTTT and create a “recipe”
  • Recipe involves:
    • IF Buzzfeed publishes a new article in the food category, (read my niche site case study to find out why food)
    • THEN publish to my Facebook page

Step 1

Step 1 IFTTT Method

Create a recipe

Step 2

Step 2 IFTTT method

Choose a trigger

In my case, I chose Buzzfeed because they have very click worthy blog posts and tons of them! However there are loads of different options to choose from and you can find one similar to your own niche.

Step 3

Step 3 IFTTT method

I chose a new post in a category

I used the category option because I only want it to post specific stories about food

Step 4

Step 4 IFTTT method

Choose your category from the drop down

Choose the category you want from the drop down menu and hit "Create Trigger"

Step 5

Step 5 IFTTT method

Choose what the trigger does

Next step is to click on the massive "that" option

Step 6

Step 6 IFTTT method

Find Buffer

This is important for this to work, you have to use Buffer

Step 7

Step 7 IFTTT method

Click add to Buffer & Create Action

I just keep the default options as they come, but you can fiddle about if you want. However if you do choose Buzzfeed, then they have spent a lot of time researching the best headlines and they are probably better at it than you and me!

Step 8

Step 8 IFTTT method

Create recipe

Click on "Create Recipe" and Robert's your uncle!

What has this has achieved 

Essentially engagement is what Facebook wants to see, and if your posts are getting seen, clicked and shared then chances are high that Facebook will slowly bump your posts to the top of people’s news feeds.

So why is it a good thing to promote other people’s posts?

Well we are only doing that for 1 reason…to get our content seen and shared.

What we are doing is using the big boys to help us out.

You see, Buzzfeed, New York Times, NPR and other like this spend lots of time and money finding the best titles to get people to engage with their content. We are using this to get Facebook to see how great our Facebook page is and that we are not using them for self promotion.

When we start to see some really great interaction with these posts, we can slip in our own posts every now and then to get the same results.

It also has another amazingly fantastic benefit: We can see which posts and post titles are getting the most shares.

If we copy what they are doing then post our own, optimized posts into our readers feed, then in theory we should be getting the same effect.

So far I have found that “Top 10” or Top …number lists tend to get the most engagement with this IFTTT method and so I am starting to make some more posts based around this post structure.


OK, so there you have it.

A nice, easy to follow (I hope) IFTTT method to help you increase engagement facebook page and hopefully boost traffic back your own site.

It does involve another application called Buffer, but as I said, you can use a free version of this until you are ready to pay for it.

I really hope that you find this interesting and useful. If you did then you can do me a favor and share it around and like on your Facebook page and all the rest of it:)

Also, if you have any questions, then please feel free to ask away in the comments section below and let’s start a discussion!

How To Use Stumbleupon To Promote Your Blog

How To Use Stumbleupon To Promote Your Blog

Check This Out!

how to use stumbleupon to promote your blog

If you can’t read or see it properly, that is an image from a website that I had all but left to rot in the underbelly of the world wide web, but decided to do a test and see what happens.

The image you see there is showing how over the past…year or so, I have been receiving a slack handful of organic visitors from Google; around the 10-30 per day mark.

However since making a very popular and viral style post, I have suddenly received a 15460% increase in 1 day.

15460% increase in 1 day

I can promise you that this is very exciting for me and I have never had any website that is getting that kind of traffic in 1 day.

My highest performing website gets about 6,500 visitors per month. At the rate that this site is going, I calculate that I will be getting around 60,000 visitors per month from it.

How did this happen?

How to use Stumbleupon to promote your blog

I used a website called StumbleUpon, and if you have never heard of it before then it is basically a website where normal internet users recommend posts that they like and then StumbleUpon will figure out what you like based other peoples recommendations.

It works very well and since using it I have never used the thumbs down button and also found some really useful & interesting websites myself.

I found this website a while ago when I gave their paid advertising feature a go. I didn’t have much success with it because it turns out I was promoting the wrong kind of content.

As a result of not getting much back from it, I gave it up for a long time.

how to use stumbleupon to promote your blog Google analytics

Very quick back story

Before I tell you how to use StumbleUpon to promote your blog, I want to just give you a brief overview of why I decided to give them a go.

I started a viral site a while back and wanted to make a type of website that I thought would be popular. I developed it a bit but then stopped working on it because most of my time was taken up with my newest niche site case study, (which is going brilliantly and you should follow along with me!).

I wanted to monetize that site with AdSense, but then I recently read a post about 20 AdSense mistakes that could cost you your account and one of them was regarding inappropriate content.

Well suffice to say that the site I created was about as inappropriate as the come, so I promptly deleted all the AdSense code from it and will leave it in cryostasis for a while until I figure out what to do with it.


OK, so now onto the StumbleUpon part.

I was scrolling through Facebook one day when I saw a post that my mum shared about 15 quotes to help with your life, or something along those lines.

I clicked it to check it out, and notice that it had 000’s of shares!

I read the entire post and it was basically a post that contained some nice looking images with quotes on them and a few lines of descriptions below.

That was it!

Now I already had a website that I haven’t really used in a long time, but has some pretty decent authority and loads of really unique posts about spirituality and mediation etc…exactly the kinds of things that people love to read and share.

So I thought, “bugger it, let’s make a simialr post and see what happens!”.

And that’s what I did, except instead of 15 quotes, I did a post about…16 quotes!!!

I checked Long Tail Pro for a nice long tail keyword to use and then went from there.

But I thought that keywords are useless for socially viral content?

Well you kind of right & wrong.

The reason I looked up a keyword is because I wanted something to base the post around and be able to sort of build it with the Long Tail Keyword as the foundation.

Is is also worth noting that if there is a keyword with fairly significant search volume, it indicates that people are interested in finding something about it and therefore means that it has a higher chance to explode on social media.

Creating the content

For me, this was actually the fun part!

I am genuinely interested in spirituality and other such things, and even more so since moving to the very Buddhist country of Laos nearly 3 years ago.

So what I did was to go to one of my favorite websites, (who I am sure are making a shit ton of cash by the way), and just chose 16 quotes that really shone out to me from people that I admire myself.

For the next step I moved over to a seriously useful online tool called Canva and chose a consistent size for each image. I decided on using the standard 800 pixel x 800 pixel social media square because most social media sites can display that without issue.

I then chose some nice looking free images, (Canva offers some for free and others are paid), then overlaid the quotes in a nice font.

All in all it took about 1 hour to get it how I liked it.

NOTE: I didn’t just throw this post together, but I did take time to choose quotes that spoke to me and really made it into something that I would read and share myself. This is super important because most people nowadays can see right through thin boring content and you will achieve nothing without putting some effort in.

Using StumbleUpon

You should be careful with this stage because these types of websites hate to be used for self promotion.

Whilst StumbleUpon isn’t quite as strict as Reddit is in terms of its users sniffing out any indiscretion; it still has its own rules about what you can & cannot do and you should make sure to follow those rules so you don’t ruin everyone else’s fun.

OK, that’s out of the way:

It is actually very simple to use so I won’t go into great detail. The best thing to do is to use it and play around with it. 

Don’t just use it as a tool, but use it like a normal person and you will greatly benefit from it, it really is quite brilliant and I think a little bit underrated.

Essentially, you just create an account, tick the boxes of topics that you are interested in then start adding pages you find.

A good rule of thumb is probably to make sure you add about 10 completely random – but interesting, pages for every 1 of your own pages you want to promote.

This way you are also giving back to the community and also people will be happier to click on your own posts if they think that you are proving value.

It really is the same old chestnut as everything is this game, just add value and promote – it really doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that!

Quick Tips


  • Provide quality content
  • Promote other websites you enjoy
  • Use it to find interesting website you enjoy
  • Think of it more in terms of viral content rather than long, detailed posts
  • Have fun using it!


  • Spam it to death
  • Only use it to promote yourself
  • Think that you won't get banned
  • only think about it in terms of making money

Money, money, money...Mu-nii!

Do you get it, that’s the song about the…ah never mind.

Anyway, so in order to get something out of this, I did 2 things:

  1. Changed my theme based on recommendations from the RankXL blog – brilliant blog and great program you should definitely sign up to.
  2. Added in some AdSense code to come high(ish) converting areas to the posts.

In terms of what I am making now from this promotion, it is more than I have ever made with an AdSense website before.

I will not go into details because that is not allowed in the AdSense agreement, but it isn’t life changing right now.

I am writing this post immediately after signing into my website and seeing the massive increase.

I also checked my AdSense account and found a pretty significant boost compared to the previous days this month and compared to the same day last month, so I am optimistic about where this might go.

What's next?

Good question.

I will wait and see how this progresses and may even shift my focus from some other lesser performing websites to this one a bit more.

As of now, I have already scoured BuzzSumo for socially popular posts and found a dozzy that I have had rewritten on HireWriters for about $4 and will fiddle about with it and perhaps to the same with this post.

If this new post has the same viral effect, I may even start to dedicate even more time.

I reckon that if the site starts earning a decent amount per month, I will seriously consider selling it and getting some more money to put into my newest authority site.

Why would I do that?

Well I am really looking to create something that is sustainable and will grow in the long term.

My plan is to be able to focus solely on my online ventures and it is just not possible to depend on small affiliate style websites for this, it’s just too risky.

Let's wrap this up & put a cherry on top

This was a short and sweet post about how to use StumbleUpon to promote your blog for several reasons:

  • It isn’t actually that complicated to do it
  • I have only had a small taste of its power and don’t want to blow my head up too much
  • I am just in the testing stages right now so will have to report back with fresh long term information

As I said in that last point, I will update this post after a while, maybe about a month or so, to let you guys know about how it has been going and if it has been consistent or not.

I also want to let you know how the new post goes.

So that’s it…what do you guys think about this? Do you think I just got lucky, or do you think that this could be an interesting road forward?

Let me know in the comments below and as always, make sure to subscribe to receive loads of FREE, Printable eBooks to keep and use as and when you need to 🙂