The Art Of Finding The Right Writer

To some of us, writing is a gift. To others, it is a hobby, profession, or a dream.

Content writing is a current fact of life and the rise of e-commerce makes it a reality for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to pursue this job.

There is no shortage of supply and demand in this field. However, finding the right writer to fill your website or blog site is not always an easy task.

How does a business owner who is not a writer, find the wordsmith that expresses his core values, business presence, and unique personality?

You have just entered the world of the content writer.

Content Platforms

While some of us manage to build a portfolio from established clients, articles and ghostwriting, others find breaking into the industry difficult.

The difficulty felt by the writer is one shared by the business owner needing them. This is the concept that birthed the content platforms.

Content providers do the legwork for the entrepreneur. They seek out the writers.

They work with them, grade them, develop them and provide an avenue for the business owner to find them. The client connects with the writer and they receive quality work at a reasonable price.

The writer is paid by the middle-man at their agreed rate and everyone is happy. While this is the basis of the business, building your relationship with the writer is much more complicated.

Content platforms have hundreds of writers on staff.

These writers are all different. They have different experience levels, training, and personalities. The art of choosing the correct writer begins with the writer matching your requirements.

During the process, you will inevitably find some writers that seem to “get you”. You will communicate this with the writer and the relationship building begins.

You will hear writers talk about finding their “niche”. This is usually their experience.

For example, in the private sector, I spent 20 years in the HVAC business, I was an inventory manager and an office manager.

I know a few things about the HVAC business. In my spare time, I did charity work and raised funds for the homeless. I am married with grandchildren and I am deeply spiritual.

My family is my passion. I could easily write about any of these topics. Does this mean, I am a sure fit for your site if you own an HVAC business?


While my job title was inventory manager; charts, forecasted orders, and material costs were not my “first love”. I began in sales. My boss was the vice-president of sales, and I supported the sales team.

I knew what customers needed before they did. I pressed service contracts and knowing when to upgrade. I was a pro at troubleshooting issues.

So if you are looking for someone to inspire your clients to have regular service, when to call, what to watch for and listen to in their systems, I am a rock star.

If you are looking for someone to explain to your team how to plan inventory for winter months and when to phase out their 13 SEER systems and push for higher numbers, I can do it but I am not going to shine at it.

The same is true in any business. To find your writer, you need someone who shares your passion. By working with a good content provider, those relationships can be formed.

While we are talking about providers, if you are judging your provider only on their price, you are missing the boat. There are content mills that take advantage of the new writer, the writer who does not write English as their first language, and the people who simply do not know the value of their work.

These mills will offer you writing for pennies. To put it bluntly, is finding the writer that represents your voice of so little value? If you want to pay someone $2.00 for 400 words, you must expect low quality.

No respectable writer would sell their work for that price and no respectable provider would hire a writer of such low value.

The bottom line is this

Finding the perfect writer requires a bit of work. Whether you do the work, or allow a content provider to do the work, someone must do it.

The end result is awesome content that keeps your readers returning for more. That is worth the small fee you pay. It is rewarding for people like me, who love to write for people who think like I do. Win-win situation for all parties involved.

Once you have developed a relationship with your service provider and writer, you continue to grow. As a preferred writer, I would get to know you.

I would learn your requirements and what you appreciate and what you will not allow. I communicate through the provider and I take direction.

You are spared the sometimes frustrating details of expression, as your provider is a professional who turns your instructions into a working template for the writer.

This three-way relationship is seamless in the content industry. You have probably heard the saying “Content is King.”

That is true to some extent, but turning that content into communication makes people like me; Queen. Using the right content service provider and the right writer, guarantees the success of your site.

We all make money and we all win.

This was a Guest Post from Dennis Hemming.

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