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My name is Harry and I’m kind of a big deal. I even designed that beautiful logo you see above there.

Oh wait, actually no that’s right; I’m not really a big deal. I am maybe a 30% or even 50% deal, but not the full 100%.

There a way better options out there and I list some below…in fact you should probably just read their blogs. They are much better and have lots of great info.

So who am I then?

Well my name is Harry and I have been alcohol free for … who am I kidding, I’m not alcohol free, but I am also not really a big deal at all either, which is a shame for me; in fact I am relatively new in this whole internet marketing game, so yeah, alright then I’m not a big deal.

However, I have created a few niche sites that are making me a bit of money and I am trying out lots of different methods to get my selected keywords ranking and hopefully make some money in the process.

So perhaps I am a small deal then?

Well whatever I am, my mission with Harry Vs Internet is really to chronicle my puny progress, talk about the precious products I use and write some great guides about how to do some things.

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Why did I start this?

Well good question.

I have learnt a fair old amount and want to advise other on what they could do to make money online, because I think that if you are reading the about page of some internet marketing (IM) nobody, then I guess you are pretty serious about absorbing as much information as possible!

I will try to be as obvious as possible and I may even make some voluptuous videos to help guide us all even further and you all can listen to my wonderful voice and then slip into a trance and give me all your money.

Wait, what!?! No, who said that!!! I am just riffing here and I don’t want your money..or do I?

Well yes and no.

You see I will recommend some the products that I use and write about how they have helped me and how they might help you.

I will usually provide an affiliate link, which I will talk about in a proper post, which will direct you to the website where you can buy the product in question if want to.

I will get a small commission at no extra cost to your good self, the vendor will make a lovely sale and you my friend, will get a wonderful product that you can use to help you along with your brand new internet business, safe in the knowledge that I actually use it myself and know if it is worthwhile or not.

Win-win really.

There is a few things I will add though:

  1. I will never recommend a product that I have not used myself.
  2. I may recommend a product that I get no commission from, but think that it is worth you using.
  3. I will not keep any secrets to myself about what I do (apart from the niches that I am in to prevent copycats, you know who you are >:o).
  4. I will sometimes talk about some thing that may be considered black hat Search Engine Optimization, and it is up to you if you want to follow it or not, but if you do it is at your own risk. In fact everything is at your own risk and if anything goes wrong, then tough really.

I want to see your face, Harry.

Harry Vs Internet Mastermind

This is my face and whole body, with a bike thrown into the mix. So…lucky you I guess?

OK, so why should I spend my valuable time listening to you?

You probably shouldn’t to be honest.

In fact I will give you a list of other really great and really useful domains that offer the same things but better:

  • source-wave.com (Some really great Free offers and interesting ideas)
  • nichehacks.com (Got me into the niche marketing and also has a brilliant Facebook page with lots of helpful people. Very, very whitehat, but all the info is actionable)
  • www.quicksprout.com (Kind of more advanced stuff that it pretty much out of myself and other beginners league, but still full of great, useful info)
  • backlinko.com (Go to place for SEO & Link Building. Also has some great infographics that are packed with gold)
  • humanproofdesigns.com (Straight to it and no messing around. Also offers some brilliant services for either beginners or those too lazy to make a website, create content and find keywords. Highly recommended)
  • authoritylinkbuilding.com (Based around what one might describe as blackhat SEO, but offers some great services)
  • www.onlinedimes.com (Found this one fairly recently and I love it. I kind of modeled this blog around Online Dimes. I like the way he experiments and tests lots of different things.)
  • www.jacobking.com (Very “blackhat” and doesn’t give a fuck! Love the way he writes and love that fact that he loves spam so much – but spam that works well for him!)

There are of course many others, but I will speak about them contextually, (a fancy, up my arse way of saying that I will speak about them as and when they are relevant for the specific piece of content).

So back to your original question then:

Well I think you should stay for my lovely, delicate way of putting things and my splendid personality.  After all I have over 2 friends.

But ultimately it is up to you as to whether to like me or not.

I might add that I will speak in way that may be relevant to those of you who are beginner to intermediate, mainly because I am beginner to intermediate and sort of know what kinds of things we are trying to find out about!

I also took a course in Digital Branding with the excellent Edx, ( I highly recommend you check them out, most courses are free).

I received this splendid little certificate from them for completing their course. It doesn’t actually mean anything, but I got it, and that’s half the battle.

Digital Branding EdX Certificate

I will also be completely honest with you and tell you that Harry Vs Internet is really just a testing / playground and a place for me to get my thoughts together.

In fact there are a few reasons, including:

  • I want a central location and website that I can consolidate my internet adventures.
  • As a testing ground for some internet based experiments, mainly in the IM game but maybe some other things down the road like code and software etc, (maybe).
  • I am part of a great many groups and forums that give some fantastic info and I can usually be found on comment groups. As a result, I get lots of people asking some interesting questions and I find that I actually know the answers to most of them, so why not direct people to here where I can go more in depth to things.
  • So I can hone my already awesome wordsmithing skills.
  • Improve my modesty.
  • Pickup girls. (Not really, I have a beautiful wife and little girl)

So there you have it and I hope that you will enjoy my writings and other escapades.

If you want to get in contact or just want to say hi! Then just head on over to the contact page and fill in the form 🙂