Oops, I’ve done it again!!!

Viral Site

how to make a viral websiteOK, so the title may be a little misleading and Britney Spears-y, but I have started yet another website and this post will be about how to make a viral website.

Or more specifically, how & why I am going to attempt to make a viral website!

I am starting to think that I really just enjoy the starting up part more than the maintaining bit and also that I have a short attention span!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the money part…but as many of you already know, I am kind of lazy!

I will keep this one short because i just want to let you know – Harry Vs Internet is all about testing things and messing around to see what works.

That extends to types of websites as well; not just SEO and so on.

So what did I do this time?

I am glad you asked.

I have been reading a few great blog posts about viral websites such as this one & this one, and it got me thinking about giving this sort of thing a good old try.

I had actually thought about trying this out for a long time, but other things just happened to get in the way, such as family life, living in a foreign country that loves to celebrate loads of festivals, (Laos if you’re wondering) and also the fact that I have severe shine object syndrome and start new things whilst leaving many lose ends…in real life as well as online!

But the question is: What the hell topic to base it around?

There are numerous different niches one could base a viral website around, the most obvious being an interesting news site like the infamous ViralNova.

However, these types of site will invariably fail due to the constant updating nature of them.

For example, you have to churn out several interesting list type stories a day and most of the big boys nowadays rely on a large team of writers and researchers to crank them out.

Another factor that can be a barrier to a single person site is the cost.

What do I mean by cost, I hear you grumble?

Well, the days of free, organic social media exposure is well and truly over, and social media is really the lifeblood of a viral site.

When was the last time you typed into the big G something like: “This mans wife had cancer, but he did next will shock you!”.

You never have – if you’re normal that is, but I bet most you have clicked on a title like that in Facebook; I have!

That my friends is called link bait and its primary purpose is to get the attention of us when we have increasingly decreasing attention spans.

So that leaves the question open again – just what do you base a new viral site around?

My epiphany

So…you are probably aware that I am a man?

And men visit certain websites every now and then…just for the articles of course.

Anyway, I was on such a site and I was looking around and I noticed something – they are stuffed full of adverts and I am sure they are raking it in.

Usually they are just Google AdWords adverts, but many times they are specific adverts that either the site admin has gone out and asked around, or they the advertiser has actually reached out to the site owner for advertising space.

Whichever way around it is; they are little dollar signs to me 😀

So, how to make a viral website and why I am doing it?

I have to be a bit careful here because it is something very specific and an idea that doesn’t seem to be utilized right now, apart from people using Web 2.0’s or social media pages etc.

It is also very easy to copy and I want to make some money first before everyone else.

Ain’t I lovely!

Basically people haven’t monetized it and seem to be doing it just for fun.

This says to me 1 of 2 things, either:

  1. There is no money to be made and therefore nobody can be bothered, or
  2. No one has thought of doing it properly

Now usually I would leave something like this well alone and I am the cautious type who would tend to the first of those points.

But, I think that it is so easy to set this up for the cost of a domain name, (I already have a ton of tools that I can use to help out), that it would be foolish to not try!

So what is the plan

Essentially, all I will need to do for content is to add a few posts a day, probably over the course of about a month in order to build up something pretty substantial, and then promote the fuck out of it.

The actual content writing part is very easy:

  • Watch videos – This is the fun part!
  • Find the funniest / weirdest / most disturbing ??? about them
  • Post content along with funny analysis
  • Find relevant image and add an arty Gaussian blur
  • Publish post
  • Repeat

This whole process should only take about 15 – 20 minutes per post, and once I get the process down, that time will reduce.

What theme will I be using

For the theme, I looked pretty intensely for one that both suited a viral style site, but also looked great and was something that would make people stay and convert.

I looked at a great them & plugin vendor called My Theme Shop who are fast becoming my go to plugin place, (great, clean code, fast loading and look great).

However I ultimately decided on using a Thrive theme called Pressive which is fast, good looking and has social features coming out the wazoo – perfect for sharing and creating a viral “buzz”.

Viral website theme

What about after the content?

The next step will be promotion.

For this, I will run a tentative campaign on Facebook to get an idea of how well it is received and if all goes well; scale up.

I think that this site will go down very well on the likes of:

  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon

I have left out Twitter for now because I think it is too esoteric and I want people to actually click through to the website instead of just reading through the social media site.

How to monetize

Adverts, and lots of them!

This will be the first step and I will give it some time to mature a bit and see what kind of income (if any), the site will make.

After that, I had a thought that I could essential do a Tee Spring kind of thing and have some of the content printed onto t shirts and the like and sell through a shop subdomain.

Let’s put a bow on this post for now

This is getting a bit longer than I originally wanted, but rest assured I will wrap it up.

I will just let you know that I will be periodically keeping this updated to keep you guys in the loop about what is happening and how well, or badly, my viral experiment is going.

Of course, you can always use the sign up form below to keep updated as soon as I send out new posts and also little tidbits of bountiful, beautiful information to hep you guys along.

Harry Vs Internet Update

Harry Vs Internet Update
Harry Vs Internet Update
Will give advice for beans

So this post is really just a general update about what I have been doing and how my experiments are going…


During the past 2 / 3 weeks, I have been steadily building up my personal PBN using the really useful Easy Blog Networks (EBN).

To be honest, it costs a bit more than just doing it all yourself, but boy is it worth every penny. Seriously!

I know this because I have about 8 PBN websites that are hosted on different servers, with different logins and all the rest of it. But what EBN does is take away all of that hassle, and just make it nice and easy to bend the big G over and insert smoothly 😮

The best part, for me at least, is that you can buy an extra add on “Content Module” whereby you get constant blog posts written, (via spinning software), based around certain parameters that you choose such as:

  • Subject
  • Post frequency
  • Type of media, i.e. rich text or media or both etc.

The whole thing for 10 websites costs about $39 USD per month.

Whilst this may sound pricey, you have got to believe me when I say it is great value. It also depends on how lazy or how much time you can dedicate to it.

For example, if you had a lot of time on your hands, then you could leave out the content module and save yourself $10 USD per month and write your own content. In fact this is better as it ensures that you write as naturally as possible.

But for me, I have a family and also work full time so I took the easier route 😀

I will write up a post doing a full review soon enough, but for now, I am just populating it and getting it ready for use with my existing sites.

I am only using 7 out of my allotted 10 spaces, so I need to find some more domains to add. Coincidentally, I was using a great scraping software called PBN Lab for this purpose; but due to a recent and very annoying update to the MOZ database, (MOZ of DA & PA fame), it has got harder to find quality domains.

I reckon I will again revert to buying 3 more from my favorite marketplace: Source Market.

Niche Website 1 (NS1)

Proof of Earnings 26 Nov 2015
Proof of Earnings 26 Nov 2015 Niche Site 1

Ticking over quite nicely.

I am on course to make over $900 USD this month, maybe more due to Black Friday. Also I hope to clean up over Christmas and want to make over $1,000 USD for the month of December.

Now, I don’t expect this to last because as I said, November and December are 2 very crazy months where consumers go nuts for stuff. My average is around $500 USD per month, but I am doing a few things to improve that for NS1.

One thing I want to ficus on even more, is improve the conversion rate because right now it is sitting at just under 6% which is not good enough really.

Niche Website 2 (NS2)

Not doing very well at all really.

The rankings are just not budging and it is becoming really frustrating. No matter how many links I throw at it, it just will not give anything back.

I have stopped spending money on it for the time being and am focusing my efforts on building up some more blackhat ranking methods which I will mention later.

I really think that NS2 has been a bit of a disaster to be honest, but it it did help me to learn a whole lot more about how this whole thing works, so a success if you look at it like that!

Niche Website 3 (NS3)

Wait, what!?

Yes…that is right, you read correctly. I have decided to buy yet another website!

This time, however, I got a very interesting looking one about cooking utensils.

Why cooking?

Well, a quick check over at Empire Flippers, indicates that home and kitchen sites do very well, both in terms of Amazon income, but also when the time comes to eventually sell it.

Just take a look at 2 examples I found in the space of about 3 minutes and there are actually a few more:

Kitchen Amazon Niche Kitchen Amazon Niche1

Click to see larger image

The key thing for me though, was that I am interested in cooking and kitchen appliances, (I’m normal I promise), and so I saw the opportunity to create something a bit larger than just a “Best Kitchen Blenders” type of site.

I learnt my lesson with NS2 and now understand the importance of writing about things you understand and enjoy.

Even if it is based around a single product, there is still a lot of scope to write a whole load of pure value articles based around cooking and the kitchen etc, as well creating secondary sources of income via new review posts.

Also, the long tails are to die for!

AdSense Website

Another one that I have put on the back burner a little bit as I focus on other projects. I haven’t really invested a lot of effort into it, but its rankings are slowly, (very slowly) climbing, and it is making a few pennies a day from AdSense!

Not a lot I know, but one thing that has kept me thinking about it is that I added 1 Amazon product a while ago, and it is getting a few click through’s!


That on its own is nothing to write home about, but what I may do in the future, is alter it from a purely AdSense site, into a bit more of an authority site about hardware and see what happens.

Foreign SEO Case Study

Here is where things take an interesting turn…

Basically, I got super impatient and threw a large amount of SAPE links towards the main keyword and it worked to some extent.

The main 6,600 monthly searched for KW jumped from nowhere land to be in the low 30’s and 2 secondary KW’s are sitting pretty on page 2!

Again, nothing to be kissing my dick about, but movement nonetheless. If I carry on and develop it, then I am sure that I will make a small amount of money back.

For that, I will focus solely on SAPE and a buffer site that I recently had made for me by authoritylinkbuilding.com.

The guy is really nice and a serious whizz at all of this blackhat SAPE stuff.

Enter the Blackhat

So I will be honest and say, I don’t really care for all of these different SEO labels; to me, if you rank then that is all that matters.

I am open to pretty much any kind of methods, hence this website being testing ground for what actually works and what does not.

However, there is 1 path that I would not cross, which is negative SEO. Not really because of any kind of moral kind of thing, but mainly because I think it is a really shitty thing to do.

There are so many other ways to beat a competitor in the SERPS other than negging their site.

I just think it is not cool.

I would hate it to happen to my site, so I will not attempt it on anyone else.

I personally enjoy the chase and trying to beat someone by hard work. The effort you invest in negative SEO could be better placed in ranking your own site in a much better way. The internet is shitty enough as it is and there is no need to make it worse if you don’t have to.

Anyone who thinks that “blackhat” is an easy way to rank, then I would say that you are probably missing the idea a bit.

I would consider it a bit more of leveling the playing field to new sites that want to play the game as well.

Here comes some authority juice!

Finally, I just want to quickly mention that I am also starting an authority site in something that I enjoy; philosophy.

I don’t really know how I will monetize it, but I am not really thinking about that right now. With an authority site comes a whole different set of tactics to adhere to so I am looking forward to learning.

I want to try some proper outreach and guest posting to get nice clean, juicy links and see how it goes.

I say it is based around philosophy, but it is a bit broader than that, and I may even mention it here when it is a bit more established.

Why an authority?

Well that is the way that the normal people, i.e. non TOR internet is going, so I want to join in whilst the going is good.

I also want to learn a whole new way of doing things that will hopefully translate across to my Niche Websites and boost their earning potential even further.

The weird thing is that I decided to start this authority site from finding a great domain using PBN Lab. I was looking for PBN domains, but found this doozy and thought, why not!

I have got it indexed and will begin working on it shortly, but something odd happened when I checked it on Majestic. For some reason its Trust Flow has dropped significantly, not enough to worry about, but easily by half!?

I am not too worried because it will still bypass the Google sandbox which is really main point of using an expired domain to begin with. If I was using it as a PBN domain then I would be worried.

Lucky call I guess!

As I said, I will think about letting you guys know if I decide to mention it here, I will see what happens.

Let’s wrap this up in a bow

So there you have it, a brief summary about what I have been up to with my online shenanigans.

As usual, if you have any questions about anything, then just use the comments section below. You can contact me directly, but I prefer the comments section so that everyone reading can chime in and learn something.

I don’t know about you, but I always read the comments to get a fuller understanding about the post as the author usually answers questions that they never thought of when writing the post!

Why I Bought An Adsense Advertising Website

Hello other internet SEO crazy people.

I decided to conduct another experiment, but this time in a tried and tested money spinning thing namely, Google’s AdSense adverting.

Is This Post For You?

So you can decide whether to waste your time reading something that is of no use you, I have decided to list some quick points about what this post will cover.

Because I'm super nice like that and everyone wants to be my friend.

  • Why I bought a ready made AdSense website
  • Why I decided to give an AdSense advertising website a go
  • What kind of return on investment (ROI) do I hope to get
  • How I will promote it
  • What my next steps will be

Reading time: Medium

Why Did I Buy A Ready Made AdSense Website?

Good question and the answer is probably not what you expect or want to hear.

Basically, I get bored very quickly and have the attention span of a 9 month old baby and I am always looking for new and interesting things to do to keep my childlike brain amused.

I already have 1 moderately successful niche Amazon style website that is making me a nice $5-600 per month which I am using to reinvest into other wacky internet adventures, (they do exist).

I am also working on 1 other niche website that seems to still be in the Google sandbox right now, but it is starting to peek its head above the parapet and getting a bit of SERP movement. Time will tell if it makes money or not. I hope it does because I have invested a good few $000’s in it!

In fact that website was another one I bought ready made. You may be seeing a pattern here, I am a bit lazy. I can make websites on WordPress without an issue, but sometimes I just don’t want to!

Anyway, the reason I went ahead and ordered one from my new favorite SEO marketplace;Market Source, (which by the way you should really check out).

I read the description carefully and weighed up some options such as whether the money would be better spent on links or content, and then just thought to myself, bugger it, for the price that it was, $139, it was worth a punt to see what happens.

Well needless to say, I waited a while because the guaranteed date was around 1 month and I tried to get it out of mind as to whether I had given my hard earned, (Amazon) money to some sort of mastermind, internet based crook. The internet is full of them from Nigerian Princes all the way to Nigerian Kings, there are naughty folks who just want to take your money without anything.

However Market Source gives you the option to get a refund if not satisfied and seeing as you pay via Paypal, that kind of thing didn’t worry me too much.

And then, out of the blue, about 2 days before the deadline came a message from the creator.

mysteryboxWill you choose the mystery box like I did with an AdSense advertising websiteIt wasn’t quite finished, a bit rough around the edges and a completely different niche to what I had asked for, but he gave me the option to get my money back or if I wanted to continue, he would carry on improving it and SEOing the hell out of it until it made at least $100 a month.

I thought, yeah I’ll take it why not. The guy seemed nice enough and although $139 is a lot of money, my life would not be decimated by losing it…but it could be greatly improved by going ahead.

So I took the mystery box so to speak and went from there.

On the whole I am actually very happy with it. 

Although he changed the niche from what I originally asked for, which was home security, the niche he changed it to was probably better. This one had less competition, better prospects for organic keyword ranking and a good cost per click.

Was it the right decision?

Time will tell, however it is already starting to rank in the top 100 of the Google search results. This may sound a bit rubbish, but believe me I am very happy with this!

You see, I have done nothing to it for it to get to those positions and I have 3 pretty alright keywords in the first 2 pages.mysterybox

Why I decided to give AdSense advertising a whirl

So far in my short year and a bit of trying to get serious making money online; I have only really focused on Amazon affiliate websites as a way to get some cheddar flowing into my bank account.

However after laser focusing for a year on Amazon, I wanted to give something else a go and see what kind of returns I could get from it. I have read stories of people not doing that badly off AdSense websites and decided to find out what the fuss is all about.

Now don’t get me wrong:

This is a proper website with proper, useful information that real people are actively looking for help with. In fact, my AdSense website is based around a very specific piece of hardware that has super low local monthly searches according to Long tail Pro.

Actually, the main focus keyword only has around 1,900 local searches per month and that is sitting at around the middle of the top 100 search results. However the other keywords that I am tracking using SerpBook, are all 200 searches and below, mostly below 100 in fact.


I understand and already know that the key to the best AdSense websites is traffic and lots off it, but remember, I am not aiming for a proper authority style type of website

I know that Google already has lots of very related advertisers for my niche who are willing to pay anything from $1-$3 per click.

I will talk about what I expect to make in reality in more detail in the next section, but I am not expecting to get rich quick, rather to conduct a test and if it works, to get an nice little extra coming in every month.

What Kind Of ROI Am I Expecting For My AdSense Advertising Website Case Study?

I very briefly touched on this in the previous section, but to be more specific, I hope to achieve around $30 – $100 per month form this website.


If this website turns out to be relatively successful and is earning a certain amount I am yet to think about; I might even try to turn it into something a bit more authoritative and increase the traffic.

The great thing about this particular AdSense advertising website, is that its creator chose a great domain name for it, i.e. exact match, but also not spammy and something that could also refer to the overall niche in general.

What I mean by this is that, let’s say the niche is about hidden hair extensions, (it isn’t!), then the domain is:


As you can see, it is both exact match, but also can be turned into an AdSense website about hair extensions in general that just happens to have an interesting sounding name.

Will this website change my life so that I can sit on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails whilst Swedish supermodels caress me in a suggestive manner?


Will this website help me gain a deeper understanding of niche website building, ranking factors & other various useful things, whilst also earning a little bit of extra cash?

The first part, Yes.

The second part, I hope so!

As I have said, this is really just an experiment to see what kinds of things really make money on the internet and to have a go for myself.

There is so much to take in when you first start internet marketing, that it is very easy to get making money fatigue, of which symptoms include:

  • Becoming a serious SEO bore
  • Getting frustrated about finding a niche
  • Getting frustrated about people telling you that finding a niche is easy
  • Getting frustrated about how to do keyword research
  • Getting frustrated about telling you that keyword research is easy
  • Desperate to quit your job and live life in your pajamas, (not me, I work with elephants!)
  • Finally getting a website up and running and either spending a ton of money or time putting up content, but getting frustrated that you are not even in the top 100 after 5 months
  • Getting frustrated

So as you can see, I have been through all of these symptoms myself and I really do understand people getting disillusioned with the whole IM world.

So really, what I am trying to get across here is that you have really got to have realistic expectations. I would love for my websites to make me $10,000 a month on complete autopilot, but that just doesn’t happen in the real world.

You look at the guys earning the real money and you will soon understand that, although they can live the good life and pretty much live their lives however they want; they still work bloody hard and there online activities are fully fledged business ventures.

So therefore, I will be extremely happy if I make even $10 per month extra with this Adsense advertising website, because:

  1. It will validate me by showing me that it is possible to make a recurring amount of money, no matter how small, with Google’s AdSense adverting program
  2. The website will be paid for after 14 months, and in that time, I will probably endevour to increase traffic and income

So there you are, the ROI I hope to get is obviously a lot, but the ROI I realistically think this website will achieve is likely to be well under $100 per month. 

How Will I Promote My Amazing AdSense Website?

How indeed?


Link buliding 

The only thing that I have actually done so far, is to clean up the content a little bit and optimize it for readability somewhat.

Having links pointing to an adsense advertising website will increase its rankI have also sent a basic $60 Hoth package its way targeting a selection of the homepage and inner pages with the various different keywords I want to rank, as well as other keywords for anchor text diversity.

If, after the package has run its course, I can see some nice movement in the right direction, I will start to send some big daddy links its way and try to get some of my keywords dripping into page 1 of Google’s SERPS.

I am not really focusing on the other search engines at the moment because, you know, Google!

Also, if you are ranking on Google, then chances are that you will also be ranking somewhere on the Bings and Asks etc.

That said, if it is performing well on the big G, then I will invest a bit more energy to get my keywords ranking on the other search engines, (duckduckgo.com anyone?).

Content creation

I have also had one new article created based around a super, duper long tail keyword with I think around 10 monthly searches!

I am feeling a bit lazy right now, so I decided to buy content, and again for this I used Market Source who is increasingly becoming my go to place for SEO related things.


My hope is that this particular keyword is long enough to have a decent amount of variation, and obscure enough to rank quite quickly, and at the time of writing, (7th October 2015) after only 2 days of being published and having 0 links or promotion, SerpBook is telling me that it is already at position 26, having jumped 138 places in a day!

I have already found 20 long tail keywords that I will create content around and hopefully they will move in the same way. I will wait a bit to see how they dance around with Google first before I send some juicy links to them.

What else?

Apart from the 2 points just spoken about, I don’t really plan to go crazy marketing this website too much.

I will probably scour some hardware forums and websites giving useful content to others and where it is natural and safe to do so, also posting a link to my AdSense website.

Just keep adding content is the name of the game for me right now. I read somewhere that the best way to make money with Google AdSense, is to add anything from 80-100 pages of useful content scattered with lots of long tail keywords and their subsequent LSI‘s

What Are My Next Steps, How Will I Proceed?

I think that this should be pretty much answered by now.

I will take a bit of a hands off approach, whilst adding some more content based around certain keywords that I have already found using Long Tail Pro, (if you haven’t already got it you should really get it and use it, you can get it here).

I will wait a month or 2 before I do any serious link building, because I want to see how my AdSense website’s creator will build his own links to it and what he will do to promote it.

I will make sure to post updates and keep you posted as to the results that I get, (or don’t get), and hopefully help you see what kinds of things work, and what just plain doesn’t.

In the mean time, you can ask me any questions using the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Update: 20/10/2015

Just a quick update to let you guys know that it is going very well and the creator has also messaged me and told me he has started the link building process at tier 3.

Update: 30/12/2015

Wow, long time no update here, eh!

Well this is just a quick one to say that I have been adding 1 or 2 extra posts to the site and they have been ranking pretty well.

You can check out just how well by visiting my keyword satisfaction post.

I also want to mention that whatever link build the creator has done, seems to be paying off quite well.

The site has gone from a DA of 0 to 13 in the space of a few months, which is pretty alright. The PA of the homepage is also around 27 which is actually very high for such a young site.

I will continue to slowly update the site and then maybe start some outreach and link building to see if I can make a return on this site. However progress will be slow because I am now trying to stay focused on my newest toy, a brand new niche website and I am keeping it updated with fresh content and documenting it for you guys over at the Niche Site Case Study post.